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Choosing the Right Mobile Development Company – Few Measures

There are a lot of companies in the market that regularly come up with mobile apps on a regular basis. All of these companies will very naturally claim to be the best in the business. While on one hand, this may provide a lot of options to choose from, on the other, this may leave a you confused and you may end up choosing one that is either too much expensive for you or falls short of your requirements. However, when it comes to choosing one from amongst them, it is imperative to follow a certain process to make sure that the investment is justified and you have got exactly what is required, and that also at a reasonable price at the end of the day. Let us discuss the procedure of choosing the right mobile development company.

mobile developmentThe first and foremost thing that you need to look into is the development fee that the business will charge. In fact, cost is the basic parameter to eliminate businesses and narrow down the search. However, this does not imply that the business organizations, which will charge lesser price, will do a better job. The bottom line is that it is important to opt for a company that charges reasonable fees and get the job done by experienced developers.

It is important to ask for references from them. A handful of references will help in consulting with the past and present customers of the development house, to get an idea about the service they provide. It also provides an idea regarding the competence of the developers of the business organization in question.

The next thing that is required to be looked into is the venue where the company carries out its developmental work. There are a number of businesses that use overseas developers for reduction of development cost. This at times is associated with a substantial amount of risk as these foreign developers often run way behind the schedule. To add to the woes, there are communication issues due to time difference, language problem, and other reasons. Quality also at times takes a back seat in case developments are outsourced.

Find out the platforms that the company has specialized. There are few businesses, which are better while dealing with iPhones. Some others are more competent with Android.

Opt for the ones that help in deployment of apps. A company might be outstanding in developing the best app, but it will be of no use to you if you do not have access to it. Hence, looking for a developing company that helps in deployment of app is most crucial.

Bank on experience. Do not put your money on newcomers, especially when dealing with a huge project involving a huge amount. It is crucial to opt for a development house that has a substantial amount of experience in similar kind of projects. Access their portfolio to have an idea about the extent of experience they have, when it comes to development of similar kinds of apps.

Opt for a company you can build a sound relationship with. Development of mobile app is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Apps generally undergo multiple evolutions, evaluations, as well as cycles that constantly depend upon the feedback of clients. Hence, opt for developing companies that will be easily accessible and will stick with you all along the product life cycle and will not become inaccessible, once they are through with the development and hosting of the app.

Do not get lured too much by price. It is best not to opt for the ones who provide you cheap services. On the other hand, it’s not that those who that charge exorbitant fees need to be summarily avoided. It should be the quality of service and experience that should be the determining factors.

If you are not too much confident about your own judgment prowess, it is safer to consult a specialist, who will be able to guide through the entire process of selecting the right mobile developing company.

You can hire developer from top mobile app development India companies who can guide you in detail about the benefits of both approaches.

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Does Your Business need a Mobile App?

A number of recent reports have highlighted how mobile apps will reshape the future of businesses in the upcoming years. The steady increase in the sale of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices also indicate the necessity of mobile applications for enterprises. However, a business has to consider many factors before developing a mobile application. Also, it has option to consider several alternatives including mobile websites. Therefore, it has become essential for each enterprise to decide if it is time to invest in mobile app development.

5 Reasons Why Each Business Requires a Mobile App

1) Reach and Engage Most Relevant Customers
certified mobile app developersYou may be finding it a daunting challenge to promote your products or services by targeting the most relevant audience. The mobile apps make it easier for you to reach the most relevant customer in real time. At the same time, the application will also enable you to keep the customers engaged by accessing their location and detailed profile information. Along with promoting your business, you can further encourage the app users to purchase your products by offering coupons, interactive deals and similar incentives. With most users downloading business applications, it becomes easier for you to attract and engage the most relevant customers and prospects.

2) Serve Mobile Ads
Many reports have highlighted how mobile ads are more effective that other conventional and digital advertising techniques. Often businesses have to incur additional expenses to server mobile ads through publishers and marketing companies. The enterprise mobile app will make it easier for you to serve mobile ads by targeting the most relevant users, while avoiding additional expenses. Along with giving coupons and discounts, you can also easily send location-based push notifications. The innovative advertising methods will further keep your customers interested and engaged.

3) Add Value to Your Customer Service
Often the quality of customer service and support helps a business to retain customers. The business mobile app will make it easier for you to deliver prompt customer service, while adding value to your existing customer care services. Many customers, nowadays, gather information about a product or service directly using their smartphones and tablets. Similarly, many people even buy goods using their mobile devices to save both time and effort. So you can always build a base of happy customers by providing smart and quick customer service through the application.

4) Allow Customers to Shop on the Go
Each customer wants to buy the best product at his own pace and convenience. Along with gather information about a specific product or service, many people, nowadays, prefer shopping through mobile apps. So you can always use your enterprise application as a mobile store that enables users to browse through the products and shop on the go. Many reports have highlighted the growing popularity of mobile shopping options among customers residing in different regions. So you can beat competition through the application by providing smart and flexible shopping options to customers.

5) Avoid Losing Customers
Despite the growing popularity of digital and mobile shopping, many people still prefer shopping at local stores. As the customers will not gather address and contact numbers by visiting your business website, it is important to allow them to access the information in an instant. The application enables you to let customers access your contact information without initiating a web search. Further, the app can use the GPS tracking feature of their mobile devices, and enable customers to find your business without any hassle. The combination of mobile advertisement and option to target all types of customers will help you in building a base of regular customers.

Each business can further choose from a number of mobile application development options. In addition to developing the enterprise app by deploying its in-house team of developers, it can also consider hiring a freelance mobile app developer or outsourcing the project. Many enterprises prefer outsourcing the project to a reliable company to develop, launch and promote their mobile applications without investing any extra time and effort.

You can hire certified mobile app developers from top mobile app development companies in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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7 Beautiful Mobile UI’s for Your Prototyping Needs

The rapid advancement in communication technologies has made mobile devices an inseparable part of modern lifestyle. But the rapid technological developments and frequently changing user choices have made it a daunting challenge for enterprises to launch applications that will become popular within a very short span of time. Along with exploring fresh and innovative mobile application development ideas, it has also become essential for a business to evaluate its prototyping needs.

Before investing in a project, the developers must create mockups to check and optimize the interaction between end users and their designs. A proper mobile prototyping strategy can further contribute towards both time and resources. The developers also have options to pick from a large collection of Mobile user interfaces (UIs) based on specific mobile operating systems and their prototyping needs. Some of these UIs further make it easier for programmers to avail the advantages of the latest technologies like HTML5 and Cloud computing.

7 Widely Used Mobile Devices Prototyping Uis

1) Prototyping on Paper (POP)
Many developers still prefer UI sketches on paper. The simple yet powerful application for iOS enables such programmers to capture the UI sketches using their iPhone cameras, and add touch links to the captured sketches in an instant. Further, the sketched prototype can be published within the app, while receiving feedback from others. The free app also makes it easier for designers to avoid complexities by adopting a lean UI process.


2) Solidify
You can use Solidify to create clickable prototypes from your wireframe, sketches or mockup. The tool further enables you to carry out user tests in person to validate user flows on specific mobile devices. Also, you have options to carry out the test remotely, and receive the required feedback from testers. Along with conducting a variety of user tests, the tool further complements your prototyping needs by validating interactions and providing unbiased results.


3) InVision
The prototyping and collaboration application is designed to meet the prototyping needs of a distributed team. InVision comes with a set of tools required to share a single mockup in an instant, or to demonstrate a complex mobile app. The tools further make it easier for you to connect your digital wireframes, UX sketches and high-fidelity designs, in addition to sharing the details with you team. At the same time, you can use these features to create and make presentations.


4) Proto
It is one of the most advanced prototyping tools that support animation. So you can use the tool to optimize your designs, mockups or wireframes by incorporating touch events, animations and rich media. At the same time, the prototype can also be tested thoroughly by simulating exact user behaviors by rotating, tapping or swiping the app. Also, you have option to share the prototype easily with other members of your team, and receive their feedback.


5) AppCooker
The paid tool can be used by developers to create mockups, while making their applications ready for Apple App Store. Along with integrating with Box.net and DropBox, you can further import icons and user interface assets directly into the prototyping tool. Further, the tool enables you to access the complete collection of default Apple UI controls. However, the tool is currently available only for iPad. You have to use its companion app called AppTaster that is designed for iPhone and iPod touch.


6) FluidUI
Despite being designed as a multi-platform web app, FluidUI is still simple and easy-to-use. You can use the prototyping tool to rapidly design, develop, test and share mobile user interfaces. It also comes with the tools and elements required to develop applications for popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phones. Also, you have option to use the Google Chrome version of the tool to avail these features offline.


7) MakeAppIcon
Many reports have highlighted how the popularity of an app can be impacted by its icon. Along with designing a high resolution icon, you also need to ensure that it complements the specific requirements of the mobile device. As a web script, MakeAppIcon enables you to optimize an icon with the maximum resolution of 1024×1024 according to Apple’s guidelines related to retina and similar features of the devices. Despite being simple and easy-to-use, MakeAppIcon is still effective in saving the amount of time required to resize the icon manually according to Apple’s specific requirements.


In addition to the mobile UIs, the developers also have option to use a wide variety of templates and tools. They can further explore options to use a single mobile user interface technology that works seamlessly across multiple mobile platforms and devices.

You can hire programmers from top mobile app development companies in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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10 Things You can Do to Let People Know about Your New Mobile App

If you have developed a new mobile application, it is obvious for you to expect numbers of downloads per day. Unfortunately, such is not the case always and a lack of marketing and promotion of the applications is one of the major reasons behind their unpopularity in the long run. Now, it is for this reason that marketing an application in the proper way is as necessary as creating it in the desirable manner. So, what are the ways that you can market an app and most essentially, create it in a way that automatically draws the attention of the users? Here is a list of them:

1. Go for App Store Listing and App Store Optimization

Mobile app development IndiaThe application stores work well in driving downloads of a variety of apps. Optimizing the application requires you to follow three steps. First, you need to understand the particular keywords as well as the amount of competition that each of them has. This should be followed by the creation of a professional logo, screen shots, effective descriptions along with keyword rich titles to enable the application grab the instant attention of the people. Lastly, allow it to be as engaging as possible. Getting good reviews for the same is also an essential part of app store optimization that ultimately leads to an effective marketing of the same.

2. Articulate a Story

The story behind any application or product is of particular interest for the people. Emphasize upon telling a story and this will help the prospective users to get involved in a greater way. For the gaming based ones, the background story is extremely important while for the non- gaming ones, delineating the reasons behind their creation can be an effective way of marketing the same.

3. Using the QR Codes

When you are creating mobile apps, it is obvious that your target audience would be the Smartphone generation. Consequently, the QR codes come up as one of the best as well as the most recognized means of advertising. The codes can be added to the websites, business cards, brochures, storefront window and so on.

4. Choose the Right Timing

The time of the launching of the app is very crucial. To let the application get the maximum exposure, you should launch it at a time when there is high possibility of a momentum getting started. Synchronizing the PR, banners and blog posts is important in this regard.

5. Social Sharing from the Application Itself

Any application will include features that the users would like to use as well as share with the people they know. Enable those features that allow the users to share content, play games and so on. Social sharing is bound to affect the number of downloads of the application.

6. Build a Website for the Apps

A website for the app is like a home for the same and the advantage is that you can explain so many things about it in the page without the necessity of getting restricted to the specified description or marketing page. While the website you create should be unique and with a desirable landing page, site promotion techniques like SEO, link exchanges and so on can be facilitated to lead to a higher exposure.

7. Go for Efficient Public Relations Management

Effective PR is necessary not just with respect to the marketing of the applications but in every field. Enlisting the assistance of a public relation professional can be of real help. A press release can be drafted and it should include all the essential information about the app. Also consider sending emails to the blog owners.

8. Go for Premium Apps

The reason why most applications in the app store is free is that these are easier enough to be promoted. Eventually, the paid apps are never found to have a good ranking in the app store. Making the application free to download allows it to be more competitive in search and attract higher number of downloads.

9. Consider Mobile Advertising

Mobile apps can be advertised by means of PPC campaigns too and for this, you need to put the ads on the mobile devices. Even Google allows target users to see mobile ads while they are searching from their mobile devices.

10. Hire the Assistance of the Mobile App Marketing Agencies

There are various recognized mobile app marketing agencies accessible out there to help you gain the desired exposure for your application. You can certainly consider hiring their services for the best results.

Following the above- mentioned tips for marketing the mobile applications goes a long way in promoting the app among the target market and beyond in the best- possible way while also justifying the efforts put into the creation of the same. While speaking to top mobile app development companies, it does not hurt to have a vendor who is aware of app-marketing as well.

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13 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

Constant changes in technologies and user choices have made it essential for enterprises to develop and launch new mobile apps as early as possible. So developers often wants to develop apps that can run one multiple mobile operating systems without learning any new technology. As a multiple phone web-based application framework, Appcelerator Titanium Mobile enables programmers to build native apps for both iPhone and Android by applying their existing skills.

Titanium mobile app development

In addition to creating a variety of mobile apps, the framework further enables programmers to build desktop application to target major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. However, each developer has to understand the Titanium API in detail to start developing the applications without acquiring any new skills. The programmer can further use several Titanium mobile applications to improve user experience without putting any extra time and effort.

13 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

1. Swipe-able: The Photo Gallery iOS template is developed using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. Along with swiping the photo galleried, Swipe-able further allows used to add their own photos, graphics and functionality.

2. Titanium Music Player: Mobile app developers frequently explore options to build musical applications rapidly. The Titanium Music Player comes with several features that make it easier for developers to build musical mobile apps without putting any extra time. The features also allow users to playback their music files without any hassle.

3. Simple iPhone: As the name indicates, Simple iPhone is an iOS template that is built using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. The app comes with a set of features and functionality to complement the requirements of designer portfolios, and mobile or web application development projects.

4. Track Sports: The title of the Titanium mobile application clearly indicates its users. Track Sports is designed for the users who use their mobile devices to keep track of their favorite sports events. The app makes it easier for users to check the latest status of the game in a flexible way, when they are away from computers and TV sets.

5. Simple iPad App: Similar to Simple iPhone, the Simple iPad App is also designed using the using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. As an iOS template, the Titanium app makes it easier for users to create a variety of mobile and web applications, along with designer portfolios.

6. University: The app is developed on Appcelerator Titanium platform. It also comes with a set of innovative and extended features that make it more than an iOS template. However, the app is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of various educational institutions and universities. It also offers several modules to build apps for educational institutions at a rapid pace.

7. Universal: Most programmers often look for innovative ways to make an app compatible with both iPad and iPhone. The Titanium template makes it easier for programmers to build universal applications within a short time span. They can further create an application that runs seamlessly on both iPhone and iPad.

8. To-Do App: Despite being simple and easy-to-use, To-Do app offers several features to easily develop simple task list solutions. The mobile application is also developed based on SQLite, and help users in organizing their pending tasks.

9. Glass Photo Gallery: The Titanium mobile app is designed as a refined photo gallery. In addition to the local and remote images, it also allows user to access and sort the retina images.

10. Nice Slider Menu: The app enables users to easily create a variety of menus. The menus can also be customized according to each user’s choice. It also comes with features like script customizable, PSD with image examples, and create menu with or without tab.

11. Youtube App: The growing popularity of mobile video apps has encouraged many programmers to build such apps. The Youtube app is designed with features to make help developers in creating cross platform Youtube API for several mobile video apps. Also, it allows users to access Youtube standard feed and main categories.

12. Titanium: The Titanium mobile app is designed as an easy-to-configure template. A user can set up the template by using an array of images, and writing only 5 lines of code. The user also gets the setup guide while buying the template.

13. Local Places: The app is developed as a Local places iOS template using the Appcelerator Titanium platform. It can be comes with the standard styling required for elements other than icons. Also, the user has option to add own functionality and graphic.

Titanium mobile app development will become increasingly convenient as programmers start using it to build more and more apps without writing longer lines of code. And it is always advisable to search for APIs to already established apps while working on Titanium projects. Who knows it would just save you valuable time when you realize what you were trying to create is already out there!

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