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Can Companies Thrive Without Software Testing?

Software testing has of late become an absolutely indispensable criterion so far as progress of companies is concerned. This is one activity that no company can ignore as that will have a disastrous impact on their progress and goodwill in the market, especially taking into account the cutthroat competition that is prevailing.

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Now let us look into, why it becomes difficult for the companies to survive without software testing. In the present day business scenario, when each and every customer would like to pay only for picture perfect products, SW evaluation is an absolute necessity. Today’s customers need the products to be implemented as well as installed faster in order to have an edge over their competitors and this is where the real challenge lies. Successful implementation of key as well as value added features within a short period of time and on time delivery of SW to the clients are the keys to the progress of a company. This is only possible if the software is properly tested by trained professionals for a considerable period of time before the delivery. After all, who would like to accept defective software and work with the same? Hence, a thorough SW evaluation is the first and foremost condition of a product’s success, which in turn helps the business to thrive from the clients’ point of view as well as that of the developer’s.

Again, one should keep in mind that software development is a continuous process. A good company would always continuously come up with newer versions of software it has developed. Hence, it needs to maintain a tight schedule to meet deadlines. Therefore, there is a continuous shortage of time which needs to be countered while releasing newer software versions. At times, these tight schedules are reasons enough for bugs to pile up on software products. It is here where the need for evaluation or debugging arises.

Usually, evaluation is considered as one of the phases in the lifecycle of SW systems. However, one school of thought suggests that there is need of these tests in every phase of a product. Therefore, how can a company do without these evaluation processes?

In fact, in SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle, evaluation plays an extremely crucial role that helps in the improvement of performance, quality, as well as the reliability of the software in question.

The main objective behind SW evaluation is to reduce the risks that are associated with SW development. When we speak about risks, they are both technical as well as programmatic, i.e. the risk of the software not performing as intended or getting too complicated or difficult to operate or modify, maintain or browse. All these are taken care of during examining the functionality of the SW. Naturally, software testing would definitely help a company to live up to the goodwill and reputation that it has built over the years.

Most importantly, once a certain benchmark is set, that needs to be met and even crossed during subsequent period of time by a company and it is the practice of SW evaluation that helps the company in question in that.

Now surely a business can avoid the practice of SW evaluation. However, it will be an extremely risky affair for it, especially in its efforts to meet customer satisfaction. It can well fail to meet the customer requirement in terms of customization as well as quality and if that happens, that will be a huge blow to its goodwill. That is why, each and every business would like to be dead sure as well as confident about the quality of the product they are offering to their clients. Hence, there should be no prize for guessing, that no business would thrive without the contribution of SW testing.

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Agile Performance Testing Life Cycle

In a software development life-cycle, performance testing is a vital activity. Application performance in terms of initial planning along with overall application performance and production analysis drives the development of better software releases as well as iterations. In all iterations of software development process, application programmers, testers and stakeholders must make performance a major consideration in every iteration. Here you can get a closer understanding of how performance testing can be integrated into your Agile process.

The Key Activities Involved in Agile Processes

QA software testing servicesThe best practices relating to performance testing involve various primary issues. Throughout the past two decades, business application devices have experienced significant evolution from monolithic mainframe systems to composite as well as distributed systems. Development life-cycle process is presently measured in weeks or even days as opposed to years. These changes to the development methodology or technology increase the pressure on test engineers to finish or plan performance testing. Besides the evaluation of new systems or issues of legacy application, implementation continue to have impact on test engineers.

Issues Associated with Traditional Agile Testing

At the environment testing core, there is the art of analyzing how the application responds after imitating the real user activity or behavior. With brand new testing systems, test engineers are forced to make a deliberate guess about the users’ behavior based on requirements as well as use-cases. With brand new systems, the test engineer is forced to make a calculated guess about the behavior of users based on use-cases and requirements.

The essential performance related issue reliably uses data from a constricted non-production environment to predict precisely the implementation ability of the system in a rather robust environment. Test engineers generally do their best in order to attempt or extrapolate for identification of system presentation, but often gain constricted success forecasting environment.

An Agile Environment Approach

With growing business needs as well as technology advancement, enterprises continue to work on producing highly developed software in less time. To realize this goal, a number of organizations have started adopting Agile methodological analysis. This approach helps in accelerating time to market, improving the quality of software, enhancing productivity and alignment between several business purposes and the technology innovations.

Agile methodology has tremendous momentum as it has been on the rise over the past few years. Software development breaks through the barriers of conventional waterfall model to Agile development to render better value much faster in order to improve the return on investment (ROI). An Agile environment puts several teams to work and develop the specialized, iterative as well as incremental product. This methodology promotes appropriate reviews, close teamwork, self-organization and more iterations. This approach also facilitates rapid delivery of high quality software and thus enables an industrial practice that aligns software development with company goals along with customer needs.

Agile Performance Testing

Performance evaluation which generally takes place in a waterfall model at the end of the life-cycle moves to the beginning in an Agile process that includes the designing as well as analysis. An application performance is directly proportional to its design. Hence, at the early stage of the life-cycle development it should be addressed. Throughout the Agile process, performance testing is considered from the release planning stage onwards.

In this developing business scenario, with the existing system, advent and demand of new products, the switch to the agile development technique is taking place from standard convention techniques. With the application of new or latest technology, more and more improved software are being developed. The performance of the products mostly depends on the specification and design of the product that can change at any point of time. Hence, this latest version of software should always be updated and monitored well for better functionality and adequate level of user satisfaction.

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Data-driven test automation is the best mobile application testing strategy

Using software for execution of tests as well as determining whether the predicted outcome and actual outcome are same or not on basis of those tests is known as test automation. Automation phases in software appears during the testing as well as implementation phase. Automated testing helps organizations accomplish the goal of adequately tested software as fast and thoroughly as possible. The coverage is also increased and the need for testing manually is reduced. Through this type of evaluation, minor defects which remain unexposed by manual testing are discovered. In fact, there are plenty of other advantages associated with this kind of evaluation, making it absolutely indispensable in the world of software. This is especially so for testing of mobile applications since it is a much more complicated process with the number of varying platforms along with operating systems of tablets, smartphones, etc.

software testing servicesAutomated tests need proper execution environment; in this case it is an automation or testing framework which is an overall system for the automation of tests. The framework or support or work platform for the evaluations constitutes a set of concepts, practices as well as assumptions. The framework is application independent and can be easily expanded, maintained and perpetuated. Testing frameworks are of different types- modular, keyword driven, hybrid and data driven.

For data driven testing, data files supply the test’s output and input values. Separate files store the expected output and input results. Although, the file is generally in tabular formats, it can be a CVS file, Excel file, DAO object, ODBC source, ADO object, etc. In such a framework variables are used for output verification values along with input values. All coded information related to navigating through evaluation status logs and application, reading of data files, etc are there in evaluation scripts. The test case remains encapsulated in information files and scripts remain a means for data delivery or a “driver”. Just the test information is contained in the data files of this type of evaluation.

Data-driven testing framework has a number of advantages like-

  • The scripts can be created even during the ongoing development of applications.
  • You can greatly reduce unnecessary duplication as well as redundancy of automated test scripts creation because records and files are used for verification of data along with input and also because of the modular type design.
  • When there arises changes in the functionality, all you need to do is revise the script of the specific “Business Function”.
  • Details as well as information like expected results, outputs or inputs are stored in form of text records which can be managed very conveniently.
  • Errors can be handled better which results in more robust testing scripts. This is mainly because during the calling of scripts the functions return with “FALSE” or “TRUE” values, the entire thing is not aborted. Just creating a nice “recovery” program results in the execution of test scripts without needing any attendance.

Data-driven frameworks have certain disadvantages as well. For the automation tool, you need to be an expert on the scripting language; for each test case, many data-files are needed. In fact, evaluation plan information has to be re-entered by test engineer in varying data-files and on top of that the test plan has to be properly managed as well. However, the advantages of data-driven test automation outnumbers the disadvantages. With this type of testing, new test cases can be easily added just by adding new entry into information source. Also different sets of information help cover many aspects of the features of applications, thus increasing the test coverage. One script can test application functionality which makes this automation framework the best mobile application testing strategy.

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A Tester’s perspective on agile Software testing projects

Agile no longer seems to be unfamiliar to the industry. Over the years, the software has progressed rapidly and has developed to a commonly accepted methodology. Conducting tests in Agile projects has necessitated a tester to undertake a paradigm shift from conventional testing roles. It requires a change in the attitude where a tester needs to take up a more involved and upfront role against the traditional relay race oriented approach. This particular software strives towards getting things right and in place in the very first attempt thereby, reducing the need for QA testers to receive something over the finish line.

Agile is a methodology that aims towards delivering constant value to users /customers frequently and incrementally based on the feedback and communication. These two aspects are important to successful Agile method and testers need to play an important role for generating value in such projects through different iteration phase.

Software testing servicesUsually, the QA activities involve three phases in terms of a project type. However, it is to be noted that there is no set or predefined rule that guides the process and it can mould itself according to the project situation. The role of an Agile QA tester is not restricted to a set process as the methodology directs role in accordance to the situation.

Pre-iteration: This particular phase involves a detailed analysis of the requirements by the BAS following a detailing of the acceptance criteria for that specific story. Since the QA testers seem to be an instantaneous consumer of the requirements, it becomes significant to verify the requirements quite often and early.

Verification of the requirement/story: Agile testing involves early feedback, which might not always be offered by testing the requirements, but at times by conducting early requirement testing. The QA testers need to have a clear look at the requirements for maintaining testability and clarity effectively. This helps determining the requirements that are testable and definite.

  • Requirement should always be small for it should match sense with the context.
  • Acceptance criteria should never be duplicate or overlap from different stories.

To ensure doing this successfully, it is important to achieve a strong communication between the Business Analysts/Development/ Quality Assurance.

Testable: The testability aspect necessitates a complete scan of the story to determine what needs to be done for testing the same. The factors include:

  • Test data
  • Environment
  • Dependency on other requirements
  • Finding requirements that are hidden

Getting information about all these details early makes way for prioritizing the story in accordance to the backlog thereby, enabling a smooth execution in the iteration phase. QA testers also take part in meetings related to iteration planning for offering a perspective enabling the team to produce a developer estimate. This participation is deemed as a big role as the professionals do escalate some implicit requirement.

Activities of the QA in the Iteration Phase
Once the QA testers seem to be happy with the acceptance criteria, they help defining the acceptance tests for that particular story. What are acceptance tests? Well, these are actually requirements in aspect of the tests that can be executed to understand the expectations from the requirements. These usually tend to be automated and help driving development. It is important to note that these should not involve too many scenarios of corner case as it would lead to unnecessary delays and might end up producing likewise automated tests.

People often fail understanding the fact that acceptance tests in terms of Agile projects are different from the conventional and traditional projects. Acceptance testing in such projects are conducted prior to delivering the software as against to the traditional projects, which involve performing tests at the software lifecycle end.

Purposeful Use of Automation
Automation in Agile can turn out to be quite controversial. Many people make the mistake of attempting to automate everything and end up being caught in a trap of long cycle feedback. Automation is all about providing feedback early in terms of the latest code alongside being the key to identifying what is worth and what is not.

Each automated test involves a cost associated with the same. The automation cost must always be compared to the cost of operating or running the test. The questions that should be asked in such situations are:

  • What to do in case it is not an automated test?
  • What can get lost and what would exactly be the cost of setting up things around the code that is responsible for the coverage loss?
  • Is manual testing cheaper?

Well, the answers to the questions might not always be straightforward in terms of finding the test value. It often ends up to be a contextual decision depending on the project size and the number of people engaged with the same. Alternatively, a lengthy feedback cycle equals more people contributing time for getting the instant feedback.

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Top 4 Case Studies – Why missing out on Load Testing can be disastrous!

Each enterprise wants to beat its competitors by launching a powerful website. So it always explores options to optimize the look, feel, performance and scalability of the website. In addition to keeping the visitors engaged, the web application also needs to handle the constant fluctuations in the size of the website traffic. No enterprise can predict the exact number of users who will simultaneously access its website. Therefore, it must load test the website thoroughly to ensure that it is stable, scalable and high-performance. There are many instances when the website development projects failed only due to failure in load testing. These companies could have optimized the performance and scalability of the websites simply by conducting load testing.

load testing servicesCase Study I
Each person wants to participate in the famed New York City Marathon. The people who cannot participate in the hugely popular event keenly follow the runners’ progress during the race. So many websites try to attract users by allowing them to observe the runners’ progress live. A popular online sports portal tried to broadcast the race without implementing a proper load testing plan. The webmasters even ignored to check if the website and web server are effective in handling an enormous size of traffic at average page duration of one second. The absence of a comprehensive load testing strategy made them face one of the worst-case scenarios for the performance of their websites as well as the server load. The webmasters rectified their mistakes, and load tested the application immediately to optimize its performance during the next New York City Marathon.

Case Study II
The owner of a popular online gift card store underestimated the significance of load testing. The entrepreneur even did not realize whether the website and web server are optimized to handle heavy load during busy holiday season. The owner realized the problem only when the website failed to deliver maximum capacity during the peak holiday season. However, the webmaster realized the problem immediately, and hired renowned software testing service provider to identify the problem. After evaluating the system and environment thoroughly, the professionals found problem in a key section of the code that affects the scalability of the web store. The web store owner could have avoided the problem easily thorough load testing during the development and deployment of the website.

Case Study III
Some companies even do not realize the significance of load testing while migrating to a new and advanced system. The new system definitely offers loads on innovative features, functionalities and advantages to an enterprise. A large communication service company failed to avail the benefits of an advanced system as it failed to implement a detailed load testing plan. It invested a huge amount of funds in buying and installing the mission-critical systems. But the systems failed to support the company’s workflow along with a large number of users. The load testers hired by the enterprise identified problem with the hardware. The new system needs higher specification hardware to support a large number of users.

Case Study IV
A popular online action sports network updates its websites at regular intervals without conducting any load testing. New sections were being added to the website to complement promotion and sponsoring of various sports events. At the same time, the website also allows participants to register by submitting information. The participants also have option to create their sports profiles, monitor the activities of competitors, and communicate with promoters and sponsors. After some time, the sports network realized that the website is working at a much slower pace. It hired experienced load testers to determine the nature of the exact problem. The testers prepare a comprehensive load testing plan, and suggested the changes required to optimize the performance and scalability of the website.

In each of the above mentioned cases, websites owners concentrate more on the features and functionality of the website. The enterprises failed to determine if the website is effective in handling a large number of visitors at a time. Some websites like the marathon portal and gift card store need to handle heavy traffic only at certain times. But no webmaster can predict when the website will attract an increasing number of visitors. So most enterprises, nowadays, are integrating load testing as part of the website development strategy. The test-driven development strategy will further optimize the performance and scalability of a website in the long run. Also, the enterprise can avoid maintenances required to meet huge website traffic.

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