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5 top must have iPad applications

iPad is considered to be the one of most software-rich tablets and those who have newly bought this gadget would obviously want to install a lot of great applications. iPads are in fact preferred by many people for entertainment. The iTunes store is a treasure-trove of many apps for that purpose only; there are a variety of games as well as entertainment apps to divert people. The main difference between iOS and the other platforms is the sheer range of available apps; almost all of them are hand-picked as well as selective which makes it very difficult for first-time users to pick which one to install. With the price constraints it is not possible to install all the apps that come our way. So here is a list of top 5 applications which are must haves. Gaming or social apps have not been included in this list.

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Flipboard- Most people love to stay connected with the outside world at all times; this is mostly achieved by keeping track of the news as well as updates of events happening around the world. With Flipboard those people get their very own social news magazine. News as well as updates of events all across the globe is made available at a single place. The main attribute of this application is that all the favourite news sources are put in a beautiful layout to turn them into a digital magazine.

1Password- Security is an extremely important as well as non-negotiable aspect which makes it necessary to give certain passwords. 1Password helps you in this respect by creating unique as well as strong passwords for each site; it even remembers them on your behalf so that you are not burdened with them. All you need is just a single tap to log into the sites. A Master Password protects everything in the password vault and this password will be known only by the user. In case the device gets stolen or lost then its Auto-Lock feature helps protect the vault.

Netflix- This entertainment app is the perfect solution for those TV as well as movie loving people who unfortunately do not have enough time to catch them. With Netflix, the leading subscription service of the world they can watch movies along with TV episodes on the go. The best experience is delivered anytime, anywhere with a huge, growing number of titles. Those who have Netflix membership can enjoy the app for free. Those who have not become members yet can sign up to start enjoying a one-month trial for free on the phone immediately.

Quickoffice- This application is perfect for those workaholics who do not like to waste even a second of their time. Now you can create along with edit Microsoft Office presentations, documents and spreadsheets on iPad. After signing in with a Google Account, Google Drive is where all the work of not more than 15GB can be saved. You can then access the files from whichever computer or mobile device that you want. Other actions include attaching files to mails and opening as well as viewing PDF files.

Google Maps- Make navigation easier and faster through Google Maps which helps you find the best places in a town. Get all the information that you need to reach the given destinations. The GPS navigation is voice-guided with transit maps as well as directions. You can navigate through the best routes accompanied by automatic rerouting and live traffic condition reporting. Another interesting feature is the Street View along with indoor imagery which gives images of museums, restaurants, etc.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, attempting to show which apps will be beneficial to most people in general. For other applications which are focused and caters to specific requirements of an individual, there is a vast array of options available in iTunes store.

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