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Features of iOS 7.1 that developers are talking about

The seventh generation iPod, iPhone and iPad operating system of Apple has received a major update through iOS 7.1 which has been code-named as Sochi. Some long overdue as well as much needed bug fixes have been provided. Not just that, several improved features also accompany it which have become quite a fodder for discussion amongst developers. In fact, it is claimed to be the fastest iOS to be introduced yet. Even iPhone 4’s normal performance has been improved greatly so that its users can hold on to their handsets for a little while longer. Some of the most talked about features are discussed here.

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Absence of displaced background- The latest update by Apple has made it possible to disable parallex feature which gives motion on wallpaper and can be pretty annoying at times. However, despite disabling this feature, you need not eliminate the zooming animation feature while closing as well as opening of apps. For that you have to toggle off “Reduce Motion” in Settings under General under Accessibility options. Then from there you have to navigate to settings of wallpapers and brightness and tap Lock Screen Wallpaper. Perspective Zoom must be toggled off and pressed set.

Encouraging photography, enabling HDR auto- Previously there was a terrible bug which resulted in constant disabling of HDR every time you close the camera app. Now a new auto setting of HDR has been introduced to monitor the adjoining lighting conditions so that HDR can be enabled or disabled automatically. For enabling of this feature, the camera app must be opened and then you can tap HDR Off or HDR On. HDR Auto can be selected so that everything is taken care of automatically.

Comeback of button shapes option- With earlier versions, users could manipulate Button Shapes but there were complaints regarding the tap targets. With the new upgrade users can now include button shapes to text-only tap targets of the software. It is very simple to add button shapes. Toggle on Button Shapes by visiting Settings, under General under Accessibility tabs.

New and improved Siri- Siri, the virtual personal assistant now includes many enhancements which are much appreciated. The voice sounds calmer and more natural instead of the previous stilted tone. A great feature is the option to enable it when you want to speak to it. The home button can be held down when you want to begin talking; on releasing the home button you indicate that you have finished talking. This acts as an alternative to status quo of Siri which notices automatically when you are done talking.

Revamping of calendar app- There is some subtle revamping of the Calendar app through addition of new list toggle. Now on choosing the specific options, events taking place on varying days can be seen while still in month view. Apple now has added country-specific holidays for different countries. You do not have to look at an actual calendar to remind yourself of particular country holidays.

iTunes Radio- Now you are allowed to directly purchase albums according to the track playing currently through iTunes Radio with just the press of a button. Featured stations now have a search field and there is Repeat as well as Shuffle buttons in the music apps.

HFP Prompts supported- Now when you connect the iOS device to the entertainment system of your car through Bluetooth there will be an option called ‘Allow HFP Prompts’ which will enable the listening of other audio on the system; whenever there is new route information, it will drop in. Previously, you could only hear the directions given to you.

Recently, iOS 7.1.1 has been posted which is iOS 7.1’s minor update. This update has resulted in the fixing of another batch of minor problems with further improvements of performance. In fact, in this discussion we have excluded Car Play option since this is available only in select countries for the time-being.

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Know How iPhone Application Development can be Done Smoothly

Despite the growing popularity of Android, iPhone application development is still effective in increasing business reviews. Many reports have also highlighted that the amazing world of iPhone apps further contributes towards the popularity of the smartphone. But the constant changes in the choices and habits of modern customers have made application development both complex and challenging. At the same time, an enterprise also needs to builds apps by complementing the latest trends in mobile app development. So each developer has to frequently explore ways to smoothly build iPhone applications from the scratch.

Simple Ways to Make iPhone Application Development Smooth

Update Your Development Skills

iPhone app developmentYou can always make the application development hassle-free by using a Mac. Once you acquire the device, it is time to register for Apple’s Developer Program, and get the most recent and updated development knowledge by referring to the SDK tutorials. You also have option to avail the assistance of developing committees to clear your doubts and answer your queries initially. You can start the development process after deciding the how to implement the concepts in your iPhone app.

Download XCode

Before starting the development process, you have to download the software development kit for iPhone along with XCode. The XCode video will help you in understanding the essential instructions required to develop the application. You must be familiar in Objective-C to write the code and programs. Also, you have to use iPhone simulator to find the bugs, errors and flaws in the application. It is also a good idea to become an iTunes member to upload and market the app as soon as the application is tested.

Use Xcode’s Behaviors Feature

As a powerful editor, XCode offers several features to make iPhone app development smooth. The Behaviors feature of XCode is used widely by programmers to define behaviors. When the behaviors are defined properly, it becomes easier for XCode to decide the action to be taken when a specific event occurs. You also have option to configure the behaviors easily through the Xcode’s Preferences Window. Also, the feature can be disabled if you do not want to behaviors to be displayed on the console windows during execution of code.


Along with Objective-C, the iPhone also need to learn Cocoa to write the programs quickly. You can also consider using Cocoapod, a specially designed tool to efficiently manage dependencies in XCode projects. The huge popularity of the tool has encouraged many developers to build third party libraries to support it. So you can efficiently manage existing third party libraries, and optimize the performance of your application by building customized solutions. It is also a good idea to read about Cocoapod while learning Objective-C and XCode.

Code Snippet Manager

The iPhone application developers across the world also use test or code snippet manager to save additional keystrokes. You have option to choose from several snippet managers including CodeBox and TextExpander. Also, XCode provides you a snippet manager that appears next to the Object Library on the right sidebar. The XCode snippet manager supports several attributes that make the code or text snippets both flexible and powerful. Along with having a language and a platform, each snippet also has a completion scope to get seamlessly integrated with XCode’s editor.

Efficient Source Code Management

Each mobile application developer also needs to learn how to manage the source code in an easy and efficient way. If you are not familiar with the concept of source control, it becomes essential to learn Git. As a distributed version control and source code management system, Git enables you to manage the source code of your project efficiently and easily. Further, you can integrate Git with XCode to optimize your coding. However, you have to include the appropriate .gitignore file in the XCode project. Normally, Git is used through the command line. But some applications like Tower and SourceTree allow you to use Git through a graphical user interface (GUI).

You can further effectuate iPhone application development by using customized tools and frameworks. It is also a great idea to use the open source tools to develop the application rapidly without increasing the project cost.

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Are you rushing to create your iPhone business app?

This is what we tell one another these days, be it in our personal lives or professional ones. The same is true when thinking of using state of the art technology to boost performance as well as to help society at large. Thanks to the modern day inventions, businessmen now breathe a sigh of relief, because of the way their smart hand held devices have eased the burden on their shoulders. This is why, application developers burn the midnight oil working on apps that would bring in the best output as well as ease lifestyles, in the workplace and out of it as well.

Designing can be tough
iPhone app developerDo not jump the gun choosing a developer that promises you the sun or the moon, but shows you dirt at the end. Phones play a very important role in personal as well as professional lives, and that’s why it is best to choose an application developer who has;

a. Experience
b. Expertise
c. Success rates, along with
d. The best results from the past

For this it is important to do your homework as well as research, conduct surveys if need be but do not blindly shoot in the dark. The end users requirements need to be satisfied and that is what you should bother about.

Tips to follow

1. Which platform do you want to use? This should be your first query and you should find an answer to it, before you start working on developing the application you dream to launch. For money matters, working on iOS would be the best, since it is used widely across iPads as well as iPhones. With android apps, revenues flow slow inwards and downloading them is a pain.

2. Social sharing should be included, and this is what actually rakes in the moolah over time. Make space for users to share their experiences as well as to post it. If you are developing an application for gaming needs, there should be enough space for the user to share real time feedback on your company’s profile.

3. Do you want the application to be FREE or PAID? This would be your decision at the end of the day and in sync with the aims or ambitions of the app too. If you want to promote your brand or market the company well, keep the application free.

4. Value added services with an application would be a very preferable aspect. Yes, this is a fact because as a consumer one would always want a little more than what money can buy. The app isn’t a part of your company, it is a sister concern, hence should be treated as an entity which is individualistic along with being a money making one. So, let the application speak of the core values your business shows, but ensure you beat competition at the same time too.

5. The app needs to be relevant as well as apt or else it wouldn’t answer the needs of the end user as well. The information given needs to be apt with that of the app, including suggestions and tips on using the application.

6. Interact with your customers to inform them on how to use the app on a regular basis. Give them news they can use, provide timely updates as well as have a system in place that would automatically do it all.

7. Retain your users and make the user base loyal to your app, so that they use it everyday. Downloading an app doesn’t mean they love your app or the app is a hit, that is in fact just step one towards success. The moment of truth comes about when they use it every day.

8. Be regular with the app updates and communicate with the masses. No one likes to be left in the dark, especially if there are downtimes to maintain. Suggestions, brickbats, etc. should be welcomed, because this would help your app gain name, fame, as well as money.

9. Update the functional features of the app regularly. This should be an app that would work as a marketing manager for your company. For that it is important to check with the workings of a smartphone and how the end users would use the app.

10. Keep it simple and user friendly, or lose out!!

Business owners need help and for that, you now have to come out with an app which is user friendly and state of the art, with functions that would connect the end user while being on the go. Hence, take your time, do your market research, study the consumer’s needs and only then invest in the best.

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