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Why software testing is increasingly being outsourced and what should businesses consider

Among other business activities, software testing (ST) is being increasingly outsourced nowadays to reduce the exorbitant expenses that are associated with it as well as to make sure that the evaluation is conducted by the best in the business.

software testing servicesLet us get into further details. Various critical business applications are being evaluated by third party vendors these days, as each and every business is striving to cut costs. Software development and testing are highly expensive processes and involve a number of critical parameters to be attained. Testing is often plagued by software failures and other uncalled for incidents that compel huge investments to go haywire. That is the reason, ST often demands huge investments to make sure that there is enough fund for rigorous in-house evaluation of the software by the most experienced as well as trained software professionals along with an able backup process to compensate any kind of failure whatsoever.

The digitisation of modern businesses has led to increased reliance or dependency on software systems for internal as well as external business activities. This has in turn led to increased emphasis by the business houses on evaluation or testing of these software systems within the process of development. All these have collectively resulted in the increase of software testing outsourcing.

A large chunk of ST centres where the projects are outsourced are located offshore – in countries like India, China or other countries in Asia. This is done after a lot of impeccable planning, taking into account the location of these countries as well as the difference in time zones wherein these countries are located. In case a company can obtain the results of evaluation over night, it effectively helps them to streamline the process of development they follow.

Now let us discuss the factors that the businesses need to consider while outsourcing software testing services.

Selection of Engagement Models

The first factor that needs to be considered is the engagement model that a business should rely on. This is ostensibly the most crucial aspect as the entire outsourcing plan will depend upon a correct decision. The process includes a number of factors – evaluating strategies of international business, selection of a geographical location, a thorough understanding of the landscape along with deciding on the particular strategy, etc. Some of the engagement models are:

Incremental Outsourcing

Businesses can opt for mitigating the risks associated with outsourcing by breaking the entire project into smaller projects that are more manageable or can be outsourced to the service providers in stages.

Holistic or total outsourcing

In this particular model, multiple projects or programs are outsourced to a service provider who takes up the responsibility of program management as well as the delivery on the client’s behalf.


The agreement includes a mobilization period for both the parties. This particular phase includes setting up of an effective communication protocol between the client and the vendor that defines breakdown structure of work, standard template sharing, setting up of test strategy, etc. This generally includes testing engineers and leads, project managers along with technical specialists. Knowledge acquisition, evaluation of infrastructure, integration with the different third party service providers are other aspects of mobilization.

Whatever processes or steps are followed, every single company needs to do a lot of homework in a thorough as well as impeccable way before they opt for ST outsourcing. An able service provider will be able to effectively single out the pitfalls at the very outset. This ensures that uncalled for situations can be avoided later on while testing the software and delivering the project well within the deadline. Besides, it will also help in reducing the costs and help the companies to stick to the budget that they have initially fixed for the completion of the project in question.

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The Seven Fundamentals Of Mission-Critical Service Testing

Software related services, irrespective of the fact whether they are JMS, RESTful or SOAP, are extremely sensitive ones that involve highly critical assets of enterprise technology. It collectively forms the very base or foundation of any critical application or system. This clearly implies that problems relating to performance or functionality of these services are likely to severely disrupt the operations, putting the very purpose of the operations into doubt and disarray.

QA testing servicesNaturally, this would make testing, especially mission-critical service testing all the more important. However, in spite of all these critical issues, a lot of companies and enterprises refrain from investing enough time, effort and manpower behind service testing. Even if and when they do so, they do not accurately follow any type of tried and tested methodology that would help guarantee repeated success. This, to say the least, proves extremely costly at the end of the day.

Therefore, when opting for mission-critical service testing it is imperative that certain fundamental parameters are taken into account to ensure that the services are ready for production.

1) Testing the Services in an exhaustive way

This is one of the most important aspects of service testing. It is imperative to be sure that you validate the software in an exhaustive way as there is need to make sure that it runs exactly the way it is expected to, on each and every possible variation of the real time operation. However, as software systems have become extremely complicated these days ideally this is not possible. Still, there is also a need to validate each and every feasible system permutation and input combination along with the software features to ensure real time efficacy.

2) Test Using a considerable volume of Realistic Data

Software applications are getting more and more sophisticated. This is expanding the role played by database testers. This is why, the need of the hour is to use a huge amount of data which are realistic as well as of high quality that can reliably represent the existing or new stress-test platforms or domains. Here it should be stated that good quality prototypes also require test data that would represent good as well as not-so-good production data.

3) Making Sure that the Services offered Are Safe

This is another fundamental clause that is essential while testing mission critical service. Now the service can be secured in two ways:

  • By making sure that the service is accessible at the points of access called interfaces that they are supposed to be at.
  • Configuring them in a proper way to ensure that they can be used only by the authorized users and that also in a proper and legitimate way.

Restriction can be imposed by restricting the access at kernel or the fireball. By configuring the services it can be guaranteed that they obey the commands only on a particular interface (provided that this feature is available) or by using any method you may consider appropriate.

4) Getting maximum Productivity from the Developers and Testers

This is another way of testing mission-critical services. As developers and testers would provide the best reports being the experts on the subject, you need to extract as much productivity as possible from them. This can be done by increasing the physical size of the screen or increasing the total pixel count, controlling the waiting time, lessening memory loss, increasing the continuity, lessening the time spent for rebuilding structures and so on.

5) Exhaustive Tracking of the Test Results

There is need to maintain an exclusive way of tracking the status of the testing to ascertain the end results of the test. This is to ensure that critical information available includes applications that have passed the test, those which have not or the ones that are still left untested.

6)Testing the Services against Anticipated Loads

It is imperative to ensure that the mission-critical service that is being designed is able to take on the rigour of the real world use or that can be done by conducting load testing services. In this way it will be able to ascertain what will be the performance of the application once it is live or functional in the real world.

7) Making Sure that You Govern the Services

Last but not the least, it is important to ensure that you have control over all the activities along with actions pertaining to the services that are being carried out. This will give a fair amount of idea about the status of the evaluation as well as the methods that are being followed in the evaluation. That means, once the application is live it gives an idea about how it will fare in real life or what will be the end results delivered by the application.

Following these most popular clauses would highly ensure that the application developed is flawless, effective and the client gets his money’s worth at the end of the day.

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How To Make A Developer Fix Your Bug?

Testers have a major complaint these days, which is that there are many bugs caught in the initial stages of development, but considerations for the same aren’t made on the spot. Most testers would say that it isn’t their lookout to deal with such issues, especially fixing bugs. However, as frustrating at it can be, when the efforts aren’t taken seriously, something needs to be done and someone needs to do it.

top software testing companiesExperts say, the more you market your bugs the more would attention come through from developers around. One of the ways to catch the attention of developers is to make sure that the bug report you write is enticing enough. This would be something on the lines of advertising, in this case promoting the report of the bugs involved.

Here are a few tips on how to make a developer fix your bug

To make the bug that bugs you stand out in the special edition reports amongst all, please read on and be well-informed of the same:

  • Keep it simple as well as straightforward. When the report can be repeated well and in tandem to the report you have generated, pat your back for a job well done, because the report would then be an enticing one to capture many developers’ attention or fancy.
  • The report needs to be for real, and remember the bug needs to have everything to do with it in real terms, or else it wouldn’t entice the developers to come calling.
  • Developers would be able to reproduce the reports better when they have more sets ups around. This is especially important when the bug which has been spoken off would be an important dependent for configuration needs.
  • Nip it in the bud or go to the source, thereby pulling the root out. This is because bugs have more symptoms, not just one to make a problem happen. In such cases one should mention the issues which are very serious, for example, corruption of data as well as the description for the same in the report generated.
  • The report created should be appealing, inviting along with invigorating for the attention to be caught. By saying so, exaggerating the report can be great, speaking of the possible outcomes in combination with the importance of the bug as well.
  • The description of the bug should be in detail. Also, the report should be well-written, containing details about how it would affect the end user. Speak of the distress calls made by the software when the bug ran through it, along with how competition suffers when the bug plays its game.
  • The report should be more of a sales ad, one that markets the bug as well as captures the attention of the developer. It is like selling the bug, wherein the buyers are developers. When you learn how to market the bugs well, getting them fixed in no time wouldn’t be a challenge to deal with.

Problems would be sporadic, say experts, and improving the logging system for the same is a must, which would then tell you where next as well as in which context the bug would appear. Then there are bugs that would only show up when systems run along with various other activities. Hence, what one needs is a load testing which would then unearth the pesky bug, bringing it to the surface.

Developers have to think of other issues on priority as well. For example, code quality issues can be there when code reviews are studied or learnt. There are also re-factoring needs along with technological as well as technical deficiencies to deal with. Such issues pose to be a challenge for product evolution in days to come, say experts. Such issues or defects ideally would be recorded in the user’s backlog. This then can be sorted out when the planning process is done well.

Most would say it isn’t the job of a tester or the developer to check for bugs or to fix it, however, they have to be due diligent at all times, in order to inform the teams of such occurrences happening over and over again. They should also possibly tell of the impacts such bugs have on the consumers, along with perfect steps that should be taken on bug reporting.

You can hire testers from top software testing companies in India who can help you accomplish testing within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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