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Why would Customers Prefer Java to Build Their CMS?

As an important part of web ecosystem, content management systems (CMS) are used widely by enterprises to manage the content of their websites. Each CMS is designed with two primary elements, i.e., content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The CMA is used by content managers to create, modify and remove content from the website. Continue reading Why would Customers Prefer Java to Build Their CMS?

Applet In Java – How It Helps In Programming?

Java Applet, a snippet code, is created by using the Java bytecode. This program is written in Java programming language. The bytecode is a kind of a programming that is exclusively utilized for Java programming. Whilst the Applet can run on a web browser with the help of tools like JVM or Java Virtual Machine, standalone ones, like, the Sun Applet viewer can also be employed to test this application. Although the Java programming language is generally used to write the applets but other languages can also be used for the purpose, such as, Jython. Once the program is completely compiled, it can easily run on most of the web browsers across various operating systems. So whether you use a Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux systems, the applets will run hassle free. Continue reading Applet In Java – How It Helps In Programming?

Hibernate in Java and Its Features

As an open source persistence library, Hibernate Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is used widely by Java developers. The framework provided by Hibernate makes it easier for Java developers to map an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database. Thus, Hibernate in Java uses direct persistence-related database access to resolve problems related to object-relational impedance mismatch. Continue reading Hibernate in Java and Its Features

Struts – In What Ways Does It Support Java Programming

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has developers Struts as an open source web application development. The framework is being used widely by programmers to create Java EE internet applications. It enables web developers to create application by using model-view-controller (MVC) architecture by adopting and extending the Java Servlet API. The Java programmers also have option to use WebWork, a framework spun from Struts. Despite retaining the original architecture of Struts, WebWork comes with several enhancements and refinements. Thus, the Java programmers can rely on Struts to create large and complex enterprise application by Continue reading Struts – In What Ways Does It Support Java Programming

Java Strings – Few things that Java Programmer Should Know

A Java class that is very widely used is known as string. It is considered quite special since compared to a normal class it contains some unique, special characteristics. It consists of some characters in a sequence; through the class the object can be created. There are many concepts which can be carried on through this and are worth knowing by most Java programmers.

Creation of objects or instantiation- The object can be created in two different ways- through new keywords and through string literal. Through double quote a string literal can be created. With its creation each time, the constant pool is checked by JVM first. If the pool already has the string then it returns the pooled instance’s reference. If the pool does not contain it then a new object is instantiated which is then placed there. Memory efficiency is increased by this. Through keywords, the object is created in a straight-forward manner by JVM.

Continue reading Java Strings – Few things that Java Programmer Should Know

Java Application Development For e-Commerce – A Good Option

An elegant looking well designed site is surely the mainstay of any online marketing business. If properly created, designed, and maintained, a website can very much turn into a digital storefront and a platform which can be used by customers as well as clients when it comes to directly communicating with each other.

Expert Java developerMore so, when we speak about development of eCommerce online shopping solutions, Java web application is the best. It has become an extremely popular fad as it makes this new type of shopping much easier, hassle-free as well as much quicker. You will find a lot of highly popular internet based shopping sites and all these platforms are astoundingly easy-to-use, functional, and at the same time, very much scalable irrespective of any environment. All these qualities make these sites so much popular to people of any age group. This popularity can very well be attributed to the most critical as well as essential parts played by Java App Development (JAD).

In fact, JAD is surely one of the most recent technologies that have entered the virtual world. This language is specifically designed to bring an altogether new as well as fresh perspective to the concept of online shopping. It is highly secure, flexible, accessible, usable, as well as portable. All these qualities have highly influenced the world of internet in more than a way, including giving the concept of online shopping a significant shot in its arms.

Thanks to JAD, a string of big transactions, involving even exorbitant amounts of money are now possible online. It also helps the online shopping sites to become strong, attractive, efficient and at the same time, competitive to survive the cut throat competition prevailing in the market.

The most significant feature of Java Application is that it gives the users the option of making online payment in an absolutely safe as well as secured way. The payment gateways are user-friendly and are encrypted in such a way that they are able to keep issues of forgery or unauthorized access to customer accounts at distant bay. This naturally boosts the confidence of the users by many folds. In fact, such has been the efficacy of Java that it has become a buzzword in the world of online transactions as well as eCommerce much due to its salient features and unique capabilities.

Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine or JVM, Java apps now have a remarkable and a prominent presence on the servers as well as on the client side, as it is installed in the most of the browsers by default. As it does not depend upon the platform that is being used, it is possible to run Java apps irrespective of the place and time. That means the users can go for internet based shopping from anywhere in the world, any time.

The mainstay of Java apps is its portability. The popularity that development of Java apps enjoys all over the world is due to the fact that it is basically a language that is highly object-oriented. This makes sure that the programmers have the option of creating its various modules, which can be used repeatedly. This in turn saves a lot of money along with time. Naturally, this is only increasing the importance of Java developers with every passing day.

Plenty of developers are being hired by various software developing companies all over the world in order to live up to the expectations of the clients and today, Java app development is indeed one of the most promising, lucrative and major options for aspiring software developers. This also indirectly helps in the creation of employment all over the world.

Through JAD or Java Apps Development, it is possible to explain strong and robust security, much due to the interpreter and the compiler that the language comes up with. These applications play a pivotal role in influencing businessmen; thereby using internet based shopping cart portals that come up with secured online payments along with transaction modes.

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