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Hibernate in Java – What Should Developers Know?

As the name suggests, Hibernate Object-Relational Mapping or ORM is an object-relational mapping library that is used in Java. The library provides a framework that helps in mapping object-oriented models of domains. The main objective of Hibernate is to solve the object-oriented impedance issues through the process of replacing the direct persistence-related accesses of database with functions that are involved in high-end object handling.

The primary feature that Hibernate comes up with is a unique mapping ability from various classes that are used in Java to the database tables and the same from Java data types to the SQL data types. The library also provides a string of retrieval facilities as well as a high end data query that facilitates handling the backend features. It also generates SQL calls, while making the lives of the developers easier, by automating set handling as well as object conversion. Besides, applications that use Hibernate also support SQL database with hardly any performance overhead.

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Java Strings – Few things that Java Programmer Should Know

A Java class that is very widely used is known as string. It is considered quite special since compared to a normal class it contains some unique, special characteristics. It consists of some characters in a sequence; through the class the object can be created. There are many concepts which can be carried on through this and are worth knowing by most Java programmers.

Creation of objects or instantiation- The object can be created in two different ways- through new keywords and through string literal. Through double quote a string literal can be created. With its creation each time, the constant pool is checked by JVM first. If the pool already has the string then it returns the pooled instance’s reference. If the pool does not contain it then a new object is instantiated which is then placed there. Memory efficiency is increased by this. Through keywords, the object is created in a straight-forward manner by JVM.

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