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Few Facts about PHP that Every Developer Should Know

As a dynamic server-side scripting language, PHP is used widely for developing websites and internet applications. The programmers can simply integrate the HTML and PHP code to attain the desired effects. PHP code can also be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of web development frameworks and templating engines. At the same time, the developers also have option to use PHP frameworks to build large and complex internet applications without putting any extra time and effort. But it is also important for each web programmer to become familiar with the most important features of hugely popular server-side scripting language. Continue reading Few Facts about PHP that Every Developer Should Know

Symfony and Its Best Features that Help in Web Development

As an open source PHP framework, Symfony is being used widely for creating websites and web application. The framework is designed with the features to accelerate the development and maintenance of internet applications. Along with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, Symfony also comes with a set of decoupled and reusable components. So many enterprises avail the best features of Symfony to accelerate the development and maintenance of complex and enterprise-level web applications. Continue reading Symfony and Its Best Features that Help in Web Development

PHPStorm – Is It The Best IDE that Programmers Use?

Let us start with the topic – what is PHPStorm? PHPStorm or JetBrains PHPStorm can be defined as a commercial as well as cross platform IDE for PHP that is built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform of JetBrains. It plays the role of an editor for PHP, HTML as well as JavaScript that come along with on-the-fly analysis of codes, prevention of errors as well as automated refactorings for Javascript along with PHP codes.

Now let us discuss why PHPStorm is regarded as the best IDE that is used by the programmers. Firstly, it is an IDE that is as effective and as useful as larger versions of the IDEs like Zend Studio or Eclipse. However, it comes without the customary bulk as well as the bunch of needless functions that make these other IDEs so hard to understand, learn, as well as use. PHPStorm also functions on any type of Operating System with support from the Mac OSX, MS Windows or Linux.

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The platform comes up with all the standard features that one can expect from any IDE and these features include code completion, support for the latest version (5.4) of PHP, along with some highly effective documentation that are used during the time of using the standard functions. The platform also justifiably highlights the presence of any duplicate coding. It would also alert the users whenever something goes wrong.

It also provides tremendous support when it comes to navigating between different files along with the classes and creating the UMLs that offer a better view of each & every stuff. Again, project navigation as well as project searching becomes extremely quick in PHPStorm and this makes the search in the Magento projects lightning fast.

The auto upload feature that it comes up with is also astounding, as it is designed to provide the option of automatically uploading the files as soon as changes are made. Besides, one can also specify the exact file(s) and directory(ies) from within a given project and this helps to do away without the need of uploading LESS or any similar kind of files.

It also comes up with a string of plugins that compensate any missing feature(s) in the original IDE. For example, the Magento plugin comes in handy when working with Magento projects. Another such extremely useful plugin that makes the platform so handy is the LESS plugin that comes with the twitter bootstrap, which automatically helps compile the LESS files to the CSS stylesheets.

PHPStorm also is available with the easiest and the most user friendly debugging solution. The debugging session can be triggered off in the browser by just a click of the mouse, irrespective of the project or the web server path.

All said and done, the most amazing feature for which PHPStorm is preferred over ZendStudio or Eclipse PDT as the best IDE is its overall performance. When Linux Ubuntu is used, Eclipse PDT gets painstakingly slow. When it comes to PHPStorm, it really works like a storm in terms of speed and that is what makes it so unique.

In the nutshell, the unique features that make PHPStorm so much adored and preferred include Language Feature Support, PHP Refactoring, Code Completion, Code Formatting, Code arranger and rearranger, PHPDoc Support, and Framework Support.

PHPStorm also comes up with features like rich as well as intelligent code editor(s) that are/is exclusively designed for PHP that practically “gets” the code along with deeply understanding the structure, besides supporting PHP 5.3, 5.4 as well as 5.5 for modern or legacy projects. The IDE also provides smart code completion along with syntax highlighting, configuration for extended code formatting, code folding, Support Language Mixtures etc.

It also features the Code Quality Analysis capability that is possible by PHP Code Sniffer & Mess Detector feature, Smarty & Twig Templates Editing feature, Smart Duplicated Code Detector feature, Efficient Project Analysis as well as Navigation feature, ability to callback references, and the Phar Packages.

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How can PHP be of Help to Educational Institutions?

A constant increase is noted in the number of students opting for online education. In addition to allowing students to learn at their own pace and convenience, the online courses require educational institutions to adopt a personalized and student-centered teaching approach. So each educational institution, nowadays, explore options to optimize both conventional and online educational facilities. Despite being designed originally as a server side scripting language for website and internet application, PHP is widely used as general purpose programming language. An education institution can avail several benefits by embracing the programming language that is already installed on millions of websites and web servers.

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Key Advantages of PHP for Educational Institutions

Choose from Several Web 2.0 based School Management Systems
An educational institution has option to choose from a variety of web 2.0 based school management systems developed using PHP. At the same time, it can even consider adopting open source PHP online school management systems and student information systems like Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle). Thus, it becomes easier for the teachers to create and administer the online courses without any hassle. These technologies further enable the institute to manage its conventional and web-based educational facilities more efficiently.

PHP Scripts to Create Web-Based School Management Systems
The large educational institutions often need customized school management systems according to their specific requirements. The customized systems are also more effective in complementing the complex course structures and administration policy. An institute can hire a developer to build custom school management systems with robust PHP scripts like Ekattor, MyPHPSchool, Centre and SchoolMation. The programmer can further use the tools to convert the stand-alone systems into web-based solutions to facilitate the creation and administration of courses, along with operation management.

Mange Courses, Semesters and Terms More Efficiently
Often the teachers and support staff have to put both time and effort to manage the courses, semesters and terms smoothly. The PHP-based school management systems will save their time and effort, while ensuring that the operations are carried out without any hassle or flaw. In addition to creating, editing and updating the courses, the teachers can use the system to efficiently manage course sections. Also, they can use the system to setup and manage both semesters and terms. At the end of each term, the faculty can further enter letter grades for each student.

Facilitate Communication and Interaction
The PHP-based school management system can also be used for communication management. It allows users to save the frequently used queries, and run them whenever the need arises. Similarly, the system also enables the administrators to save custom email templates. The custom templates can be used to send email communications to students, faculty and staff. At the same time, it also facilitates the interactions between the students and faculty. On the whole, the system will provide a consistent and comprehensive environment for interaction among the faculty, staff and students despite being located in different places.

Optimize the Security of Your Educational Resources
As the education management system is developed using PHP, the educational institution can avail several security features of the programming language. An organization can always secure the storage, access and usage of its online educational resources by implementing the desired restrictions. It can further implement a personalized login credential system to ensure that the online resources are available only to the authorized users. PHP-based school management systems further back up the educational data constantly to avoid any data loss.

Several reports have highlighted how an educational institution can curtail its operational expenses by launching online education programs and courses. PHP makes it easier for an institution to launch new courses within a short span of time, while delivering richer user experience. At the same time, the PHP-based integrated school management systems enable the institute to meet the new trends in education management.

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Avail Maximum Benefits Through Open Source PHP CMS Development

If you are looking for flexibility, speed, robustness, customization, developer and customer friendliness, Open Source PHP Content Management System is the best answer. It is one of the most powerful web based content management systems as well as frameworks, that runs under PHP along with MySQL. In fact, PHP CMS is used on thousands of web sites all around the world.

Now what makes Open Source PHP CMS such an adorable tool for designing and preparing websites? Let us look into some of the benefits that the Open Source PHP Content Management System comes up with.

The cost involved is excessively low

certified php developerThe users will be able to obtain the source codes absolutely free of cost. Besides, the technical support that is provided along with the system is, in most of the occasions, far cheaper than the commercial CMS that is available in the market, making the cost involved exceedingly low.

Optimal Flexibility along with features that can easily be customized

The codes are readily available and this easy accessibility of the codes denotes the fact, that this particular system is adaptable to the fullest extent, so much so that it can fit into the needs as well as requirements of any type of business, irrespective of the niche or the domain.

Technical Support

Various types of technical solutions to the CMS problems can be availed through a community or section of web developers, who are expert as well as experienced enough to provide advice along with in- depth technical support on any type of issue(s).

Open Platform

The system comes up with an open source platform mechanism, that is specifically designed to use any type of open source (OS) programming language like Python, PHP, Java and so on. All the popular and time-tested software platforms come up with an array of support as well as information, which can easily be accessed by the developers as well as the content editors.

Excellent Ability of Sharing Resources

Open source PHP CMS also comes up with the ability to share various resources between different business organizations including the public sector units. The advantage of this is that, in subsequent times, this helps a lot when it comes to saving time, reducing the costs involved and last but not the least, giving productivity a shot in its arm.


The system comes up with a unique ability to extend as well as personalize or customize the OS CMS. This indicates that the user can integrate the system with other software systems, including XML.

Trial Evaluation

The system can well be downloaded for evaluation before it is implemented. This particular qualification provides the developer amplest opportunity of testing the system and comparing it with other systems from the qualitative point of view, before taking any final decision. It also comes up with the community support option where users and people can leave comments and feedbacks that come in very handy so far as perfecting the system is concerned.

Instant Resolution of Errors

These systems, by the virtue of their type or category, and nature, are absolutely open to suggestions, feedbacks and opinions that are left by the community of supporters. That is why, if and when there is any issue raised by any community member, effective solutions are provided at the earliest. Open access to the source codes clearly indicates that various issues that crop up quite often can be taken care of and resolved by the developers.

Hence, this can well be mentioned, that OS PHP CMS Development is able to provide a string of advantages to the developers as well as the end users.

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Why Is LAMP The Best Choice For Dynamic Web Development?

The development platform LAMP helps in determining the efficiency of an application. It contains safe Linux base, dependable MySQL database, open source scripting language and a popular Apache web server. Moreover, it allows developers to create a website at economic price ranges. Developers have increasingly started using it, intending to develop dynamic web applications. It is a software bundle or stack which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, Perl or Python. Opting for this development platform can be a good strategy for any organization with a web presence.

php web development IndiaWhy LAMP is a popular choice

For developers, web application development using this technology is the preferred option for creating a stable, reliable and highly efficient application. Using LAMP stack as its open source can be adapted to suit a given requirement quickly and easily.

Free technology

The greatest advantage of LAMP is that it does not involve license cost. While creating a site, if you opt for WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP), you have to pay licensing fee to Microsoft. However, LAMP discounts this requirement. Therefore, with this application platform, you can develop effective sites at moderate prices.

Easy to code

It offers easy coding by ensuring that coding is relatively bug free. You do not need to go through a time consuming and exhaustive process of fixing the bugs.


This software enables web developers to enjoy the secured advantages of Linux. Therefore, in addition to affordable price, you can enjoy security as well. Linux distribution system is accessible in different versions and hence a web developer may opt for the one that best meets his requirement.

Easy deployment

For many developers, developing a web application becomes a tricky practice, especially when it is difficult to easily integrate the programming language with the database and server. With LAMP, there are no such problems as PHP is a standard Apache module. Therefore, deploying LAMP web applications becomes easier.

Delivers the best scripting language

LAMP development comes with several scripting languages including Pearl, Python and PHP. While creating a site, PHP is mostly preferred as it is an advanced scripting language. Furthermore, it is compatible even with the most complicated sites.

A dependable web server

LAMP renders users a stable as well as reliable web server in the form of Apache. According to many web developers, Apache is an excellent open source web server with easy usability. You can use it to connect any dynamic website with the web world. It also possesses a strong community which is meant to clarify problematic issues to users.

Offers flexibility and support

There are many reasons behind the popularity of LAMP development and these include easy customization and simple structure. People using this application are aware that it involves relatively simpler coding structure. Additionally, it offers powerful community support. In case a developer faces any difficulty, the large community is there to extend every support required. For all these reasons, people prefer using LAMP, instead of WAMP or MAMP.

Local Development

Another huge benefit of using LAMP stack lies in the fact that a developer can build an application locally and then deploy it onto the web.

LAMP is extremely popular, however it is not possible for all developers to optimize its use. Hence, you need to choose the right kind of developer who is well experienced and expert in using the LAMP stack. This development platform ascertains the efficiency of an application. Choosing a wrong platform means the resultant application will not entirely match the client’s specifications. In recent times, businesses are looking for the type of application that is able to fast track their business processes with desired growth. To make this happen, they need a software that can easily be integrated into their existing IT infrastructure and one that can be trusted to deliver high performance.

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