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Discussing few of the best practices in JavaScript

With the span of time, the use of JavaScript has gained popularity. Majority of the websites today aim at utilizing JavaScript to a certain extent. Following are some of the best practices with respect to the use of JavaScript. Continue reading Discussing few of the best practices in JavaScript

Tools and Languages for Improving the Process of Creating JavaScript Applications

As a powerful client-side scripting language, JavaScript is used widely by developers to optimize user experience. The browser based language is coded within the web pages, and the output displayed to users without putting any stress on server. However, developers have to invest additional time and effort to write advanced JavaScript programs by overcoming the issues related to difference in web browsers. That is why; web developers use a library of pre-written JavaScript to rapidly build JavaScript-based applications for AJAX, while overcoming the issues related to browser compatibility.

Some of the Widely Used JavaScript Frameworks

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JQuery: It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used by web developers across the world. JQuery is also used by some of the most reputable and largest companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Netflix. The library is designed with features to make it simpler for developers to use accomplish several common tasks without requiring additional code. They can simply wrap the tasks into methods, and call the method by writing a single line code. In addition to providing plug-ins for a wide variety of task, jQuery further allow users to manipulate HTML, CSS and DOM, create HTML event methods, and use AJAX.

Prototype: The open source JavaScript framework enables programmers to perform a variety of common task by using a single Application Programming Interface (API). The API comes with specific features and methods that can be used by programmers to manipulate DOM and AJAX. The library further enhances JavaScript by adding inheritance and classes.

MooTools: Like Prototype, MooTools also allows developers to use an Application Programming Interface (API) to write complex JavaScript programs within a short span of time. But the framework comes with a set of animation functions and lightweight effects. The library is further compatible with major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Yahoo! User Interface (YUI): The open source library launched by Yahoo can be used by developers to develop interactive web applications by harnessing the power of JavaScript and CSS. Despite being modular and lightweight, YUI still comes with features required to build simple as well as complex JavaScript-based applications. It further supports six distinct types of components including YUI core, UI controls, utilities, CSS components, developer tools and build tools.

Backbone.js: The framework provides models that can be used by developers to give structure to the internet applications. The models come with custom and key-value binding events. The API provide by Backbone.js can also be connected with your existing API over RESTful JSON interface. At the same time, the API also supports several views, functions and event handling features.

Spine.js: The simple and lightweight JavaScript framework supports Model View Controller pattern. So developers can use the library to keep business rules separate from presentation. Unlike other JavaScript libraries, Spine does not come with loads of complex widgets. The developers can avail the feature to save the time required to configure and setup the widgets.

AngularJS: The framework is designed to overcome the limitation of HTML. As HTML cannot be used for developing dynamic web applications, developers use AngularJS to extend the HTML vocabulary to complement the needs of their project. AngularJS further provides a set of tools required to create customized framework for the application development. The framework can be further integrated with other libraries to save the developers’ time and effort.

Agility.js: Like Spine.js, Agility.js is also designed with support for Model View Controller pattern. The developers can use the framework to increase the maintainability and reusability of their code. Despite being a small JavaScript file, Agility does not require programmers to write the entire code in JavaScript. They have option to include HTML, JavaScript and CSS within JavaScript objects.

On the whole, a developer has option to choose from many tools, libraries and languages to improve the process of creating JavaScript applications. But it is also important to evaluate the features of each JavaScript framework according to the nature and needs of the application.

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How has JavaScript helped in increasing business revenue?

For most beginners, JavaScript is just a term that they have heard about. But programmers, whether new or seasoned know how essential this language is; it is in fact a must-have language. The mechanics behind the language functions around ‘write once, run anywhere’ which creates an interface that is very easy for most people to use. Most universities or e-commerce based businesses use this since they require programming languages to span various spoken languages as well as run on all computer systems. The language has many benefits that have induced many businesses or office to adapt it, especially if they want to thrive. Some of the benefits reaped by businesses are given here.

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Fast performance- Performance is the name of the game. All of us want the fastest experience in software. JavaScript runs through byte codes (XML and sometimes JSON data to client) and not a mix of mark-up HTML along with data. This helps in fast translating of codes; there is no need to work to translate exclusive languages. Another thing is that the execution of the code is done on user’s computer; this leads to instant completion of results as well as processing, depending on the job at hand but generally the jobs or tasks on web pages are simple which prevents memory hog. This is because the code’s processing is not done through the web server of the site so there is no need of sending it back to the user again; the later process normally consumes both server as well as local bandwidth.

Networking capabilities- Many consider JavaScript network-centric which makes the process of working with others all across networks or even creation of platforms fitting easily into given perimeters, really easy. In fact, if you need to make any changes in UI, they may be done without any additional communication established with the server.

Tablets, devices and phones- The rich mobile experience’s next generation cannot be powered by plug-ins. The plug-ins cannot achieve viable uniform distribution necessary since there are simply too many platforms as well as devices and it is simply not viable to rebuild the same apps multiple times. In that case the best bet is to adopt JavaScript model which will eliminate that problem.

International use- A 16-bit character system is used by Java which can translate to all languages used across the globe. This is a far-cry from the rest of the programming languages which run on 8-bit characters that work only with Western language. This has led the language to gain a lot of industry momentum. It is immensely popular with the universal development approach, receiving much support from Microsoft, Apple as well as Google. The developers are aided by new money making opportunities, tools and frameworks.

Easy feedback- The inputs that a website’s client puts on the form are validated quickly since it acts immediately with prompt effect. The client gets pointers about simple errors which might have occurred. JavaScript enables the client to get early feedback without waiting for the response of the server.

App stores as well as offline support- One major benefit offered by the language is that it provides experiences which work all the time without as well as with active internet connections. JavaScript when combined with HTML5 makes apps responsive as well as usable even without the presence of active internet connection. Front ends of the language can make use of locally cached data so that the app can be drawn and refreshed until the restoration of network connectivity. In fact, the changes are eventually tracked to local objects and then those changes are persisted later to the server.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; there are plenty more benefits that can be added to the list. There are plenty of third party add-ons as well which can help you extend functionality to web pages. Thus the language will surely help you extend your business reach and increase the present efficiency of the running systems of your products.

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