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Top web development tools in PHP to know

PHP a true web domain specific language: PHP was brought to the industry in early 21st century with an high ambition in mind to fight against all time market giants i.e., JSP and ASP. Though it was not successful in the early stage of its life, but it got tremendous support from around the globe due to its continuous improvement and enhancement according to the demand of the industry. The best part was it is an open source technology and hence needs fewer investments. As a result, many start up farms decided to choose PHP as their development platform for all types of web applications. Gradually it became extremely popular in the industry and gained a prestigious position in the industry as a web domain specific language. Today we will discuss about few important tools that a PHP developer must learn before he kick starts his career as a web developer for the industry. Continue reading Top web development tools in PHP to know

Why PHP developers in a company must be certified?

Web development at its peak: In this century if anything has seen an unexpected growth in the industry that is none other than web development process. Almost all business, enterprises are now taking the help of web development to reach at their customers. Moreover, it is now used as a tool to improve user experience and customer service of any business. It also helps in creating new consumers in a wide range of geographic area. Web applications can be reached at their consumers crossing all physical and geographical obstacles beyond region. Hence it provides a global presence to your business. Moreover through the web services the customer can get better service from the enterprise and at the same time the enterprise gets good feedback from the customer to improve their quality of service or product. Hence it is getting an overnight popularity throughout the globe.

hire PHP Developers

PHP- A boon for web developers: In this environment there are many new web languages get born in past decade. But PHP has received tremendous popularity from both the web developers as well as the software firms. PHP is an open source language and hence it has low cost of ownership to develop your web application at an affordable cost. PHP developers are getting an unexpected demand in the IT market due to the interest of clients to develop their next web application in PHP. The best part is PHP developers can get millions of open source free modules which can be used in their project with little customization in less time and more accuracy. Moreover, there are many PHP frameworks to support the PHP developers in developing enterprise standard web solutions for the industry.

Importance of Certification: Working in IT sector really doesn’t need an extra ordinary talent or creativity. Rather it needs more skill and efficiency. We have seen millions of general graduates working in IT sector with efficiency without any prior degree of Engineering or similar. We find many students performing better with just a certification course as compare to a tech graduate. This is because during certification they are well trained to cope with stress along with the development knowledge. Hence they perform better while subjected to work under stress in any software firm. So, there is a tremendous potential of certification courses for the web developers and hence the PHP developers in the industry.

Certified developers for your firm: Certification implies efficiency and productivity of an employee to a decent level. Hence, software firms are giving more importance to certified PHP developers over others. A certified PHP developer is well trained to work in different frameworks of PHP and to integrate modern amenities to your project. Due to prior experience in developing dummy or live projects in PHP, the certified developers are having the skill and mental capability to handle the stress situation during deadlines. Moreover, they are having a good communication skill which impacts the future of the project due to a healthy relation with the client through communication. Combining all the above advantages, we can say a certified developer is really trust worthy and productive from the company’s point of view and hence they are giving more priority to them.

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What Should You Know about PHP Net Enhancement?

As a dynamic programming language, PHP can be used for both server side scripting and general contexts. The developers can create a variety of web applications by combining PHP and HTML code. So it becomes easier for them to reduce development time and efforts by using a variety of frameworks and templating engines. At the same time, the programmers also have option to use several PHP Net enhancements to optimize the performance of their application without writing lengthy and complex code. Each developer must know some of commonly used PHP enhancements to deliver richer user experience. Continue reading What Should You Know about PHP Net Enhancement?

Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

Laravel is a great framework for modern web application development which helps in easy as well as quick designing of customized web applications. Development process is made way easier since the common tasks undertaken in major web projects like routing, authentication, caching, sessions, etc can be done easily. The general good coding helps in making the look of the code really beautiful which in turn makes it enjoyable for the developers to use it. In fact large projects find it especially beneficial. Some of the really great features that have wowed the developers and multiplied its popularity are given here. Continue reading Top features of Laravel that would wow a developer

PHP key features that makes web app development smoother, faster & easier

PHP means PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and is HTML’s embedded scripting language like JSP or ASP, combining elements of Java, Perl and C. Many programmers and companies use this language as daily coding ritual; the code snippets as well as the open source frameworks help the developers. However, understanding the base PHP classes, functions and methods is a huge advantage. Here’s taking a close look at some of the key features of the language which will make web application development easier, smoother as well as faster.

php application developmentjson_decode and json_encode- PHP has two extreme functions by using JSON or JavaScript Object Notation strings which is a standard that is text based and normally functions for sending and receiving of data with simple, easily legible structure. There are two functions which can help you manipulate the data from and to JSON. When utilizing json_encode the first argument is set as the data and then this converted data string will be returned by PHP, then used for output on API or even included in HTML template so that the JavaScript code can read it. json_decode is its opposite.

PDO Class- PHP Data Object or PDO is exclusively used for connection with MySQL databases by providing a good layer of abstraction around database driver sets. This essentially means that no matter what database is being used, with PDO support the same functions can be used for the performing of the same database actions. The code becomes more portable for using the web application on a variety of databases without any additional development time. Several standardized functions are provided by PDO Class like creation prepared statements, creating transactions and allowing escape variables if the need so arises.

Glob () for file-finding- Glob() may be referred to as scandir() function’s more capable version. This allows you to search files with the use of patterns. Multiple types of files can be fetched by using this as well. In fact the files can be actually returned with path according to the query generated. For full path of each, the realpath() function can be called on returned values.

Generating unique IDs- Sometimes there arise certain situations which might warrant the generation of unique strings. To achieve that people often use the function md5() which is not really meant for that. Instead of that a PHP function called uniqid() may be used for that. Several characters at first may seem to be similar despite the strings being unique; this is attributed to the relation with server time and generated string. A good side effect to this is that each newly generated id comes in alphabetical order which aids in the sorting. Chances of duplicacy can be reduced by passing second parameter or prefix so that entropy can be increased. Nevertheless the strings generated by the function will be much shorter than md5(), saving a lot of space for you.

Unit testing- Automated code testing within the app is enabled through this. For all major projects some unit testing may be added. All reviewed PHP frameworks either use PHPUnit that is like the de facto testing suite for PHP or have their very own methods for unit testing.

Templating- This is the way codes can be organized within views. It attempts to find out the best way for code organization within the view. Before MVC frameworks a good solution was Smarty Template.

The features given are just the tip of the iceberg. PHP results in endless possibilities which may be best harnessed only if the features can be grasped fully. The learning curve may be steep and long but truly worthwhile. PHP can form a good foundation for ecommerce systems, bespoke platforms, content management systems, etc. Being armed with PHP and its features, will help you tackle the new challenges that the web development world brings to you everyday.

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How Outsourcing PHP Developers Will Save Time and Value?

PHP web developmentConsidering all the different categories of marketing techniques, internet technology is taking the population towards a magnanimous growth which has not been realized by any other form of marketing. Leveraging online resources for establishment of businesses proves immensely beneficial to owners as well as users. For instance, there are a number of websites which have been developed to render an exceptional shopping experience with a user friendly viewpoint. Present day business websites need to get revamped as well as republished to keep in line with the latest internet trends and technologies. With respect to this, an informative, appealing web design which is done across PHP or HTML platforms is appropriate for profit generation through a strong online presence.


PHP is among the most sought after scripting languages which a majority of website developers prefer to adopt. With the help of this programming language, the navigation and layout part of the sites can be quite effectively augmented. If you are looking for a web page layout that is dynamic, then PHP remains a very good choice. For the creation of custom web design solutions, almost every programmer prefers to make use of this scripting language. This language consists of user friendly applications, techniques as well as formats; it is convenient for programmers to leverage the applications in an effortless manner.


In order to go for efficient web design, PHP, Java and ASP.NET are regarded as appropriate and important programming languages. With regards to the use of PHP, there are some specific benefits such as the following:

  • Usability: With the help of this programming language, the programmer is able to experience exceptional usability as well as come up with professional web design solutions.
  • Quick data processing: When a programmer is working with PHP, it enables him or her to process data in a rapid manner.
  • Appropriately matched: This language is very good at getting along with well-accepted operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, and so on.
  • Compatible: One of the striking advantages of making use of PHP programming language is the adaptability towards the HTML version.
  • Cost: PHP development services are quite affordable and can be conveniently availed.

The growth of PHP

So far as PHP programmers are concerned, the demand is always experiencing a rise. The convenience and adaptability of this programming language enables the programmers to come up with custom web designs for the website requirements of their clients. Owing to this, expert programmers are largely acclaimed across the globe. So, a number of companies look forward to outsource developers from other countries. India is one of the most recognized countries in the domain of software as well as programming languages. The educational system and infrastructure of this country has been laying considerable focus on the significance of computer education. The scope for expansion in the field of knowledge enhancement in computer programming languages and software is growing at an equal rate. As a consequence of this, it has indeed become very convenient to outsource developers from this country. In addition to this, PHP services come at a very cost-effective rate in India. Considering these factors, outsourcing developers with lead to unique results and would also bring down the cost of formation of a development infrastructure comprising expert professionals.

Along with the other benefits, outsourcing PHP application development services go a long way in saving considerable amount of time with respect to the development of the website. Hence, more focus can be directed towards the different other marketing areas of the services. A team of professional developers can be hired from India in order to render the website development process convenient and swift.

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