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Rise in Selenium Testing. What makes it so good?

Selenium is a widely used automation testing tool that is applied to test the web based apps. It is an open source testing tool that can run easily on several OS and browsers. A user friendly tool, it can be used to run test scripts on any web browser that have been developed by using various programming languages, including, C, Java, C++, Python, Perl, .Net, Ruby, etc. The big question here is why Selenium? Well, one of the primary reasons is it is still one of the finest tools available for testing web applications. Its compatibility to work with multiple operating systems and browsers has increased its demand.

Various Components
There are several reasons that have led to the rise of Selenium testing. One of them is the various components that are found in the Selenium tool. Here’s a look at the several components –

selenium web testing

Selenium IDE
An easy to use framework, IDE or Integrated Development Environment acts as a plugin for the Firefox browser. In fact, the developers do not require a thorough knowledge in programming for creating tests. This is a popular framework with the beginners as they can easily learn about the automated testing concepts. IDE has several commands like clickandwait, typeopen, etc in order to test web applications. In addition, while recording and playing back the test scripts there is no need to customize them on a large scale. However, scripts can be tested on Firefox browser only.

Selenium RC
While running tests across multiple browsers, RC (Remote Control) is of huge help. This tool combines the Selenium server with any one of the client libraries like .Net, Java, C++, C, etc. Moreover, it might also be used to test the application against a new browser. The scripts that are developed here can be used easily across various environments by using the Selenium Grid.

Web Driver
This framework is used for cross platform testing. It controls the browsers from the operating system level or by communicating with it directly. It can be further used to test apps that are packed with functionalities based on Ajax. The programmers can also create customized test result by using this.

Selenium Grid
If you want to run parallel tests then Selenium Grid is your solution. The tests might be carried out in multiple systems that are running on various operating systems. Thus, with such compatibility and interoperability, these tools stand apart. thus, this tool, provides to achieve more in lesser time by reducing the testing time and costs for the client as well.

Owing to such tools, it is able to offer a number of benefits to the programmers. Here’s how it proves to be useful –

Runs on Multiple Browsers
Quality analyst engineers often have to run the test scripts on multiple web browsers. This tool enables the testers to write the test once and then run the same on several browsers. As a result even the complex web applications can be tested without escalating the test cycles. Moreover, the behavior of the app can also be checked easily.

Choosing Programming Languages
For other automation testing tools, the programmers need to write the test scripts by using a certain programming language. As a result, they must know the language. But with Selenium, one can use any language that he knows to write the scripts. This feature makes it a favorable tool with the professionals. They can also use a number of tools for generating reports, create IDE and build systems.

Multiple Testing Frameworks are supported
It might also be applied as a GUI driving library. The users will have the option to utilize it for wrapping the scripts in other frameworks. There is also the option for integrating Selenium in any of the framework of their choice. The developers can easily amalgamate the features of other frameworks for delivering a better and enhanced user experience.

Easy Integration with Existing Ecosystem
The testers are required to check the compatibility with the current ecosystem while switching to a new tool for testing. Selenium is rather integrated in a hassle free manner with various tools like QMetry and Hudson. This also removes any additional investment for commercial tools.

It is owing to such features and benefits Selenium testing is on the rise.

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Automated Testing with Selenium and Cucumber

The choice of web browser varies from one user to another. So an internet application must be accessible on several web browsers to become popular. As a key part of the development lifecycle, programmers have tone ensure that the app will work flawlessly across a set of widely used web browsers. The cross-browser compatibility of an internet application can be checked through extensive regression testing. But regression testing requires additional time and resources.

selenium automation testingTherefore, organizations prefer using effective test automation tools like Selenium and Cucumber to avoid expensive and time-consuming regression tests. The tools enable developers to create several fully automated test suites that will run against a set of web browsers. Also, they have option to run the automated test suits as part of the build pipeline or schedules build process. Regardless of the approach, the tools are effective in detecting bugs quickly and along with providing rapid feedback.

Web Application Testing with Cucumber
As a widely used test automation tool Cucumber facilitates behavior driven development. The developers can use Cucumber to describe the expected behavior of the internet application in plain text. Despite being written in Ruby, the tool supports several programming languages including Java, Ruby, C#.NET, Python and FLEX. So it becomes easier for developers to test applications written using any of these supported programming languages.

The entire Cucumber testing process can be divided into six broad steps. But the programmers are not required to write any code while fixing a bug in, or adding a new feature to the application. They can simply describe the expected behavior in plain text. When the feature or bug is tested through Cucumber, the tool will highlight the successes and failures. Based on the failures, programmers can write code to fix the bugs. As Cucumber requires test cases to be written in advance, it helps managers and business analysts to verify if the key requirements are met.

Web Application Testing with Selenium
Selenium provides developers with a set of tools required for testing different aspects of an internet application. The tool is further used widely by developers for browser testing automation. So Selenium is effective in evaluating the performance and behavior of an application across a set of supported web browsers. Selenium also comes with a suite of tools that run seamlessly across widely used operating systems and web browsers. The testers can further control these tools through a number of frameworks and programming languages.

Along with web browser automation, Selenium can also be used to web-based administration tasks. As the tool supports most web browsers, it becomes easier for developers to include the tool as part of the browser’s native components. An organization also has option to choose Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver or Selenium Remote Control according to the nature and requirements of each web application development project.

The IDE can be used as a simple Firefox add-on to perform simple record and playback with the web browser. In addition to creating bug reproduction scripts rapidly, the IDE also creates script for automation-aided exploratory testing. On the other hand, the Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Remote Control are used to optimize browser-based regression automation. These suites further help developers in distributing and scaling test scripts across different environments.

A constant increase is noted in the number of organization adopting behavior based development approach. The agile methodology further helps developers in rapidly test how an internet application works across multiple browsers. Both Cucumber and Selenium must be used together to effectively check the application’s cross-browser compatibility. These tools must be used together for automated behavior driven development testing to curtail the overall development cost and time.

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