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Django – The web framework for perfectionists

Django a web framework for modern web developers: In the era of web applications, it will be unfair if we don’t discuss about an powerful web development tool of the industry. We are talking about Django!! Last week, one of my friends asked me about Python programming. I told him that, Python is a super powerful language just like Java or in some cases it is better than Java. Moreover, if we compare the inbuilt functions, modules etc then Python is simply unbeatable. Python developers can deveop any complex and huge project with much better efficiency and accuracy that any other language. That time, we discussed about Django which is a Python web framework. Though Python can be used to develop any type of applications starting from web apps, Desktop apps, Mobile Apps etc but, Django is dedicated to web apps only and fortunately it performs outstanding for its cause. Continue reading Django – The web framework for perfectionists

Why is Python gaining popularity among programmers?

Python, the high level interpreted programming language is also noted for its strength in server side scripting. This object-oriented dynamic language is often compared with Microsoft’s .NET and Java based languages and pitted as similar to these two. It can be used for software development of various types. It lends excellent support to integrate with other technologies, showing high productivity all through its development life cycle. This open source language is growing at a rapid pace. The pseudo code and Python code resemble each other. Even multi programmer development teams find the language quite readable- all thanks to the syntax rules as well as elegant design.

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The interactive as well as portable language can be easily learned. It offers a number of benefits including dynamic semantics as well as rapid prototyping capabilities which have resulted in the language gaining popularity very rapidly. Some of the notable features which have resulted in the popularity are given here.

Straightforward support- Python has a great community which provides good support to the users. Since the code can be accessed freely by anyone and everyone, millions of developers all across the globe function hard to locate bugs so that they can be fixed accordingly. This results in fresh enhancements being added to it.

Integration- Python is multi-functional- it helps in easy development of web services, direct calling from and to C++, C or Java codes, providing of powerful capabilities for process control, invoking of CORBA or COM components, easy implementation of all internet protocols along with embedding of processes XML, data formats as well as other mark up languages as scripting language. The same byte code can be run on every modern operating system.

Readability- Python’s syntax is clear and easily readable. Its organization makes it imperative for programmers to maintain some order. The code can be easily understood by both experts as well as beginners, which makes it easy to become productive very rapidly. The development as well as prototyping any program is easy. The cross platform portability also makes it easy to simply code one time and then deploy it to several environments. In fact, there are lesser dialects in this language than most other popular languages like Perl.

Quick coding- Several tasks that normally have to be taken by other languages can be skipped here. Eventually the program maintenance is low in cost. The code can even be quickly adapted. Python is often known as ready-to-run language in which the simple code can be easily played with and tested.

Object-oriented- Generally scripting and programming languages have varied object-orientation support. But all the aspects of this language are designed as object-oriented. The programming process may be started by using non-OO structures. This programming is simple as well as beneficial for all.

Portability- Python runs across a variety of systems. Not only that, the interface is quite similar on various platforms. The language design is not specifically attached to some particular operating system. Thus Python program can be written easily on a particular operating system, tested on some other system and uploaded just as easily to another system.

Reusability- Program can be reused since the modules and packages are implemented carefully. There is a gigantic set of modules innovated and offered as Standard Library that forms a major part of the distribution of Python. The functionality can be shared simply between various programs through breaking up into several modules to reuse them as parts of other particular programs.

There are several programming languages available these days. Some popular languages are Java and C. However, the process of writing, testing, compiling as well as recompiling in them can be extremely slow and laboriously complicated. Python is fun to use, easily learnable and has enough power to handle even the most complicated tasks. So when the programmers find it hard to choose between the several options, most of them opt for Python. It has become a useful companion for many which accounts for its rising popularity.

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