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5 top must have iPad applications

iPad is considered to be the one of most software-rich tablets and those who have newly bought this gadget would obviously want to install a lot of great applications. iPads are in fact preferred by many people for entertainment. The iTunes store is a treasure-trove of many apps for that purpose only; there are a variety of games as well as entertainment apps to divert people. The main difference between iOS and the other platforms is the sheer range of available apps; almost all of them are hand-picked as well as selective which makes it very difficult for first-time users to pick which one to install. With the price constraints it is not possible to install all the apps that come our way. So here is a list of top 5 applications which are must haves. Gaming or social apps have not been included in this list.

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Flipboard- Most people love to stay connected with the outside world at all times; this is mostly achieved by keeping track of the news as well as updates of events happening around the world. With Flipboard those people get their very own social news magazine. News as well as updates of events all across the globe is made available at a single place. The main attribute of this application is that all the favourite news sources are put in a beautiful layout to turn them into a digital magazine.

1Password- Security is an extremely important as well as non-negotiable aspect which makes it necessary to give certain passwords. 1Password helps you in this respect by creating unique as well as strong passwords for each site; it even remembers them on your behalf so that you are not burdened with them. All you need is just a single tap to log into the sites. A Master Password protects everything in the password vault and this password will be known only by the user. In case the device gets stolen or lost then its Auto-Lock feature helps protect the vault.

Netflix- This entertainment app is the perfect solution for those TV as well as movie loving people who unfortunately do not have enough time to catch them. With Netflix, the leading subscription service of the world they can watch movies along with TV episodes on the go. The best experience is delivered anytime, anywhere with a huge, growing number of titles. Those who have Netflix membership can enjoy the app for free. Those who have not become members yet can sign up to start enjoying a one-month trial for free on the phone immediately.

Quickoffice- This application is perfect for those workaholics who do not like to waste even a second of their time. Now you can create along with edit Microsoft Office presentations, documents and spreadsheets on iPad. After signing in with a Google Account, Google Drive is where all the work of not more than 15GB can be saved. You can then access the files from whichever computer or mobile device that you want. Other actions include attaching files to mails and opening as well as viewing PDF files.

Google Maps- Make navigation easier and faster through Google Maps which helps you find the best places in a town. Get all the information that you need to reach the given destinations. The GPS navigation is voice-guided with transit maps as well as directions. You can navigate through the best routes accompanied by automatic rerouting and live traffic condition reporting. Another interesting feature is the Street View along with indoor imagery which gives images of museums, restaurants, etc.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, attempting to show which apps will be beneficial to most people in general. For other applications which are focused and caters to specific requirements of an individual, there is a vast array of options available in iTunes store.

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Features of iOS 7.1 that developers are talking about

The seventh generation iPod, iPhone and iPad operating system of Apple has received a major update through iOS 7.1 which has been code-named as Sochi. Some long overdue as well as much needed bug fixes have been provided. Not just that, several improved features also accompany it which have become quite a fodder for discussion amongst developers. In fact, it is claimed to be the fastest iOS to be introduced yet. Even iPhone 4’s normal performance has been improved greatly so that its users can hold on to their handsets for a little while longer. Some of the most talked about features are discussed here.

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Absence of displaced background- The latest update by Apple has made it possible to disable parallex feature which gives motion on wallpaper and can be pretty annoying at times. However, despite disabling this feature, you need not eliminate the zooming animation feature while closing as well as opening of apps. For that you have to toggle off “Reduce Motion” in Settings under General under Accessibility options. Then from there you have to navigate to settings of wallpapers and brightness and tap Lock Screen Wallpaper. Perspective Zoom must be toggled off and pressed set.

Encouraging photography, enabling HDR auto- Previously there was a terrible bug which resulted in constant disabling of HDR every time you close the camera app. Now a new auto setting of HDR has been introduced to monitor the adjoining lighting conditions so that HDR can be enabled or disabled automatically. For enabling of this feature, the camera app must be opened and then you can tap HDR Off or HDR On. HDR Auto can be selected so that everything is taken care of automatically.

Comeback of button shapes option- With earlier versions, users could manipulate Button Shapes but there were complaints regarding the tap targets. With the new upgrade users can now include button shapes to text-only tap targets of the software. It is very simple to add button shapes. Toggle on Button Shapes by visiting Settings, under General under Accessibility tabs.

New and improved Siri- Siri, the virtual personal assistant now includes many enhancements which are much appreciated. The voice sounds calmer and more natural instead of the previous stilted tone. A great feature is the option to enable it when you want to speak to it. The home button can be held down when you want to begin talking; on releasing the home button you indicate that you have finished talking. This acts as an alternative to status quo of Siri which notices automatically when you are done talking.

Revamping of calendar app- There is some subtle revamping of the Calendar app through addition of new list toggle. Now on choosing the specific options, events taking place on varying days can be seen while still in month view. Apple now has added country-specific holidays for different countries. You do not have to look at an actual calendar to remind yourself of particular country holidays.

iTunes Radio- Now you are allowed to directly purchase albums according to the track playing currently through iTunes Radio with just the press of a button. Featured stations now have a search field and there is Repeat as well as Shuffle buttons in the music apps.

HFP Prompts supported- Now when you connect the iOS device to the entertainment system of your car through Bluetooth there will be an option called ‘Allow HFP Prompts’ which will enable the listening of other audio on the system; whenever there is new route information, it will drop in. Previously, you could only hear the directions given to you.

Recently, iOS 7.1.1 has been posted which is iOS 7.1’s minor update. This update has resulted in the fixing of another batch of minor problems with further improvements of performance. In fact, in this discussion we have excluded Car Play option since this is available only in select countries for the time-being.

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Steps to Reduce the Gap between Employer and iPhone Developer

The recent release of Xcode has made it easier for developers to build robust iPhone apps within a stipulated time frame. But with more and more companies investing in iPhone application development, the schedules of seasoned iPhone developers remain packed. So employers often find it a daunting challenge to hire a seasoned developer who can complete the app development project on time and budget. At the same time, many employers opt for freelance app developers to curtail project overheads. But each company must consider some simple points, while hiring an iPhone application developer, to reduce the gap between the employer and iPhone developer.

5 Simple Steps to Reduce the Gap between Employer and iPhone Developer

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1) Clearly Define the Project Concept
To deliver a robust iPhone application on time, a developer must understand the project concept and requirements. The understanding of the project concept will further help the developer in identifying the target audience, and decide the features that will appeal to the end-users. Further, the programmer can easily identify and fix the bugs that will affect the user-experience negatively. Before starting development, the employer must spend adequate time with the developer to make his understand the project concept clearly.

2) Make Him Adaptable to Technological Advancements
Apple frequently updates its mobile operating system with innovative features. So the iPhone app can deliver richer user experience by taking advantage of these new features. There are always chances that the iPhone application plan may be revamped completely to meet the technological advancements. As an employer, you must prepare the developer mentally to adopt these technological advancements. The discussion will make the developer flexible enough to adopt these technological changes.

3) Set Project Deadlines in Advance
Each employer wants to beat competition by launching the iPhone app as early as possible. But the developers often struggle to deliver a robust application within a stipulated timeframe. The programmers are further required to plan and schedule the project according to the deadline set by the employer. That is why; an employer must decide the project deadline in advance, and convey the information to the iPhone app developer to make him work in a more relaxed and stress-free way.

4) Offer Competitive Monetary Benefits
Often monetary benefits creates gap between the employer and iPhone app developer. Each employer wants to build apps by targeting iOS to get higher returns. But the net revenue from the project can be impacted by its cost. The high cost of development often reduces the net revenue earned through the iPhone application. So along with providing efficient work, the developer needs to help the employer in curtailing project overheads. Further, the developer must optimize the look, feel and performance of the app to ensure that it is sold at the Apple App Store with a high price-tag.

5) Keep Track of the Progress
Often employers hire seasoned developers to complete the iPhone development project on time and budget. But an employer must constantly monitor the project to ensure that everything is on track. He can even ask the programmer to create a detailed schedule for each module. The initial planning will make it easier for the employer to monitor the progress. At the same time, the scheduling will further help the developer in sticking to the predefined timeline. The employer can share his feedback and comments to optimize the quality of the app without extending the timeframe.

An employer must communicate constantly with the iPhone application developer to reduce the gap. The advancement in communication technologies have further enabled employers to stay connected with offshore developers through voice/video/text chats. So the constant interaction will make it easier for the employer to build a good professional relationship with the developer regardless of his geographical location.

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iPhone & iPad Development – Are Both the Same or Differ?

Apple has completely revamped the look and feel of iOS7. So developers, nowadays, find it a daunting challenge to fit their iPhone and iPad apps with Apple’s new design guidelines. Many developers are further starting from the scratch to avail fresh features and functionalities like Maps, AirPlay and Siri. At the same time, each iOS programmer also needs understand the similarity and differences between iPhone and iPad application development.

offshore iPhone developmentBoth iPod and iPhone apps use the same mobile operating system, i.e., iOS. These apps are also developed using the same iOS SDK and development language. So at the surface level, you may not note any significant difference between building apps for these two Apple devices. But a close observation will make you notice a number of differences in terms of components and functionality.

Significant Differences between iPhone and iPad App Development

Difference in User Interface
The wide difference in the screen sizes of iPhone and iPad makes it essential for programmers to create different user interfaces. When the user interface complements the screen size of the mobile device, the application can deliver richer user experience. The developers also need to use distinct techniques to maintain the user interface properly. While creating the user interface, the developers can use synchronization tools as per the designing guidelines provided by Apple under the Human Interface Guidelines (HIGs). Also, they can use cross-platform tools to create different user interfaces for iPad and iPhone.

Quality of Resolution
Most iOS applications are compatible with both iPhone and iPad. But the larger screen size of iPad allows the apps to take advantage of additional screen space. But the quality of the resolution is affected as the application is stretched to fill the screen. So the developer must remember that an iPhone app may not run on iPad with high resolution. Further, the tablet users expect the screen to be split into separate panes for content and navigation.

Sense of Immediacy
Unlike tablets, smartphones can be carried by users in a flexible and hassle-free way. So the smartphones often create a sense of immediacy among the users. Each user expects the smartphone apps to fetch information or perform certain tasks in a time-driven and spontaneous manner. The sense of immediacy makes it essential for the iPhone apps to deliver user experience that is both time-driven and spontaneous. The requirement further makes iPhone app development different for iPod development.

Required Mobile Bandwidth
The larger screen size of iPad enables programmers to create robust and dynamic user interfaces with streaming rich media content. Many users even rely on Internet cloud to access data at their own pace. But functioning of dynamic interface varies based on the available mobile bandwidth. As many reports have highlighted, iPhone users can access and use more mobile bandwidth in comparison to the iPad users. Often iPad users access internet through Wi-Fi. So they have to compete with other users to get more bandwidth. That is why; the developers must design iPad apps that perform smoothly without consuming additional mobile bandwidth.

Target Audience for the App
The iOS developers also need to consider the target audience for the application, in addition to the technical aspects. The larger screen size of iPad makes it more suitable for apps that are designed mainly to display information. For instance, the kids love to see large graphics, while swiping and taping the device to change view. So iPad apps will be more appropriate for visually oriented tasks. Similarly, the iPod apps can also be use by retail stores to display and catalogue their products. On the other hand, the iPhone apps are more effective in targeting the professionals and business people. As they have to work on the go, the iPhone app will make it easier for the business people to access information anytime and anywhere.

The version of iOS will also have an impact on the differences between iPhone and iPad app development. But the developers can always build apps by targeting the most recent version of iOS to overcome these differences.

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10 Killer Apps For Your iPhone

iPhones come up with an array of value added features that make these devices almost indispensable in modern life. These user-friendly applications or apps as they are called help in performing a wide range of activities. There are quite a number of apps that people find extremely handy. Let us pick up 10 out of them which are voted best by the users.

1. Box.net

iphone app development companyBox.net is one of the most popular service that helps in online storage of files. Now, iPhones come up with the updated version of this feature that only makes life of the users easier. With the help of this feature, users are able to share individual files or entire folders that are stored on Box.net. Users are also able to open files by using file viewer that the modern iPhones come up with. It also gives them the option of leaving comments on these files. There is also the option of uploading images from the Camera Roll. It comes up free of cost though the individual account comes up with a storage capacity of 1 GB while the 10 GB version is available at a monthly cost of $9.95.

2. Soonr

This is another feature, that is a bit different from the rest of the lot. Soonr helps in integration of document sharing, review and publishing into another backup application. However, for using Soonr, one will have to install a Mac or a Windows Desktop client. It helps in automatic backing up of designated folders whenever a file is changed.

Once the files are saved in Soonr Cloud, users can log in through any web browser and browse. Users can e-mail, send faxes, comment as well as restore files if and when needed. It is also handy for creating projects, adding files and editing them. Another extremely important feature of Soorn is that users can have a look at the revision history.

3. Tripit

It is yet another extremely popular feature that is considered by many as by far the best in terms of utility! The app is powered by some wonderful back end systems. Users will simply have to forward the confirmation email for booking flights, bus or train tickets, hotel rooms and so on. It can also be done automatically by using Gmail plugins. Once the mail is sent, the feature will automatically organize them with all the relevant details along with the confirmation number.

4. Instagram

The camera and the iphone photo apps come up with state of the art technology that has sent the conventional ‘point-and-shoot’ camera to back end. Instagram can be used to upload family photos to Flickr or family albums as well as for uploading everyday photos. The feature is quick, and extremely simple to use.

5. Evernote

This is an iPhone feature that is great when it comes to taking notes. It has striking similarity to Dropbox as it can save data as well as information locally though it syncs the data across all the devices.

6. Huddle

This application comes up with several value added features that help in meeting scheduling, web conferencing, document editing that can be integrated into the web version. With the help if this app, one can organize projects into workspaces and put more emphasis on workflow though Huddle mainly deals with task management.

7. TED

This app comes up with the feature that helps users to snap videos from conferences as well as uploading them to be viewed on the web for free. The app also provides a fantastic way to access those videos on mobiles and releasing TED talks.

8. Pano

This app helps users to take startling panoramic shots with iPhones as well as line up the shots and correct them automatically.

9. RedLaser

This app is mainly for helping those who like shopping. It can turn an iPhone into an effective barcode scanner and the app is pretty flawless. All the user needs to do is to scan the UPC code of a particular product. The app will do the rest and will find the product for the user from Google Product Search as well as TheFind. The most important thing is that it is lightning fast.

10. Twitter

Last but not the least, Twitter is still considered the best as well as the most popular app for the users of iPhone. It is a magnificent app that also happens to be one of the most popular social media sites.

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Are you rushing to create your iPhone business app?

This is what we tell one another these days, be it in our personal lives or professional ones. The same is true when thinking of using state of the art technology to boost performance as well as to help society at large. Thanks to the modern day inventions, businessmen now breathe a sigh of relief, because of the way their smart hand held devices have eased the burden on their shoulders. This is why, application developers burn the midnight oil working on apps that would bring in the best output as well as ease lifestyles, in the workplace and out of it as well.

Designing can be tough
iPhone app developerDo not jump the gun choosing a developer that promises you the sun or the moon, but shows you dirt at the end. Phones play a very important role in personal as well as professional lives, and that’s why it is best to choose an application developer who has;

a. Experience
b. Expertise
c. Success rates, along with
d. The best results from the past

For this it is important to do your homework as well as research, conduct surveys if need be but do not blindly shoot in the dark. The end users requirements need to be satisfied and that is what you should bother about.

Tips to follow

1. Which platform do you want to use? This should be your first query and you should find an answer to it, before you start working on developing the application you dream to launch. For money matters, working on iOS would be the best, since it is used widely across iPads as well as iPhones. With android apps, revenues flow slow inwards and downloading them is a pain.

2. Social sharing should be included, and this is what actually rakes in the moolah over time. Make space for users to share their experiences as well as to post it. If you are developing an application for gaming needs, there should be enough space for the user to share real time feedback on your company’s profile.

3. Do you want the application to be FREE or PAID? This would be your decision at the end of the day and in sync with the aims or ambitions of the app too. If you want to promote your brand or market the company well, keep the application free.

4. Value added services with an application would be a very preferable aspect. Yes, this is a fact because as a consumer one would always want a little more than what money can buy. The app isn’t a part of your company, it is a sister concern, hence should be treated as an entity which is individualistic along with being a money making one. So, let the application speak of the core values your business shows, but ensure you beat competition at the same time too.

5. The app needs to be relevant as well as apt or else it wouldn’t answer the needs of the end user as well. The information given needs to be apt with that of the app, including suggestions and tips on using the application.

6. Interact with your customers to inform them on how to use the app on a regular basis. Give them news they can use, provide timely updates as well as have a system in place that would automatically do it all.

7. Retain your users and make the user base loyal to your app, so that they use it everyday. Downloading an app doesn’t mean they love your app or the app is a hit, that is in fact just step one towards success. The moment of truth comes about when they use it every day.

8. Be regular with the app updates and communicate with the masses. No one likes to be left in the dark, especially if there are downtimes to maintain. Suggestions, brickbats, etc. should be welcomed, because this would help your app gain name, fame, as well as money.

9. Update the functional features of the app regularly. This should be an app that would work as a marketing manager for your company. For that it is important to check with the workings of a smartphone and how the end users would use the app.

10. Keep it simple and user friendly, or lose out!!

Business owners need help and for that, you now have to come out with an app which is user friendly and state of the art, with functions that would connect the end user while being on the go. Hence, take your time, do your market research, study the consumer’s needs and only then invest in the best.

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