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How To Make A Developer Fix Your Bug?

Testers have a major complaint these days, which is that there are many bugs caught in the initial stages of development, but considerations for the same aren’t made on the spot. Most testers would say that it isn’t their lookout to deal with such issues, especially fixing bugs. However, as frustrating at it can be, when the efforts aren’t taken seriously, something needs to be done and someone needs to do it.

top software testing companiesExperts say, the more you market your bugs the more would attention come through from developers around. One of the ways to catch the attention of developers is to make sure that the bug report you write is enticing enough. This would be something on the lines of advertising, in this case promoting the report of the bugs involved.

Here are a few tips on how to make a developer fix your bug

To make the bug that bugs you stand out in the special edition reports amongst all, please read on and be well-informed of the same:

  • Keep it simple as well as straightforward. When the report can be repeated well and in tandem to the report you have generated, pat your back for a job well done, because the report would then be an enticing one to capture many developers’ attention or fancy.
  • The report needs to be for real, and remember the bug needs to have everything to do with it in real terms, or else it wouldn’t entice the developers to come calling.
  • Developers would be able to reproduce the reports better when they have more sets ups around. This is especially important when the bug which has been spoken off would be an important dependent for configuration needs.
  • Nip it in the bud or go to the source, thereby pulling the root out. This is because bugs have more symptoms, not just one to make a problem happen. In such cases one should mention the issues which are very serious, for example, corruption of data as well as the description for the same in the report generated.
  • The report created should be appealing, inviting along with invigorating for the attention to be caught. By saying so, exaggerating the report can be great, speaking of the possible outcomes in combination with the importance of the bug as well.
  • The description of the bug should be in detail. Also, the report should be well-written, containing details about how it would affect the end user. Speak of the distress calls made by the software when the bug ran through it, along with how competition suffers when the bug plays its game.
  • The report should be more of a sales ad, one that markets the bug as well as captures the attention of the developer. It is like selling the bug, wherein the buyers are developers. When you learn how to market the bugs well, getting them fixed in no time wouldn’t be a challenge to deal with.

Problems would be sporadic, say experts, and improving the logging system for the same is a must, which would then tell you where next as well as in which context the bug would appear. Then there are bugs that would only show up when systems run along with various other activities. Hence, what one needs is a load testing which would then unearth the pesky bug, bringing it to the surface.

Developers have to think of other issues on priority as well. For example, code quality issues can be there when code reviews are studied or learnt. There are also re-factoring needs along with technological as well as technical deficiencies to deal with. Such issues pose to be a challenge for product evolution in days to come, say experts. Such issues or defects ideally would be recorded in the user’s backlog. This then can be sorted out when the planning process is done well.

Most would say it isn’t the job of a tester or the developer to check for bugs or to fix it, however, they have to be due diligent at all times, in order to inform the teams of such occurrences happening over and over again. They should also possibly tell of the impacts such bugs have on the consumers, along with perfect steps that should be taken on bug reporting.

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Understanding of Improvements in Software Testing Process

The major purpose of software testing process is to find bugs and hence it is considered to be a part of software development life-cycle. There are also a number of other factors of equal importance that have considerable contributions in terms of completing testing performance. Software should comply with all the technical as well as business requirements. Thus, validating and verifying software with more improved understanding of the performance testing is indeed essential in order to ensure that it properly works without any issues.

software regression testingSteps to improve Software Analysis Method

The following measures are sure to help your company improve software testing procedure.

  • The first thing you must consider is to have complete or thorough understanding of projects that your software testing team members are handling. It will be good if testers are able to attend meetings, discussions or conferences concerning their project.
  • Make sure that your team members are ready for changes. Although there is a test plan for every project, it can be changed at any point of time to follow the cutting edge technologies and novel evaluating methods.
  • You are recommended to think well before implementing any alterations into your plan to avert making blunders.
  • Try not to shunt within your team of software testing. Assign your project managers throughout the duration of the full project execution.
  • First important step is to recognize the platform on which the entire application will be running.
  • Examine current requisites of the management activity for checking whether all functional as well as business requirements are being tracked in the control system of file-level version including Team foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe (VSS) and many more.
  • QA team must be involved in every test phase starting from requirement gathering to the software development life-cycle.
  • Keep record of every possible scenario before writing of test cases is started for adding them to the test planning.
  • Written test cases must be reviewed by a QA team specialist.
  • Generate periodically or weekly test reports for clear understanding of software testing like effort variance, bug find rate, residual defect density, test case effectiveness, schedule variance, etc.
  • Make separate QA environment to replicate the production environment.
  • After every release, a retrospective or post release meeting must be conducted for the testing and development team to participate and discuss about the good and bad points concerning the projects.

Ways to Improve Agile Development Methodology

Improving test skills of your testers is equally important as improving the test process. With the following measures you can enhance the software analysis procedure.

  • Make sure that your testers have in-depth knowledge of the application process they are handling.
  • Try to provide friendly vibes between test and development team for the elimination of personal reasons related to inadequate bug fixing.
  • Accept the fact that no tester can provide 100% bug free applications.
  • Knowledge of application does not mean anything without your testers’ domain knowledge.
  • Provide your testers with the ability to take part in different working seminars and training programs.

These days, many near-shore development organizations use outdated agile testing practices. As a result, end users get poor software or applications with lots of bugs along with insufficient user interface. That is why it is truly important to improve both testing process and testing skills. The overall software test procedure is actually a constant improvement process. To enhance the procedure the effort of either a single person or the test team is not only responsible. The combined effort of the development team as well as management must understand the value of improving the test method while identifying several areas that need changes for better performance.

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Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing

With the ever increasing innovations in the world of automated testing tools, a large number of organizations make the best possible choice, attempting to make the tools suitable for functioning in their environment. This article outlines the major challenges that are most often seen in organizations that struggle to make effectual automated testing a reality. The earlier these challenges are detected, the better prepared a company will be for the purpose of dealing with them.

hire software testersTop Ten Challenges of Automated Testing and Solution Strategies

These challenging issues are presented from the least to the highest effect on the overall test automation system.

1. Purchasing the wrong tool


  • Take time before defining the tool requirements in terms of applications, people skills, technology, process and organization.
  • Involve potential users in order to define evaluation criteria as well as tool requirements.
  • Build an evaluation scorecard for comparing the tools’ performance against a set of common criteria.
  • Perform a POC (proof of concept) as opposed to an assessment.

2. Incompetent test team organization


  • In the testing team involve a test scriptor who is comfortable to work with code and capable of taking the basic testing which has been developed by a testing analyst.
  • The person should also have the knowledge of converting it into an automated script.
  • With basic scripting concepts initially start simply to add complexity later.

3. Lack of support management


  • Communicate that it takes planning and time to build a steady foundation of the right tools, processes and people.
  • Present the challenges along with the benefits while making the case to management for acquiring testing tools.
  • Reinforce management for carrying a good amount of influence in the way people are going to accept automated testing tools.
  • Keep the management informed about tool progress and other related issues that arise.

4. Incomplete test type coverage


  • When evaluating tools, prioritize what types of evaluation are the most challenging to your success. Then evaluate the candidate tools on those criteria.
  • Understand the tools as well as their tradeoffs. In order to get higher levels of type coverage of test, you may need to utilize a multiple tool solution. For example, you may need to combine the playback or capture tool along with a load test tool for the purpose of covering your performance test cases.
  • Remind people that 100% test type coverage cannot be possible. However, after having 80% of the automation tests, you can manually deal with the rest.

5. Incompetent tool training


  • In the tool proposal include money for the purpose of training at least a core section of people.
  • Choose the most applicable topics for training to match people.
  • Organize tool training performed by a vendor at your location to use your own application as exercise.
  • For 3 or 4 weeks, get a skilled consultant who is experienced in tool training.

6. Lack of acceptance and tool ownership


  • You are recommended not to cut the tool training. Training never guarantees success, but you may be at risk of technological abandonment without it.
  • In your organization, include someone for the job of a tool smith. This person will be the resident expert on the testing tools.
  • It takes the management to emphasize on the tool effort and usage is an essential part required for the testing process.

7. Lack of a basic understanding of test process or what to test


Create a list of evaluation criteria for functionality that you are looking forward to considering while using the automated testing tool. These criteria include:

  • Repeatability of tests
  • Risk or complexity of applications
  • Ease of automation
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Level of documentation of the functional requirements.
  • Analyze your existing set of test scripts and cases to see which ones are most applicable.
  • Examine your latest testing procedure and find out where it needs to be adjusted for applying automated testing tools.
  • Try and make changes in the latest ways you execute tests.
  • Involve professionals who will be using the tool for the purpose of helping in designing the automated testing method.

8. Lack of management processes of configuration


  • Consider the people as well as processes that are required to manage the test scripts or automated testing.
  • Look for tools which accommodate changes gracefully to the user interface.
  • Trace automated test scripts as part of the configuration set of an application.
  • Include the potential automation test SCM person in evaluating testing tools and their respective offerings of test management.

9. Lack of tool interoperability and compatibility


  • Select tools having cross-platform capability as much as possible.
  • Consider writing bridging scripts, as well as shell scripts possibly in non-proprietary scripting languages like Tcl.
  • Critically evaluate whether the ability of performing cross-platform testing is a strong requirement.

10. Lack of tool accessibility


  • If obtaining a quality technical fit is an issue, find information regarding lesser-known testing tools by networking with other testers.
  • Try and find tools that is going to work between platforms.
  • Use free or low priced tools in order to investigate the possibilities of building your own testing tools.

It is important to understand that even the organizations that have developed core competencies in dealing with test automation also struggle with these challenges at times. Although, herein the challenges are only focused, there are a number of benefits that can be accomplished from test automation. Tools are a part of an efficient test approach, but not the overall approach. A workable process executed by motivated and trained staff is needed in a controlled environment. Successful software automation tests are possible if the basic issues are managed and addressed.

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Agile Performance Testing Life Cycle

In a software development life-cycle, performance testing is a vital activity. Application performance in terms of initial planning along with overall application performance and production analysis drives the development of better software releases as well as iterations. In all iterations of software development process, application programmers, testers and stakeholders must make performance a major consideration in every iteration. Here you can get a closer understanding of how performance testing can be integrated into your Agile process.

The Key Activities Involved in Agile Processes

QA software testing servicesThe best practices relating to performance testing involve various primary issues. Throughout the past two decades, business application devices have experienced significant evolution from monolithic mainframe systems to composite as well as distributed systems. Development life-cycle process is presently measured in weeks or even days as opposed to years. These changes to the development methodology or technology increase the pressure on test engineers to finish or plan performance testing. Besides the evaluation of new systems or issues of legacy application, implementation continue to have impact on test engineers.

Issues Associated with Traditional Agile Testing

At the environment testing core, there is the art of analyzing how the application responds after imitating the real user activity or behavior. With brand new testing systems, test engineers are forced to make a deliberate guess about the users’ behavior based on requirements as well as use-cases. With brand new systems, the test engineer is forced to make a calculated guess about the behavior of users based on use-cases and requirements.

The essential performance related issue reliably uses data from a constricted non-production environment to predict precisely the implementation ability of the system in a rather robust environment. Test engineers generally do their best in order to attempt or extrapolate for identification of system presentation, but often gain constricted success forecasting environment.

An Agile Environment Approach

With growing business needs as well as technology advancement, enterprises continue to work on producing highly developed software in less time. To realize this goal, a number of organizations have started adopting Agile methodological analysis. This approach helps in accelerating time to market, improving the quality of software, enhancing productivity and alignment between several business purposes and the technology innovations.

Agile methodology has tremendous momentum as it has been on the rise over the past few years. Software development breaks through the barriers of conventional waterfall model to Agile development to render better value much faster in order to improve the return on investment (ROI). An Agile environment puts several teams to work and develop the specialized, iterative as well as incremental product. This methodology promotes appropriate reviews, close teamwork, self-organization and more iterations. This approach also facilitates rapid delivery of high quality software and thus enables an industrial practice that aligns software development with company goals along with customer needs.

Agile Performance Testing

Performance evaluation which generally takes place in a waterfall model at the end of the life-cycle moves to the beginning in an Agile process that includes the designing as well as analysis. An application performance is directly proportional to its design. Hence, at the early stage of the life-cycle development it should be addressed. Throughout the Agile process, performance testing is considered from the release planning stage onwards.

In this developing business scenario, with the existing system, advent and demand of new products, the switch to the agile development technique is taking place from standard convention techniques. With the application of new or latest technology, more and more improved software are being developed. The performance of the products mostly depends on the specification and design of the product that can change at any point of time. Hence, this latest version of software should always be updated and monitored well for better functionality and adequate level of user satisfaction.

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15 Tips – How to make your software testing more efficient?

Software testing is a phase that is very much essential for a great software. Just the word software testing will not make your software error-free; you have to approach the entire process in such a way that they turn out to be free from all bugs, performing efficiently. The process of software evaluation thus not only has to be optimized but needs to be correct as well. Here are some tips which you should implement in your evaluation process so that any mistake can be avoided and the end result turns out to be exactly what you had wanted.

QA software testing

1. Good test plans- The most important thing in case of any evaluation is to have an excellent test plan. To guarantee that you have to make sure that an experienced tester like QA manager or lead writes out the plan. While writing, an organized approach should be taken. The plan should cover all things related to testing products, budget limitations, scopes of evaluation, deadlines, test objectives, risk identifications, test execution schedule, etc.

2. Understanding the product- The product or application in this case should be understood thoroughly so that the tester can understand the requirements which will result in detailed as well as complete test coverage. Even if you are not involved in development cycle, it would be a good idea to be involved in decision making meetings or processes. Hold conversations with developers so that you get to know about the application better.

3. Intelligent storing- Do not spread your documents over servers or even store them as emails. You will reap best benefits if all things are stored in a single place so that whenever you need to go back and find some record you will know where to find. Avoid keeping bug reports stored in emails.

4. Testing often as well as early- The evaluation should be done as early and as often as possible. Problems when identified early are easier to fix as compared to those identified later, which are difficult as well as expensive to fix.

5. Writing test cases early on- During design along with requirement analysis phases of Development Life Cycle you should start writing the test cases which will help in understanding whether all of the requirements can be tested or not.

6. Testing with a positive mindset- While starting the process your attitude should be positive; do not think there will be no errors or bugs in the code. If your intentions are to find bugs then you are bound to find them.

7. Writing effective evaluation cases- Test cases should be written with clear steps as that will become handy later on for the reproduction of test cases for testers as well as developers.

8. Understanding testing coverage- When testing, the application must be divided in a smaller functional module as that will help in the understanding of testing coverage. The modules should again be divided into yet smaller logical parts; write test cases in a single module.

9. Using good metrics- Choosing right metrics is extremely important as they will help in achieving of productivity along with efficiency. Metric chosen must be simple for execution as well as effective nature-wise.

10. Bug report should be clear, descriptive and good- This will ensure that the software testing conducted is more efficient. Since this job is creative as well as challenging you have to handle the situations well. Good bug reports will help you save company resources.

11. Going beyond the requirement testing- A good rule in this industry is to go beyond the requirements so you should be testing the application for something that it is not meant to do.

12. All teams should get test cases- While writing a test case the location must be kept central so that it can be accessed by all teams. Analyzing test cases will help in development of better quality application by developers.

13. Increasing communication with developers- During meetings, you should always discuss all points with developers and even ask for additional information on unclear aspects so as to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings. This will help you resolve problems quickly and easily.

14. Identifying regression test cases- You should identify and then group sets of regression testing cases as that will help in effective testing of manual regression.

15. Testing team should own test environments- Test environment and production should be exact replicas of each other. While developing, developers add configurations in run script, but failing to add them in configuration file or release document would result in failed application during production despite working in lower environment. So the test environment should be owned by testing teams so that things like these can be controlled.

For promotion of good software throughout the world, good testers must share experiences and best testing practices with fellow testers. You can hire software test professionals from top automation testing companies India who can help you accomplish testing within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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What Does It Really Cost to Fix a Software Defect?

While there is no denying the point that the advancements in software technology have brought about several benefits for the business enterprises all over, it is also true that certain defects in software are really hard to handle.

Software testing servicesThe later the defects are identified, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to handle them. This was said by none other than a software engineer called Barry Boehm back in 1976. He also drew a curve representing the consecutive phases of the waterfall software development lifecycle on the horizontal line. The vertical scale, on the other hand, denoted the relative cost of fixing the particular defect in a specific phase versus the cost involved in fixing the same defect in a different phase. With time, this curve was modified to make room for a second exponential relation.

Finding the Cost of Fixing a Defect

There are certain problems that arise when it comes to the fixing of a software defect. Out of these, deciding upon the cost of fixing the trouble happens to be the most important one. The actual cost involved in finding solution to a problem is often the least understood factor too. Now, the cost usually depends upon the development lifecycle as well as the development process that one chooses apart from the risk that the enterprise is ready to take. Estimation of the cost can be done by means of the following technique:

Considering that all the people working in a system test are completely dedicated to identifying and fixing defects, the number of fixes are to be taken into account. Next, the number of people including that of developers, testers and everybody else along with the duration of system test are to be considered. The process of calculation goes like this:

Average cost of fixing defects= Number of days* number of people* cost per person-day/ Number of defects that have been fixed

It is worth remembering in this regard that it is not the defects but the ones that are fixed that matters while also leading to the right calculation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The attitude taken towards fixing software defects often varies depending upon respective managers. Again, there is some confusion about when to find solution to which defect. Now, the cost of finding solution to the defects is influenced by the organizational culture and its implications. Here is a brief overview:

Routine Culture

In a routine culture, quality is considered valuable by the management but there is neither money nor the time to devote on improving the same. The problems are fixed only after quite a severe one has occurred. The easy defects are identified while the difficult ones are left out. As such, the cost of fixing a problem is the lowest of all.

Steering Culture

In a steering culture, the management realizes that quality is but a systematic issue and automatically, the task of managing is executed better. Problems are openly discussed as well as resolved in an orderly manner. The defects are found earlier than the system test leading to the creation of several bad fixes. Eventually, the cost of solving the problem is the highest among all.

Variable Culture

In a variable culture, the management usually does not consider quality to be a management issue. Personal efforts in solving problems are often preferred over a systematic approach, as a result of which, it is found that the employees identify more defects compared to what they could fix. Accordingly the average cost of fixing a defect is higher than that of a routine culture and lower than that of a steering culture.

Ways of Preventing Defects

Preventing the defects from arising in the very first place is essential for the simple reason that fixing them requires considerable effort, time and money. Early defect detection has a number of advantages. Following a list of some of the prominent ways in which the software defects can be checked:

  • Analyzing the software requirements well beforehand is a significant way of preventing troubles. The specific customer needs are to be analyzed and then transformed into product specifications with expertise. Interactive sessions with the customers is helpful in this regard.
  • Reviews, both self-reviews and peer reviews, work wonders in uncovering defects instead of finding them out later. Self-review, in particular, allows reduction of problems related to implementation of algorithms, incorrect logic and missing conditions. Many software organizations are making this a part of their best practices of coding.
  • Documentation and defect logging leads to better management of the troubles as well as the depletion trends and costs. A defect logging tool allows correction of the problem, identification of the phase and so on.
  • Analyzing the root cause can be done via applying local expertise and targeting the systematic errors. This largely helps in saving time and costs involved in fixing the troubles.

Having considered the above discussion, implementation of the defect prevention procedures into the application software testing process is the most difficult of all tasks. If carried out successfully, it can actually prevent the troubles from arising and pave the way for smooth operation of the enterprises.

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