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Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

Mobile web access is rising at a fast pace; according to latest findings, the revenue generated from mobile apps may exceed $70 billion by 2017. Such potential has prompted companies to give more emphasis towards the development of mobile apps. With this urgency, many software and tools have come to the rescue of the developers. However, since the experience that these developers have is limited, many myths as well as misconceptions have crept up in the development community. Continue reading Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

What to take care of while choosing a mobile development company?

It is high time that all businesses tap into the wonderful potential displayed by the mobile application genre. For that a good mobile development company is needed so that the application developed has great impact on the image of your company and business. An experienced company will make sure that the resultant apps are attractive, eye-catching, engaging as well as memorable. However, this very selection is extremely crucial as the wrong decision will hamper your business in unimaginable ways. So, a few things have to be kept in mind while selecting a mobile development company for your business.

Cross platform application development- One of the most important considerations while launching mobile apps is the launching platform- it is very hard to choose only one. So if you have the option then there is no need to opt for a single one. Developers thus should be able to create applications that are cross platform; all consumers will be able to use a single app on various kinds of mobile devices as well as operating systems. Your business will be able to attract customers from each of the stores or marketplaces.

mobile app development services

Looking at a portfolio of apps- It is best to have a good look at some of their work as that will give you a clear idea of their quality of work. Another thing to notice is the number of downloads; most of the applications should at least have a minimum of 50 downloads. This will ensure that the work done by the company is not just spam.

Reliability along with experience- Experience is one thing that has no substitutes. The best company to choose is one which has lots of experience along with a solid list of satisfied clients. The company can be asked for this list. If you have queries then it is best to ask lots of questions to satiate your curiosity. Just ensure the competency level of the company so that the app created suits your needs perfectly. There should be a look of sophistication to it which can be achieved by experienced professionals only.

Researching the marketplace- To find out the best professionals, the most frequently adopted method is to carry on lots of research. Chalk a list of questions and see if the companies can match up to your criteria or not. To make a short list you can look for recommendations from sources within your network. After making a short list you will be able to clarify the questions.

Budget- This is a very important factor to consider as you will get what you will pay for. Quotes from various companies should be taken so that you can decide which is most suited according to the stipulated budget. However, care must be taken here so that the quality is not compromised for the price.

Optimization- When a company sets out to develop something they have to understand the needs of the business well. Thus the creator should optimally know how this need can be communicated well to the customers of the business. It is an added benefit if the developing company can optimize the product so that all finer points can be highlighted and the business can be promoted well.

Communication- It is an essential part of any business dealing. A thoroughly professional company ensures that the client is always kept updated about the work done as well as the remaining work. This helps in gaining the customer’s confidence. The mobile development team thus should inform you frequently about their processing.

All the research and considerations to be taken may seem to be nothing but hassles. But it will eventually pay in the long run if you can make sure that the investment is a good one. So it is best to choose the company which gives total dedication to the project at hand.

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Developing Mobile Apps – Some Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile apps or application development is the mechanism that is followed to develop application software for various handheld devices like personal as well as enterprise digital assistance devices or mobile phones.

After the induction of iPhones and Smart Phones, tablets and other high tech hand held devices, people are slowly shifting their focus from the conventional ‘bigger’ devices like laptops and desktops to the relatively smaller handheld devices. This understandably has increased the popularity as well as the need of mobile app development by many folds. The process, however, is not that easy. Developers often end up committing several mistakes. These mistakes at times play the role of deterrent in providing enough mobility to an application, which in turn results in marketing disaster.

mobile app development

Improper Planning
This is one of the major loopholes or fallacies that often plague the practice of mobile app development. Without a proper planning nothing works and application development is no different. If and when an app is designed without any substantial planning of the end result, it is likely that the end product will be a worthless one and will hardly be able to serve the very purpose that it is intended for. Hence, before you actually start the development, it is imperative that you plan the entire ‘thing’ in a transparent way so that you do not lose the way midway. Moreover, the product should be such that it will show the users the right way and will fulfill the purpose properly.

Ignoring the apparently trivial thing(s)
Ignoring things that are apparently trivial is another mistake that developers tend to end up committing. Things like login details, interference of graphic as well as animations with the basic website usability are often ignored at the first instance. These apparently trivial issues subsequently snowball into disasters, thereby hindering the very functionality of the apps to a considerable extent. Hence, each and every aspect of the app should be taken into account seriously in order to ensure a flawless development along with ultimate execution. The very purpose of the development should be to ensure that the app that is developed is user-friendly, appealing, as well as adored by the users of every age group and that also for a substantial amount of time.

Refrain from creating a scrolling design
Too much of scrolling will surely deter the users. They do not like scrolling too much nowadays. Hence, you need to make sure than the app does not have much of scrolling designs. The idea behind designing the app should be such that the user is never forced to do anything. They should be able to see things without much of an effort, seamlessly.

Ignoring the Sharing Option
People generally tend to share apps they are using with their friends, colleagues, family members along with other individuals they know. Hence, the apps developers will have to have a substantial amount of sharing option so that things can be shared with others easily. Then again, the option needs to be absolutely user friendly.

Building apps for multiple platforms separately
This is another very common mistake that the developers commit. They tend to build one platform first and then follow it up with other platforms. This doubles the engineering costs and the time taken. Hence, it is better to finalize an application on Android and then have a few iterations and then port to iOS or the other way round. This will also get the MVP or Minimum Viable Product out to the stands at the earliest, besides cutting the costs to almost half.

Not taking the issue of Monetization into account
If someone assumes that as soon as a site is developed clients will just come and start paying, that is a great mistake. There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded free of cost. Hence, one should think how to monetize the app right from the scratch. Some of the common myths regarding monetization that need to be avoided include:

1. Advertisements will support the app
2. A company will acquire the app as soon as it is developed
3. Users will start paying for the app
4. First of all scalability needs to be emphasized – monetization can be taken into account much later.

There are a number of other mistakes that app developers can commit. However, there needs to be a specific planning in order to avoid these blunders.

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What impacts Mobile App download numbers?

According to a statement released by research firm Gartner recently, “Mobile app stores will see annual downloads reach 102 billion in 2013, up from 64 billion in 2012. Total revenue in 2013 will reach USD 26 billion, up from USD 18 billion in 2012.” The statement also predicted a steady growth in the upcoming years, while adding that free mobile apps constituted for 91% of the total application downloads this year. These constantly increasing number of downloads further encourage many enterprises to invest in mobile application development.

mobile app developmentBut with more and more companies venturing into mobile app business, the field has become highly competitive. Each enterprise, nowadays, has to implement a comprehensive mobile application development and promotion strategy to make its apps popular within a very short span of time. At the same time, the strategy also needs to identify the key technologies and market forces that affect the number of mobile app downloads.

Important Factors Affecting Mobile App Download

Performance and Speed of the App
Many reports have highlighted how the mobile app loading time can have a huge impact on the user experience as well as number of downloads. Often users avoid applications that take more time to load, or require them to take a higher number of actions. So the performance, efficiency and speed of the mobile application must be optimized, while making it more focuses to keep the users impressed and engaged.

Options to Get User Feedback
People love to use mobile apps that are more interactive. Most users also appreciate the feedback mechanism provided by applications. At the same time, many mobile users also look for constant consumer-centric improvements in the app. The right feedback mechanism will help you in gathering the user feedback and comments, and implement these suggestions to deliver improved user experience. Further, you must convey information about the updated version of the mobile application to users, and encourage them to download it to avail a set of fresh and innovative features.

Make the App Easy-to-Customize
Each user wants to customize the mobile application according to his personal preference. So you can easily make the application popular by incorporating features that enables users to personalize it by adjusting settings. It is also a good idea to allow users to change the color, font size, font type and privacy settings to add more value to the app, while delivering more personalized user experience.

Use Dedicated App Marketing Channels
Most mobile application stores allow application developers and resellers to promote their apps by availing customized advertisement options. However, you have to choose the marketing channel according to your mobile application. For instance, the iOS apps can be promoted through Apple’s iAD, whereas the Android apps will be promoted through Google’s AdMob. As these dedicated mobile application marketing channels are effective in reaching out to a large base of mobile users, you can use these advertisement options to get more mobile app downloads immediately after its launch.

Make the Application More Searchable
Many users gather information about mobile apps using online search engines. So the landing page of the application must be optimized to appear at the top of major search engine results pages. Similarly, the title, descriptions and feature list of the application also need to be optimized by using the most relevant keyword and phrases. You can always make your app more searchable to increase the number of downloads without relying on the app stores.

Create App Profiles
You can always optimize the exposure of a specific mobile application by creating profiles on directories, review sites and similar online platforms. It is also a good idea to submit the app to popular app reviewers, and request them to post app reviews. The app reviews will further help you in determining the flaws that affect user experience negatively. You can even use the data to increase app downloads by launching its updated version.

Track the App Constantly
The app promotion strategy must be modified and updated regularly to optimize the campaign. You must keep track of the app consistently using a set of tools and services. The constant tracking will make it easier for you to gather key information about the app including the audience, their age group and usage pattern. You can even consider using mobile app analytics to gather detailed information about the performance of your mobile app, along with identifying its flaws and weaknesses.

The number of mobile app downloads is also impacted by the current and upcoming trends in technology and user demand. At the same time, an enterprise also needs to update its app at regular intervals to increase the number of downloads.

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4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Website Feel like a Native App

With more and more users accessing the web on their mobile devices, it has become essential for webmasters to optimize their website for popular mobile devices. Many organizations even launch a distinct mobile version of their website to deliver improved user experience. But may reports have highlighted how mobile users expect an app-like experience while accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets. In comparison to web applications, native apps are faster.

mobile application developmentFurther, the buttons respond to users in an instant, along with rendering the images and animations. So the speed and performance of a mobile website must be optimized to deliver app-like experience. However, the developers also have to incorporate certain features to make the website look and feel like native mobile applications. At the same time, they also need to use innovative technologies like XML and HTML5 to make the website accessible to the user regardless of his choice of mobile web browser.

4 Ways to Provide a Native App-like Feel to Your Mobile Website

1) Include Momentum Scrolling
Most developers find it a daunting challenge to create scrollable container on the mobile site that is both fast and responsive. But the iOS 5+ and Android 3+ make it easier for developers to create an efficient scrollable container using the overflow-scrolling property. As the momentum scrolling feature is native, it will make the mobile website feel like a native app. Also, the property can be enabled simply by adding it to a scrollable container. However, the property needs to be adjusted according to the version of iOS or Android. It also needs to be tested thoroughly to identify and fix performance flaws.

2) Make the Buttons More Responsive
Often the buttons of a mobile website affects app-like experience negatively. Most developers leave the default touch state of buttons and hyperlinks unaltered. It results in the mobile website requiring more time to respond to the initial tap of the user. So the performance of a mobile website can be optimized simply by activating state on mobile devices. The state will further contribute towards the button responding to the visitor tap in an instant, while indicating visually that the some action is being taken. At the same time, the mobile web browser will not put timeout, and ensure that the action is being executed by the user’s initial tap.

3) Use Innovative Hardware-Accelerated Animations
The use of animation also affects the responsiveness of a mobile website. Most native apps are designed with features to take advantage of the device’s hardware graphic acceleration features. But the websites often use JavaScript-based animations that make them slower. The latest mobile web browsers allow developers to use hardware-accelerated CSS3 animations. With the innovative option, developers can easily add animations to deliver an app-like experience. However, it is also important to check the CSS3 animations thoroughly to ensure that they are not affecting the speed and responsiveness of the mobile website.

4) Harness Natural Gestures
The native mobile applications are also effective in harnessing the natural gestures associated with the usage of touch devices. Most app developers take advantage of these gestures to optimize user experience. But mobile website developers often fail to capitalize on the natural gestures. Instead of relying only on tapping objects, the website developer must implement these natural gestures like pull to refresh, side to side swiping, and long press. Most mobile web browsers implement the gestures in distinct ways. So the mobile website must be tested to ensure that it is availing the full advantage of gestures.

An enterprise can also consider launching hybrid mobile apps to bridge the gap between native apps and mobile websites. The hybrid apps can avail some of the features of the native as well as web applications, while taking advantage of device features. Further, these can be downloaded by the users from the app stores, and accessed using the browser embedded in the app.

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14 Must-See Mobile App Designs For Inspiration

Mobile apps along with responsive websites are constantly developing, functioning and looking better than ever, as expert designers come to the various advanced terms having the parameters involved. With the smarter look, even the smaller screens do not necessarily give poorer experiences. The good sign so far as apps designing is concerned is the restrictions of cellular devices as these help in focusing the minds of professional designers.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

It seems to the users that the very best design really stands out, and does a great job in terms of understanding user behavior on the smaller devices. There are a number of instances that go certain way towards proving that mobile websites and apps can really communicate functionality clearly. Nowadays, application designers and developers have become more prominent in the field of extensible web. The markets are found to be flooded with Android as well as iOS apps which also earned considerable profits for several small development studios. In today’s time, as the smartphone era is taken off with an immense buzz, app developers and designers are in high demand.

Here are a great collection of 15 mobile app UI designs for Inspiration. Some of these are especially designed for iOS, which is considered as the powerhouse of the modern smartphone market.

1. Behance: The Behance is a creative portfolio android app and it is now available for beta testing. It offers easy content accessibility with huge project previews.


2. Dribbble: Now browsing has become easier with this android application. It is easy to explore and search in your mobile device.


3. Location Finder: It enables users to browse their phonebook contacts saved by their locations. It also helps in knowing location of outgoing or Incoming calls or any mobile number (at City level/State/Country). It also displays the time of the last interaction with that phone number.

Location Finder

4. Task Manager: This Android application keeps users focused, organized and more productive. task Such application helps you schedule the tasks in proper way while improving the performance of your cell phone.


5. Task Tracking: Task Tracker is an open source and free to use project management application which minimizes overhead to maximize productivity as well as accountability.

Task tracking

6. Slide Concept: Mobile Slides concept is a complete solution to the presentation needs. It supports retina display in new iPad.


7. Fashion App: This App offers a lot of innovative ideas or best combinations for the latest styles.


8. Music App: With such apps it is easy to play, share and discover your favorite music on Android and the web.


9. Room App: It offers free drawing or predefined shapes of a room shape with touch or S-Pen.


10. Portfolio App: With the help of this application you can show, add or organize your photographic art work quickly and with ease.


11. Fantasy Leagues App: This application provides users with all the things they need to manage or help their fantasy football team via mobile site related to official Fantasy Premier League. Various other things required for making all crucial tactical decisions are also offered by this app.

Fantasy Leagues

12. Live Messages App: With these apps you can have live experience anywhere by tracking or comparing your achievements, connecting with your live friends. You can also review various latest games.


13. Weather App: Android weather apps offer the accurate and quick weather forecast. It searches your address to locate cities and provide the current weather condition, current temperature, wind speed, direction as well as humidity along with ten, five days or hourly weather forecast.


14. Alarm Clock App: The digital alarm clock as well as timer apps are meant to solve all your timing needs.


All these apps testify to the mobile design platform that indeed offers some advanced features for inspiration. Presumably, all these apps as well as design features would definitely work wonders, provided the user experience mirrors designing. Check out new mobile applications, especially iPhone designs that inspire app industry to go for flat design. With enhanced market accessibility, you can simply get and enjoy any of the really beautiful models of flat mobile app designs.

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