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Java Versions – Features & Enhancements

As a hugely popular programming language, Java does not require any introduction. The programming language is object-oriented, concurrent and class-based. Java is also designed specifically to minimal implementation dependencies. The programmers can write the Java code once, and run it on multiple platforms without recompilation. However, the programming language is being updated at frequent intervals with additional classes and new features. So while learning Java, the programmers must be familiar with the history of Java versions. Continue reading Java Versions – Features & Enhancements

Hibernate in Java – What Should Developers Know?

As the name suggests, Hibernate Object-Relational Mapping or ORM is an object-relational mapping library that is used in Java. The library provides a framework that helps in mapping object-oriented models of domains. The main objective of Hibernate is to solve the object-oriented impedance issues through the process of replacing the direct persistence-related accesses of database with functions that are involved in high-end object handling.

The primary feature that Hibernate comes up with is a unique mapping ability from various classes that are used in Java to the database tables and the same from Java data types to the SQL data types. The library also provides a string of retrieval facilities as well as a high end data query that facilitates handling the backend features. It also generates SQL calls, while making the lives of the developers easier, by automating set handling as well as object conversion. Besides, applications that use Hibernate also support SQL database with hardly any performance overhead.

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Java Application Development For e-Commerce – A Good Option

An elegant looking well designed site is surely the mainstay of any online marketing business. If properly created, designed, and maintained, a website can very much turn into a digital storefront and a platform which can be used by customers as well as clients when it comes to directly communicating with each other.

Expert Java developerMore so, when we speak about development of eCommerce online shopping solutions, Java web application is the best. It has become an extremely popular fad as it makes this new type of shopping much easier, hassle-free as well as much quicker. You will find a lot of highly popular internet based shopping sites and all these platforms are astoundingly easy-to-use, functional, and at the same time, very much scalable irrespective of any environment. All these qualities make these sites so much popular to people of any age group. This popularity can very well be attributed to the most critical as well as essential parts played by Java App Development (JAD).

In fact, JAD is surely one of the most recent technologies that have entered the virtual world. This language is specifically designed to bring an altogether new as well as fresh perspective to the concept of online shopping. It is highly secure, flexible, accessible, usable, as well as portable. All these qualities have highly influenced the world of internet in more than a way, including giving the concept of online shopping a significant shot in its arms.

Thanks to JAD, a string of big transactions, involving even exorbitant amounts of money are now possible online. It also helps the online shopping sites to become strong, attractive, efficient and at the same time, competitive to survive the cut throat competition prevailing in the market.

The most significant feature of Java Application is that it gives the users the option of making online payment in an absolutely safe as well as secured way. The payment gateways are user-friendly and are encrypted in such a way that they are able to keep issues of forgery or unauthorized access to customer accounts at distant bay. This naturally boosts the confidence of the users by many folds. In fact, such has been the efficacy of Java that it has become a buzzword in the world of online transactions as well as eCommerce much due to its salient features and unique capabilities.

Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine or JVM, Java apps now have a remarkable and a prominent presence on the servers as well as on the client side, as it is installed in the most of the browsers by default. As it does not depend upon the platform that is being used, it is possible to run Java apps irrespective of the place and time. That means the users can go for internet based shopping from anywhere in the world, any time.

The mainstay of Java apps is its portability. The popularity that development of Java apps enjoys all over the world is due to the fact that it is basically a language that is highly object-oriented. This makes sure that the programmers have the option of creating its various modules, which can be used repeatedly. This in turn saves a lot of money along with time. Naturally, this is only increasing the importance of Java developers with every passing day.

Plenty of developers are being hired by various software developing companies all over the world in order to live up to the expectations of the clients and today, Java app development is indeed one of the most promising, lucrative and major options for aspiring software developers. This also indirectly helps in the creation of employment all over the world.

Through JAD or Java Apps Development, it is possible to explain strong and robust security, much due to the interpreter and the compiler that the language comes up with. These applications play a pivotal role in influencing businessmen; thereby using internet based shopping cart portals that come up with secured online payments along with transaction modes.

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Top 4 Challenges while creating Distributed Java Applications

Java is undoubtedly one of the most important programming languages used by the web and software application developers all over. Its primary advantage is that the language can be deployed on any hardware platform without the slightest need to modify the code. A compilation of code at the bit level resulting in a compilation of the Java code into a binary life makes it executable on all platforms. As java is a suitable platform, it is deployed over a distributed environment, where systems with different hardware configurations as well as platforms are located over the network.

Java development servicesAs a mainstream programming language, it is of immense use for software development. However, the necessity of deploying it in a distributed environment causes certain difficulties that lead to several challenges. Most importantly, the distributed environment makes it troublesome to identify the issue- causing node due to the presence of large numbers of terminals.

Recognizing these problems and grasping them in details is difficult even for the expert developers. Let us take a brief look into the main challenges in distributed Java applications:

  • Degrading Performance- A lot of performance issues arises for applications written in any language. Conventional languages such as C with a stand-alone or server application involve performance issues such as de-allocation of memory, poor use of system APIs as well as improper allocation. These are certainly not the characteristics of the Java language. For instance, the task of relating the code to the way the JVM manages memory is not only difficult but also prone to errors. These performance issues show up in various ways in areas other than the main problem zone. Locating the performance bottlenecks is a challenge too, in distributed application development.
  • Lowering Reliability- The distributed enterprise Java applications are necessitated to work perfectly at all times. So, the developers should be in a position to determine the reliability of the applications accurately. When it comes to the distributed applications, assessing the reliability quotient is all the more difficult for even the interacting components need to be analyzed. While this programming language facilitates writing highly threaded applications that are suited in a distributed environment, chances of resource contention or deadlock related issues are much higher.
  • Difficulty in Testing- Testing problems are rather common when it comes to Java applications. They are required to be tested thoroughly by the developers, who must also be aware of the extent of the test coverage prior to certifying an application. However, the distributed software systems written in Java are extremely difficult to be tested and debugged. All the components must be tested individually as well as simultaneously because each of the components resides on different computers and should work in harmony for the application to work properly.
  • Difficulties in Memory Management- JVMs perform the entire memory management tasks for applications. Hence, it becomes extremely difficult to understand the memory usage of the underlying platform as well as influence memory allocation to affect performance. Conducting an analysis of the usage of the underlying memory is an essential way of building efficient applications that are effective. However, in case of the distributed Java applications, the developers have no easy way of understanding the relationship between the code and the underlying memory use.

Using Software Tools to Solve Issues
The above- mentioned challenges in deploying this programming langusge in distributed applications can be encountered to certain extent by means of the integrated development environments for Java and the tools such as the Compuware or the DevPartner for Java suite. The integrated Java application development environments are suitable for combining visual development, context-sensitive editing, runtime debugging and JIT compilation. The tools, on the other hand, are more useful as, they help in evaluating performance issues; analyze memory usage and threads apart from tracking the testing progress.

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Top Pros and Cons of Java development Platform

No one can deny the contribution of Java toward transforming the web. With thousands of websites and web application running on Java platform, it has remained popular over many years. But the popularity of Java is impacted by the emergence of new web application development platforms and tools. Despite offering loads of advantages, the platform also suffers from several limitations. But a developer still has several options to reap the rich features and benefits of the language by overcoming the lacunas.

According to a report related to annual largest Java developer conference posted on Ixonos.com, “Despite challenges Java still has a strong position as an enterprise software development platform. It has potential to grow as a viable ecosystem and technical platform also in the future. Oracle has been taking decisive steps to move the platform forward. But it’s not just Oracle’s Java: a lot of organizations and individuals have invested in the platform more collaboratively than before.

Certified java developerAs a new generation developer has options to choose from several application development frameworks, he can easily evaluate the pros and cons of each platform. It is also important to choose a development platform that completely complements the nature and requirements of the project. So a programmer can always compare the pros and cons of Java as a development platform to take the right decision.

Advantages of Java as a Development Platform

Open Source: Unlike other web application development platforms, Java is open source and free. So a company can easily use the technology without paying any licensing fees. With companies frequently exploring option to reduce project costs, Java has been popular among them for a long time. Also, many companies will continue to use Java as they have already invested in the technology.

Cross Browser Compatible: Developers often decide a web application development platform by keeping in mind the latest trends in technologies. Many companies opt for cross platform technologies to easily target users regardless of their choice of operating system and web browser. As a cross platform technology Java uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to translate the original code into byte codes, and then compile it to machine level languages based on the operating system. The feature makes it easier for programmers to build application to target major operating systems and browsers.

Easy to Develop Complex Applications: The frequent changes in user demands have made it essential for companies to launch applications that are both dynamic and powerful. Also, each application has to be complex to meet the varying needs of individual users. As an object oriented language, Java allows users to build complex applications without putting any extra time and effort. The stack and array classes help them in building rapid prototypes, whereas the garbage collection enable programmers to avoid using any interpreters. The features further make it easier to develop complex application without writing lengthy code.

Easy to Learn: The programmers familiar with any C based language can easily learn the Java syntax. Also, the beginners can learn Java from the scratch within a very short span of time. The large and standard class library provided by the platform is also well written. So a programmer can always refer to the documentation to use the Java class libraries.

Option to Reuse Code and Third-Party Libraries: Each developer wants to build a powerful application without writing longer lines of code. As Java web development is widely used by programmers across the world, one can easily access a large collection of code and third-party libraries. Further, the comprehensive documentation available on the web will help programmers in understanding how to use IDEs. Also, a developer can choose from several IDEs to meet the application’s specific requirements.

Limitation of Java as a Development Platform

Support for Limited Programming Languages: As a development platform, Java supports additional programming languages like JRuby and Groovy. But the platform does not users to avail the advantages of these languages to build innovative services. Most developers still use the programming language support extended by Java to create conventional services. Despite allowing developers to invent new programming languages, the underlying platform makes it difficult for them to implement the new language features.

Pre-Ajax User Interfaces: The use of AJAX has transformed the way web applications were being developed. But most Java frameworks are not designed with full AJAX support. For example, commonly used frameworks like JavaDX, Swing and JSF are not the best option to build AJAX user interfaces. So developers look for more innovative and advanced frameworks that allow them to seamlessly incorporate AJAX in the applications.

Complex Frameworks: A number of web application development platforms have made programming simpler and faster. Many developers are using tools like WaveMaker and Microsoft Lightswitch to easily develop enterprise applications. Also, as Java is based on C++, many programmers consider it to be too complex to build enterprise business applications.

Many developers are waiting for the commercial release of Java 8 to avail a number of advantages like lambda functions. The existing features and functionalities provided by Java as a development platform are considered old-fashioned by many programmers. So Oracle has to release Java 8 with more innovative features to make it popular among the new generation of web application developers.

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