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PHP – A Language Recommended for Substantial Web Development

Each programmer has option to use PHP as either a general-purpose programming language or a server-side scripting language. But the effectiveness of PHP as a server-side scripting language can be determined from the fact that the programming language is currently installed on millions of websites and web servers. As PHP is open source, it can be availed by both large and small organizations to curtail the overall web application development cost. At the same time, the feature-rich programming language further makes it easier for programmers to write complex and large internet applications without investing any additional time and effort. Continue reading PHP – A Language Recommended for Substantial Web Development

Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Laravel is a great framework for modern web application development which helps in easy as well as quick designing of customized web applications. Development process is made way easier since the common tasks undertaken in major web projects like routing, authentication, caching, sessions, etc can be done easily. The general good coding helps in making the look of the code really beautiful which in turn makes it enjoyable for the developers to use it. In fact large projects find it especially beneficial. Some of the really great features that have wowed the developers and multiplied its popularity are given here. Continue reading Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Why do Customers Choose PHP – Quality or Price?

Each enterprise wants to beat competitors by reducing the overall cost of software development projects. Many businesses even opt for open source technologies to curtail the software development cost. So the huge popularity of PHP among web application developer can be attributes to its open source and free nature. However, PHP is still a very powerful and robust programming language that complements the needs of complex and large web application development projects. So customers choose PHP due to its robust features and effectiveness in reducing the project cost.

php web development services

Features that Make Customers Choose PHP

Can be Embedded into HTML Smoothly
Most web developers use HTML with embedded code to accomplish certain tasks easily. They have option to include HTML with embedded code in PHP pages. Thus, they are not required to use additional command or coding to generate HTML output. The programmers can further process instructions by switching to and from the PHP mode.

Compatible with Major Operating Systems and Web Servers
The compatibility of PHP with major operating systems and web server also impact its popularity. The programming language can be used seamlessly on major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, RISC OS and different variants of UNIX. Likewise, PHP also supports most of the widely used web servers including IIS and Apache. The programmers also have option to use PHP as a CGI processor or a module.

Supports a Wide Range of Databases
PHP is also hugely popular among web developers due to its support for some of the widely used databases. The developers can simply use the database specific extensions provided by PHP to create database-enabled web pages easily. At the same time, they also have option to connect to the databases through the ODBC standard or an abstraction layer like PDO.

Generates a Variety of Outputs
PHP also comes with features required to generate a wide variety of outputs. In addition to generating HTML output, the programming language can further output images, PDF files, and text like XML files and XHTML. The programmer can even use libswf and Ming to generate Flash movies on the fly. Further, PHP generates these files automatically, and saves the content in the file system. It further creates a server-side cache to store the dynamic content.

Uninterrupted Interaction with Other Services
PHP also supports a wide range of protocol to interact with third-party services. Thus, programmers have option to use IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, LDAP, COM and other protocols supported by PHP to make their web application interact with other services. Further, PHP facilitates WDDX complex data exchange between all web programming languages. The support makes it easier for developers to enhance the performance of web applications by integrating third-party services and applications.

Reduced Line of Coding
In comparison to other web programming languages, PHP allows programmers to exercise better control over web browser. So developer can accomplish both simple and complex tasks without writing longer lines of code. Along with designing websites with exact specifications, the PHP programmers can perform a variety of tasks without writing any complex code. They also have option to save their time and efforts by using open source PHP frameworks.

Easy to Learn
As a dynamic programming language, PHP comes with features for both beginners and experienced web developers. As the programming language uses C like syntax, the programmer familiar in C can master PHP without putting any extra effort. Unlike other programming language, PHP is clean, organized and fluent. Thus, the beginners can easily read and understand the language, and start writing PHP scripts within a shorter span of time.

The customers can avail a number of additional benefits by choosing the most recent version of PHP. The new features of PHP will further make it easier for programmers to create robust web applications within a shorter span of time.

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PhpStorm2.0: Take PHP by Storm!

PHP programming has seen a radical change with the development of a brand new version of PHP IDE called PhpStorm 2.0. This new version is code-centric as well as equipped with much superior quality of codes. Besides, it also guarantees improved aid for the very latest trends of PHP programming. This new avatar is designed to offer the users the options of using improved tools like automatic refactoring, comprehensive analysis of deep code, on-the-fly checking of errors along with various quick fixes.

php web development servicesAs per the experts associated with the development, some extra namespaces as well as closures support were incorporated into the structure and these were used in the development of modern PHP. This, amongst other things have helped to improve the code-analysis capabilities. They are also of the opinion that with the development of this version, debugging becomes easier and needs no more configuration whatsoever.

What is new in PhpStorm 2.0?

  • A holistic PHP 5.5 support that includes closures as well as namespaces.
  • Support for Zend Debugger as well as ability to debug with zero-configuration in any browser
  • Command line tool assistance that includes completion for Symphony and Zend Tool.
  • Full-fledged SQL query editors that come up with editable results of queries
  • More Mercurial support
  • Support for EcmaScript 5 and HTML5

This variant is actually a lightweight version of smart PHP IDE that is designed to put maximum emphasis on the productivity that has intense understanding of the codes. Besides, it also offers completion of smart coding along with quick navigation along with on-the-fly rectification of errors. It comes up with all the components as well as the functionalities of WebStorm like JavaScript and HTML/CSS Editor. It also provides a comprehensive support for PHP.

Let us now discuss in details, some of the salient features that make this version so exceptional.

Automatic completion of Codes
This particular feature was for long expected. The dropdown for code completion is automatically triggered off once you type in. Code culmination has seen a facelift that assures compatibility across various array indexes.

Zend Debugger, Xdebug
The latest version comes up with compatibility for Zend Debugger, Xdebugger, along with Browser Toolbar. The IDE is designed to automatically respond to the debugger connection. It also requests mapping of missing files as and when needed, so that the debugger shows the source of the page, with just a single click of the mouse. It is also compatible with all the AJAX requests, as a cookie for the debugger is set.

Debugging Support initiated by the Browser
Zend Toolbar can be used along with Xdebug toolbar as well as browser bookmarklets, for initiating debugging straight away from a page on any modern browser like IE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Support for Command Line Tool
Shell commands can quickly be run with exclusive support for the framework tools that include completion and parameter information for Zend_Tool as well as Symphony tool. You can also add all these features for various custom tools through XML descriptor.

Advanced Code Inspection
This new variant comes up with a number of never-before-tried code inspections:

  • Control flow or Unapproachable statement
  • Control flow or Wrong catch clauses order
  • Probably bug or Wrong string concatenation operator

When this new version was introduced for the first time, it bridged up the long-standing gap by playing the role of a smart PHP development IDE. It is mainly designed to put increased focus on more intelligence, provide assurance of improved quality of code, superior assistance for the latest trends of this language, etc.

The key areas where this new version is different are:

  • A holistic PHP 5.3 support that includes namespaces as well as closures
  • Zend Debugger support along with zero-configuration debugging in all the browsers
  • Improved support for command line tools that include Zend_Tool and Symfony completion
  • Dedicated editors of SQL queries with various editable query results
  • Enhanced Mercurial support
  • Added support for HTML5 as well as EcmaScript 5De

Experts are of the opinion that this version is not only to stay but probably redefine the very concept of PHP programming, making things much easier for the developers.

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How Outsourcing PHP Developers Will Save Time and Value?

PHP web developmentConsidering all the different categories of marketing techniques, internet technology is taking the population towards a magnanimous growth which has not been realized by any other form of marketing. Leveraging online resources for establishment of businesses proves immensely beneficial to owners as well as users. For instance, there are a number of websites which have been developed to render an exceptional shopping experience with a user friendly viewpoint. Present day business websites need to get revamped as well as republished to keep in line with the latest internet trends and technologies. With respect to this, an informative, appealing web design which is done across PHP or HTML platforms is appropriate for profit generation through a strong online presence.


PHP is among the most sought after scripting languages which a majority of website developers prefer to adopt. With the help of this programming language, the navigation and layout part of the sites can be quite effectively augmented. If you are looking for a web page layout that is dynamic, then PHP remains a very good choice. For the creation of custom web design solutions, almost every programmer prefers to make use of this scripting language. This language consists of user friendly applications, techniques as well as formats; it is convenient for programmers to leverage the applications in an effortless manner.


In order to go for efficient web design, PHP, Java and ASP.NET are regarded as appropriate and important programming languages. With regards to the use of PHP, there are some specific benefits such as the following:

  • Usability: With the help of this programming language, the programmer is able to experience exceptional usability as well as come up with professional web design solutions.
  • Quick data processing: When a programmer is working with PHP, it enables him or her to process data in a rapid manner.
  • Appropriately matched: This language is very good at getting along with well-accepted operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, and so on.
  • Compatible: One of the striking advantages of making use of PHP programming language is the adaptability towards the HTML version.
  • Cost: PHP development services are quite affordable and can be conveniently availed.

The growth of PHP

So far as PHP programmers are concerned, the demand is always experiencing a rise. The convenience and adaptability of this programming language enables the programmers to come up with custom web designs for the website requirements of their clients. Owing to this, expert programmers are largely acclaimed across the globe. So, a number of companies look forward to outsource developers from other countries. India is one of the most recognized countries in the domain of software as well as programming languages. The educational system and infrastructure of this country has been laying considerable focus on the significance of computer education. The scope for expansion in the field of knowledge enhancement in computer programming languages and software is growing at an equal rate. As a consequence of this, it has indeed become very convenient to outsource developers from this country. In addition to this, PHP services come at a very cost-effective rate in India. Considering these factors, outsourcing developers with lead to unique results and would also bring down the cost of formation of a development infrastructure comprising expert professionals.

Along with the other benefits, outsourcing PHP application development services go a long way in saving considerable amount of time with respect to the development of the website. Hence, more focus can be directed towards the different other marketing areas of the services. A team of professional developers can be hired from India in order to render the website development process convenient and swift.

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