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Top IDEs for Ruby on Rails

Importance of IDE for ROR: Ruby on rails is a modern web language-framework combo to develop enterprise standard web applications on the fly. In past two years we have seen there is a stupendous popularity gain of Ruby on Rails due to its simple syntax and easy to learn approach. Web developers love the way they are developing web solutions in a much faster way than before using Ruby on Rail framework. Experts have already indicated about a bright future for Ruby on Rails in coming period. Any framework is incomplete without an IDE because, IDE provides lots of assistances to the web developer or ROR developer while developing quick websites. IDE can remember all the function names, variables, classes etc and it will assist the developer while writing the code with auto complete feature. It also helps in writing readable and maintainable codes with proper indentation. The best part is it notifies basic mistakes on the web developer’s code on the UI. Hence a web developer or Ruby developer can’t ignore the importance of IDE in rails framework. Let us have a quick look over few featured IDE for Ruby on Rail developers. Continue reading Top IDEs for Ruby on Rails

Strong Reasons Why ROR should be Used for Web Development

Most developers, nowadays, use open source web application development frameworks to reduce both development time and efforts. Each web developers also have option to choose from several frameworks according to the nature and requirements of the project. But the smart web programmers opt for Ruby on Rails (ROR) as an open source and full stack internet application development framework that supports common software development architectures and patterns. Along with being an open source platform, ROR also comes with a set of features that help businesses in curtailing the overall project cost and time.

What Makes ROR a Powerful Web Application Development Framework?

Rails development servicesFull Stack Framework
Unlike other web development framework ROR is full stack. Any developer familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript can start using this framework to develop internet apps. ROR further comes with features required for developing both front-end and backend. So a single developer can complete the web development project without relying on other programmers. An enterprise can use ROR to create applications without deploying extra programmers.

To keep users engaged, a web application needs to be updated at regular intervals. The developers often look for a framework that allows them to completely revamp the web application within a stipulated timeframe. ROR supports some of the widely used software development architectures including model-view-controller (MVC). So it can be used to keep the application logic separate from presentation. While writing code, ROR further enables developers to maintain consistency in both structure and methodology. Thus, ROR makes it easier for enterprises to completely revamp the application’s look, feel and features by deploying several programmers.

Facilitates Rapid Development
ROR further helps developers in creating complex internet applications within a stipulated time frame. As ROR supports convention over configuration, the developers can use the framework to conceptualize, plan and developer the web applications quickly. The MVC support further makes it easier for enterprises to develop the application in a distributed environment. As the business logic and presentation can be kept separated, a business can reduce development time by dividing the large projects into smaller parts.

Allows Customization
Nowadays, most clients require developers to create web applications with customized features. The developers also have to customize the look, feel and features of the web application to make it deliver unique user experience. Unlike other popular web technologies, ROR allows developers to create their own building blocks. They also have option to add plug-and-play functionality to the web applications. ROR further allows programmers to reuse elements of current project for future programs. So the web programmers can use ROR to customize different aspects of the application simply by creating their own building blocks.

Supports Agile Methodology
Along with other widely used software development architectures, ROR also supports agile methodology. So the developers can use the agile methods to effectuate the web application development process. ROR allows them to avail several benefits of agile methodologies including focus on business values, transparency, predictable delivery, predictable cost, and option to incorporate changes. The agile methodology further makes it easier for businesses to adopt test driven development (TDD) and shorten development cycles.

Reduces Development Time and Cost
Like other open source web technologies, ROR also helps businesses in curtailing the overall project cost. The developers can use the open source framework to create a variety of internet apps without paying any licensing fees. They also have option to avoid writing additional code by availing the support of active ROR community. ROR further enables programmers to complete the coding within a shorter span of time. So it becomes easier for businesses to move rapidly from the planning to development stage without putting any extra time and cost.

Along with developing rich internet applications, Ruby on Rails can also be used to test the performance of the application in a given infrastructure. It further allows developers to tweak the application in a flexible, effective and efficient way to save both time and efforts.

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What Makes Ruby on Rails Applications Compact?

As a full-stack and open source web development framework Ruby on Rails enables programmers to render templates out of box, while using a web server independent routing system. The web application developers, at the same time, have option to use several widely used software engineering patterns and principles to build a variety of applications rapidly. The Rails 4.0 also comes with a set of innovative features that allows programmers to rapidly build a variety of rich internet applications, membership sites, ecommerce sites, content management systems and custom database solutions. Along with making web applications that are effective and efficient yet compact, you can further avail several advantages by using Ruby on Rails.

What Makes Ruby on Rails Applications Compact?

Many Inbuilt Modules

Rails Porting and MigrationDespite being an open source web application development framework, Rails allows programmers to use a large number of inbuilt modules. These modules are further designed specifically to perform specific tasks without requiring the programmers to write longer lines of code. At the same time, they can use the inbuilt plug-ins to save the efforts required to build features from the scratch. The combination of modular design and a leaner code-base contributes towards reducing the project development time substantially.

Easy to Incorporate Changes

Often programmers have to write lengthy code to add new features to a website after its initial launch. Unlike conventional web development frameworks, Rails enables programmers to add, modify and remove features without any hassle. The programmers can simply use the inbuilt modules and templates to add new features or modify the data model without putting any extra effort.

Support for Multiple Operating Systems

The web application is thoroughly evaluated by seasoned QA engineers to ensure that it runs seamlessly on different platforms. Often programmers have to add new code or modify existing code to make the application compatible with major operating systems. Ruby on Rails runs on the Ruby programming language that is supported by many platforms. The programmers also have option to use Rails for multiple platforms. So the Rails applications can be deployed in varying enterprise environments without writing any additional code or test scripts.

Enables Agile Project Management

Rails support several widely used software engineers principles and patterns like Model-View-Controller (MVC) and convention over configuration (CoC). As programmers have option to set convention over configuration, it becomes easier to adopt Agile along with a set of lean business and software development methods. Methods like The Lean Startup allows developers to reduce the amount of time required from planning to actual development through rapid prototyping. Thus, the large and complex processes can be broken down to reduce the development time.

Option to Avoid Repetition of Tasks

Like other open source technologies, Ruby on Rails is also supported by an active, passionate and large community. The community constantly strengthens the language by enhancing, extending, testing and documenting its features. The programmer also has option to avail the plug-ins and modules built and shared by the community to save repetition of the task. At the same time, the community further helps programmers to make their web applications more powerful by adopting innovative technologies like Unobtrusive JavaScript and REST.

Futuristic Technology

While building an application, developers have to concentrate on both current and upcoming trends in technology. Each enterprise also wants to use futuristic technologies to make the web application deliver richer user experience. As a powerful and futuristic technology, Rails is the first choice of many entrepreneurs and businesses. The impact of the web development framework can be determined by the fact that it runs popular web services like Twitter, Hulu, YellowPages, Scribd, Slideshare and SoundCloud.

On the whole, Ruby on Rails delivers quick, effective and efficient results without sacrificing performance or flexibility. But many experts have highlighted that the framework may not perfectly complement the requirements of certain projects. Therefore, each organization must implement several best practices to avail the full advantage of the framework.

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