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Top 3 reasons to make websites accessible

When it comes to development as well as designing of web pages, the first and foremost factor that the designers and developers keep in mind is – accessibility. This is the most, if not the only fundamental objective behind designing web pages. When we mention the term, ‘accessibility’, this literally means making a particular site available or visible to anyone trying to look for the site to get information about any product or service. In simple terms the word, ‘accessibility’ means making the pages ‘public’. Now, the issue is not as simple as it looks. The main reason behind making the web pages accessible is not just making it available to anyone, but a combination of a number of other factors. Let us discuss the three most important reasons behind making the pages accessible. Continue reading Top 3 reasons to make websites accessible


10 Programming Languages to Be Aware Of In 2014

When we speak about programming languages, newer types with more value added features are being innovated or structured every now and then. All these languages are bringing in a revolution in the software world. Amongst an appreciable number of software programming languages that are being adored all over the world, let us discuss top 10, which are making news in 2014.

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1. C:
It is an almost over 40 year old general purpose as well as imperative programming language, developed way back in the 70s. From that point of view, it can well be termed as the oldest as well as the most vividly used programming language, especially when it comes to building blocks for other languages namely, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python and so on. C is extensively utilized to implement various operating systems and embed applications.

2. C++
It is another intermediate level platform that comes up with various object oriented features that are originally designed to enhance the functionality of C. C++ helps major software packages like Adobe, Winamp, FireFox and so on. C++ is generally utilized for developing system, software applications, client applications, high-end server, video games etc.

3. Objective C
This is another general purpose language that is object oriented and is used for Apple OS. It also powers APIs as well as Apple’s OS X, iOS. Besides, it is also capable of creating various apps for iPhone.

4. PHP
PHP or HyperText Processor is a server side, open source scripting language that is specifically designed for the dynamic websites as well as development apps. The language comes up with properties that help it to be directly embedded into HTML source documents instead of any external file and this has made the language immensely popular for the web developers. It is one of the most popular languages that are applied to develop sites like Facebook, WordPress, Digg and so on.

5. Erlang
It is another highly popular concurrent, general-purpose as well as garbage collection language as well as runtime system. The sequential subset of this language comes up with capabilities to help in the evaluation, dynamic typing, and single assignment. The language has value added features like hot swapping, so that the codes can well be changed during run time, without stopping a particular system.

6. Python
This is one of the most widely applied and popular scripting languages for server-sides that are specifically designed to be used in mobile apps as well as various websites. It is considered one of the easier languages that the beginners find fairly handy to use, much due to its readability along with its compact syntax. This implies that the developers will have the option of using fewer codes than other similar types of languages for expressing a particular concept.

7. JavaScript
This is one of the most famous client side as well as server-side scripting languages that is developed to be used across various web browsers and is considered essential for development of different interactive as well as animated web functions. The language can also be used for developing games and for writing desktop applications.

8. Ruby
Ruby is a dynamic, scripting platform that is object-oriented and is used to develop websites along with mobile apps. Basically, this platform has been designed in a simplistic way, mainly to power ROR or Ruby on Rails, which is used on Shopify, Scribd, Groupon, and GitHub. The language is considered extremely user-friendly and easy, especially for the beginners.

9. SQL
SQL or Structured Query Language is a specially designed platform that is used to manage data in various RDBMSs or Relational Database Management Systems. It is most extensively used to utilize its unique “Query” function that searches various informational Databases.

10. Haskell
This is a standardized as well as a general purpose programming platform that is purely functional. It comes up with a number of non-strict semantics as well as strong static typing. It can also be used as a functional programming platform, where ‘function’ is used as the primary control construct.

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What do you look for in a software development company? Quality or Price?

There are a lot of software development companies in the market. Each of them claims to be the best in the business. From one point of view, it will give a lot of options to choose from. However, from the other it may well leave a customer bedazzled at the end of the day. The customer, as a result may end up choosing a company which is not enough experienced to meet the requirements. Again, it may so happen that the customer selects a company that will charge an exorbitant price that will overshoot the budget by a substantial extent. Hence, it is imperative to select and adopt a definite way, when it comes to looking for the right software development company.

Experts are of the opinion that it is not right to put emphasis solely on the price of services. It is because there are a lot of companies that will promise to deliver service in shoestring budget. However, the quality of most of these ‘so called cheap’ services will be far from the expectation. Hence, what is needed is a right balance between the quality and price. In fact, it is imperative to give more emphasis on quality than price. However, when we speak of quality, there are certain factors that are needed to be focused on, before entrusting the responsibility. Let us discuss them in details.

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While putting more emphasis on the quality instead of price, the following aspects are to be taken into account.

First of all, it is crucial to make sure the developers associated with the service provider have a wide range of customers from various niches of industries. This will imply that the service provider has a wide range of experience. It is because the more experience the software developers will have across a wide range of businesses, the better will be their probability of providing higher quality services.

In this respect, it is important to guarantee that the company has the experience of using various types of technologies. It is definitely better to opt for the firms that have the experience of creating projects in Java, .Net, PHP, C++ for different platforms like web, iPhone, and desktops. In case someone is willing to opt for an organization that will be able to take up the responsibility of an application development, the customer should not opt for firms who have experience on solely that particular technology. Always, companies with a wide range of experience across various platforms or technologies should get preference.

Never opt for big or expensive names. These big names may have a pool of highly talented or experienced developers and technicians, but there is no assurance that your project will reach their desks. It may well be that your requirements will be taken care of by developers who are less talented and even fresher. These big shots will charge exorbitant amounts more because of their reputation and value of their brand name than the quality of work they will deliver. Frankly speaking, at the end of the day it may drill a deep hole in your purse while you do not get what you pay for.

It is better to invest money for companies that mainly use offshore labor. This means, these companies do not rely solely on experts and developers from the developed countries. When that happens, the cost automatically shoots up because of the high labor cost these countries charge. It is better to opt for companies that hire labors from the developing, yet technologically sound countries which charge much lower labor cost.

Companies that deliver quality service will not deliver the entire project once and for all. They will, instead, prefer small and frequent releases in installments. This makes your understanding easier and it can be made surely that the product that is being delivered is entirely glitch free. Besides, it also makes deployment much easier.

Do not opt for companies that have just a few developers. Solid teams that will be delivering the project in time are ideal as that will help in controlling the costs. Experts are of the belief that one should vouch for companies which are home to at least 3 to 4 times more technicians and developers than what is needed to complete the project on time.

A quality software developing firm must have an online tool that will help track and trace the progress of the development. The tool should come in handy when taking care of bugs or features, and will also help in keeping a track of the developers’ working hours or daily notes that is left on an hourly or day to day basis. The company should also make every document available online, including the agreements and the terms & conditions thereof, various invoices, payment details etc.

When it comes to agreements, firms that give the ownership are preferable. The company needs to hand over the resulting source codes and other inventions that come up out of the development.

When you are offering the responsibility of software development to a firm, you better put more emphasis on quality instead of price for it is quality that will make the difference at the end of the day. Again, when you are focusing on quality, all the factors will have to be taken into account to make sure that the software developing company is competent enough to provide you the quality service that you are eyeing for.

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Web Components for Web Development – Is It Known or Still Foreign to Most?

Developers frequently explore options to optimize the internet application’s look, feel and performance. The innovative technologies like web components make these easier for them to add a higher level of interactivity and visual richness to the websites and recyclable widgets by using multiple components. Thus, the term web content can be defined as a collection of components used widely for website development including images, bitmap, JavaScript or PHP.

hire offshore developersIn addition to allowing developers to bundle styles and markups into custom HTML elements, the web components further facilitate encapsulation of HTML and CSS to avail enhanced code security. So the web components are used widely by modern internet developers to build websites and recyclable widgets with the help of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. If you are not familiar with web components, it is a good idea to understand some of these commonly used web components.

Five Essential Elements of the Web Components

1) Templates
Similar to other software development projects, website development also needs a solid blueprint. The web components provide the blueprint for a project through the tag. The tag enables programmers to store specific markup on the page that can be reused and cloned subsequently. The developers familiar with handlebars, moustaches and similar libraries can understand and use the tag immediately. As the markup inside a template are not recognized by web browsers, it becomes easier to include non-executable tags for images, videos and audio having external sources.

2) Decorators
Unlike other web components, decorators are yet to have a specification. The decorator components can, however, be used in a number of ways. Normally, decorators complement the rich visual and behavioral changes by applying templates. In addition to overriding and enhancing the way existing elements are presented, the programmers also have option to use CSS to customize the decorators. Thus, each user can define his own decorator simply by using a markup and a scripting language.

3) Custom Elements
The custom elements can be defined as advanced DOM elements that can be defined by programmers. However, the custom elements, unlike decorators, are both ephemeral and stateless. So the programmers can use custom elements to encapsulate state, along with providing script interfaces. However, each author must understand some of the important differences between custom elements and decorators. A custom element can be defined through the < element > tag.

4) Shadow DOM
Most web developers use iframes to ensure that the user experience is not affected negatively due to HTML and CSS. Despite being useful, iframes cannot be used for building complex and large internet applications. As an innovative web component, Shadow DOM enables programmers to avail the features and advantages of iframes including style and markup encapsulation. The developers can further use Shadow DOM to strictly control the interaction between content and styles. The programmers can crate Shadow DOM simply by selecting an element, and then invoking its createShadowRoot method. The action will return a document fragment that can be filled with desired content.

5) Imports
Both custom elements and decorators can also be loaded from external sources. The < link > tag is used to define if the custom element or decorator will be loaded from external sources, along with the URL of the external file. The user agent can further interpret the decorators and custom elements. But the import property of the < link > tag will help the scrip in accessing the DOM. Further, programmers are required to use the CORs attribute to describe if the definitions are designed to run across multiple websites and internet applications.

The programmers can use web components to easily optimize the application’s look, feel, performance and security. The JavaScript component will help them in improving the website’s appearance, whereas other components will enable the application to interact with server smoothly. At the same time, the programmers can use plug in components to provide comprehensive security to the application by blocking unwanted traffic.

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The 5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013

Most developers use PHP frameworks to build robust web applications without putting extra time and effort. Each framework also comes with a set of classes and functions to help programmers in writing code in a quicker and structured way. Also, the PHP frameworks make it easier to implement specific design patterns. For instance, a programmer can use the Model-View-Control (MVC) architecture to separate the database-talking-code from the code related to the look and feel of the application.

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As a developer has option to choose from a variety of frameworks, he often chooses the one that complements the specific requirements of the project. It is also important for a programmer to evaluate the pros and cons of each framework to take the best decision. However, each web application developer can avail some additional advantages by switching to some of the most popular PHP frameworks. So programmers must keep track of the most relevant PHP frameworks.

5 Most Relevant PHP Frameworks in 2013

Symfony: As free software, Symfony is popular among web developers across the world to build and maintain robust internet applications at a rapid pace. The framework is further effective in replacing the repetitive coding tasks with speed, flexibility and reusable components. Along with supporting the MVC system, Symfony also comes with a set of PHP code classes. A programmer also has option to use specific software building blocks like forms management, translation management and dependency injector.

Yii: The component based PHP framework is designed with the features and tools required to build web 2.0 applications. The combination of powerful caching system and features to work seamlessly with AJAX enables developers to build the application at a rapid pace. At the same time, Yii also enable programmers to use the MVC pattern to separate presentation and business logic. The framework also makes it easier for programmers to optimize the security of the website by availing features like output filtering, input validation, SQL injection and option to prevent cross-site scripting.

CakePHP: As an open source web application development framework, CakePHP is designed based on some of the widely used software design patterns and software engineering concepts. The framework is further written in PHP, and supports MVC architecture. CakePHP further makes it easier for programmers to set up the database, and start developing the website without using any complex XML or YAML files. Also, a programmer can avoid writing longer lines of code by availing features like database access, caching, translation, authentication and validation.

Laravel: Laravel is hugely popular among PHP developers as a classy and clean framework that does not require spaghetti coding. In addition to supporting a variety of databases including SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and Postgres, the framework also allows programmers to create templates using the Blade templating engine. As Laravel is developed based on key Symfony components, it provides a solid foundation to the website through code that is reliable and well-tested. It is also powered by a composer that allows seamless integration of third-party applications into a website.

Zend: PHP programmers across the world use Zend as a PHP-based and object oriented web application development framework. The framework also has many open source contributors who are passionate about making coding easier. The framework is popular due to its effectiveness in building high-traffic websites and business-critical web applications at a rapid pace. It also allows users to secure the application by using a set of cryptographic and secure coding tools. At the same time, the programmers have option to adapt Zend according to the specific needs of the project, along with integrating seamlessly with other applications and frameworks.

The PHP frameworks are further being upgraded at regular intervals. The latest version of the framework also comes with a set of innovative tools and features to complement the current trends in php application development. So businesses must monitor the fluctuations in the popularity of these frameworks among PHP developers, because of the updates happening in the frameworks and choose one for their needs after precise validation and matching against their needs.

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