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PHP for Your Small Business Website – Why Is It Good?

PHP has gained immense popularity of late. Particularly, when it comes to designing as well as developing websites for small scale businesses, this multipurpose scripting language is extremely adored. This popularity of PHP, amongst the small business runners can very well be attributed to certain properties that the language comes up with – more so, because these properties make PHP the fittest to be used by the small scale businesses that cannot afford to invest much.

php web development

Firstly, and most importantly, PHP helps in speedy as well as prompt implementation of various complex solutions, which increases the cost-efficiency, thereby increasing the competitive edge of the businesses as well. By saving cost along with time, it helps these smaller businesses to compete with the seasoned and the bigger players in the market.

Another astounding property of the language is that it can practically run on any type of platform – including Linux, Windows, UNIX, and so on. This means the smaller businesses, especially the ones that are running on shoestring budget do not have to opt for any specialized platform just to run PHP. This again takes us back to the concept of cost cutting, which is the main objective of any business, particularly, the smaller ones. Besides, PHP also has the capacity to seamlessly integrate with various other technologies (for example, Java) and this facilitates the re-use of the existing software components. This again saves the companies from opting from newer stuff. This is once more another major benefit of using PHP, with no investment needed for any re-development of the software that already exists.

PHP also shows off a great extent of flexibility. This is particularly important for businesses, because the functionality of projects quite often changes during the lifetime. One of the greatest advantages of PHP is that it is flexible to implementation of changes even once the development is under way without any substantial loss of time, which is a very valuable factor.

Another fantastic aspect of the language is that much due to its immense popularity, there are a number of free resources available online, and their number is constantly increasing. Therefore, if and when any suggestions related to CMS, frameworks, ecommerce, blogs, or anything are needed, they are readily available, for there is a high probability that someone or other had already designed something similar beforehand.

Also, as it is an open source language, an appreciable number of extensions as well as libraries and extent of the core functionality are readily available on the net. Even the PHP source code can easily be modified for including the custom-created extensions along with the components, which increases the extensibility by a great extent.

Another factor that has made it a good option for the smaller business is the ready availability of PHP developers. Once PHP is chosen as the principal web development language, the recruitment process becomes less cumbersome for businesses, which is always a welcome relief for the businesses that are small.
Some of the other factors that make the language good for small business are:

  • It is a free and open source language, and is designed, developed and regularly updated by a number of developers, which makes all its components available to be used free of cost and easy to distribute.
  • The language is capable enough to design any type of site. It is also capable of handling sites that deal with a huge volume of traffic (for example, the social media sites).This helps small businesses to promote their products or service across these social media sites.
  • It comes up with syntax that are easily readable as well as understandable.
  • It is independent of the type of platform it is used on
  • It supports all the principle web servers as well as databases
  • It helps in faster development
  • It is safe as well as secure
  • It helps businesses to reach out to larger volume of communities quickly as well as effortlessly

Hence, all these features and properties that PHP comes up with make this language an unparalleled asset for businesses, especially the smaller ones, when it comes to website development.

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Few Facts about PHP that Every Developer Should Know

As a dynamic server-side scripting language, PHP is used widely for developing websites and internet applications. The programmers can simply integrate the HTML and PHP code to attain the desired effects. PHP code can also be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of web development frameworks and templating engines. At the same time, the developers also have option to use PHP frameworks to build large and complex internet applications without putting any extra time and effort. But it is also important for each web programmer to become familiar with the most important features of hugely popular server-side scripting language. Continue reading Few Facts about PHP that Every Developer Should Know

Symfony and Its Best Features that Help in Web Development

As an open source PHP framework, Symfony is being used widely for creating websites and web application. The framework is designed with the features to accelerate the development and maintenance of internet applications. Along with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, Symfony also comes with a set of decoupled and reusable components. So many enterprises avail the best features of Symfony to accelerate the development and maintenance of complex and enterprise-level web applications. Continue reading Symfony and Its Best Features that Help in Web Development

How can PHP be of Help to Educational Institutions?

A constant increase is noted in the number of students opting for online education. In addition to allowing students to learn at their own pace and convenience, the online courses require educational institutions to adopt a personalized and student-centered teaching approach. So each educational institution, nowadays, explore options to optimize both conventional and online educational facilities. Despite being designed originally as a server side scripting language for website and internet application, PHP is widely used as general purpose programming language. An education institution can avail several benefits by embracing the programming language that is already installed on millions of websites and web servers.

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Key Advantages of PHP for Educational Institutions

Choose from Several Web 2.0 based School Management Systems
An educational institution has option to choose from a variety of web 2.0 based school management systems developed using PHP. At the same time, it can even consider adopting open source PHP online school management systems and student information systems like Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle). Thus, it becomes easier for the teachers to create and administer the online courses without any hassle. These technologies further enable the institute to manage its conventional and web-based educational facilities more efficiently.

PHP Scripts to Create Web-Based School Management Systems
The large educational institutions often need customized school management systems according to their specific requirements. The customized systems are also more effective in complementing the complex course structures and administration policy. An institute can hire a developer to build custom school management systems with robust PHP scripts like Ekattor, MyPHPSchool, Centre and SchoolMation. The programmer can further use the tools to convert the stand-alone systems into web-based solutions to facilitate the creation and administration of courses, along with operation management.

Mange Courses, Semesters and Terms More Efficiently
Often the teachers and support staff have to put both time and effort to manage the courses, semesters and terms smoothly. The PHP-based school management systems will save their time and effort, while ensuring that the operations are carried out without any hassle or flaw. In addition to creating, editing and updating the courses, the teachers can use the system to efficiently manage course sections. Also, they can use the system to setup and manage both semesters and terms. At the end of each term, the faculty can further enter letter grades for each student.

Facilitate Communication and Interaction
The PHP-based school management system can also be used for communication management. It allows users to save the frequently used queries, and run them whenever the need arises. Similarly, the system also enables the administrators to save custom email templates. The custom templates can be used to send email communications to students, faculty and staff. At the same time, it also facilitates the interactions between the students and faculty. On the whole, the system will provide a consistent and comprehensive environment for interaction among the faculty, staff and students despite being located in different places.

Optimize the Security of Your Educational Resources
As the education management system is developed using PHP, the educational institution can avail several security features of the programming language. An organization can always secure the storage, access and usage of its online educational resources by implementing the desired restrictions. It can further implement a personalized login credential system to ensure that the online resources are available only to the authorized users. PHP-based school management systems further back up the educational data constantly to avoid any data loss.

Several reports have highlighted how an educational institution can curtail its operational expenses by launching online education programs and courses. PHP makes it easier for an institution to launch new courses within a short span of time, while delivering richer user experience. At the same time, the PHP-based integrated school management systems enable the institute to meet the new trends in education management.

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PHP key features that makes web app development smoother, faster & easier

PHP means PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and is HTML’s embedded scripting language like JSP or ASP, combining elements of Java, Perl and C. Many programmers and companies use this language as daily coding ritual; the code snippets as well as the open source frameworks help the developers. However, understanding the base PHP classes, functions and methods is a huge advantage. Here’s taking a close look at some of the key features of the language which will make web application development easier, smoother as well as faster.

php application developmentjson_decode and json_encode- PHP has two extreme functions by using JSON or JavaScript Object Notation strings which is a standard that is text based and normally functions for sending and receiving of data with simple, easily legible structure. There are two functions which can help you manipulate the data from and to JSON. When utilizing json_encode the first argument is set as the data and then this converted data string will be returned by PHP, then used for output on API or even included in HTML template so that the JavaScript code can read it. json_decode is its opposite.

PDO Class- PHP Data Object or PDO is exclusively used for connection with MySQL databases by providing a good layer of abstraction around database driver sets. This essentially means that no matter what database is being used, with PDO support the same functions can be used for the performing of the same database actions. The code becomes more portable for using the web application on a variety of databases without any additional development time. Several standardized functions are provided by PDO Class like creation prepared statements, creating transactions and allowing escape variables if the need so arises.

Glob () for file-finding- Glob() may be referred to as scandir() function’s more capable version. This allows you to search files with the use of patterns. Multiple types of files can be fetched by using this as well. In fact the files can be actually returned with path according to the query generated. For full path of each, the realpath() function can be called on returned values.

Generating unique IDs- Sometimes there arise certain situations which might warrant the generation of unique strings. To achieve that people often use the function md5() which is not really meant for that. Instead of that a PHP function called uniqid() may be used for that. Several characters at first may seem to be similar despite the strings being unique; this is attributed to the relation with server time and generated string. A good side effect to this is that each newly generated id comes in alphabetical order which aids in the sorting. Chances of duplicacy can be reduced by passing second parameter or prefix so that entropy can be increased. Nevertheless the strings generated by the function will be much shorter than md5(), saving a lot of space for you.

Unit testing- Automated code testing within the app is enabled through this. For all major projects some unit testing may be added. All reviewed PHP frameworks either use PHPUnit that is like the de facto testing suite for PHP or have their very own methods for unit testing.

Templating- This is the way codes can be organized within views. It attempts to find out the best way for code organization within the view. Before MVC frameworks a good solution was Smarty Template.

The features given are just the tip of the iceberg. PHP results in endless possibilities which may be best harnessed only if the features can be grasped fully. The learning curve may be steep and long but truly worthwhile. PHP can form a good foundation for ecommerce systems, bespoke platforms, content management systems, etc. Being armed with PHP and its features, will help you tackle the new challenges that the web development world brings to you everyday.

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Why Is LAMP The Best Choice For Dynamic Web Development?

The development platform LAMP helps in determining the efficiency of an application. It contains safe Linux base, dependable MySQL database, open source scripting language and a popular Apache web server. Moreover, it allows developers to create a website at economic price ranges. Developers have increasingly started using it, intending to develop dynamic web applications. It is a software bundle or stack which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, Perl or Python. Opting for this development platform can be a good strategy for any organization with a web presence.

php web development IndiaWhy LAMP is a popular choice

For developers, web application development using this technology is the preferred option for creating a stable, reliable and highly efficient application. Using LAMP stack as its open source can be adapted to suit a given requirement quickly and easily.

Free technology

The greatest advantage of LAMP is that it does not involve license cost. While creating a site, if you opt for WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl/Python/PHP), you have to pay licensing fee to Microsoft. However, LAMP discounts this requirement. Therefore, with this application platform, you can develop effective sites at moderate prices.

Easy to code

It offers easy coding by ensuring that coding is relatively bug free. You do not need to go through a time consuming and exhaustive process of fixing the bugs.


This software enables web developers to enjoy the secured advantages of Linux. Therefore, in addition to affordable price, you can enjoy security as well. Linux distribution system is accessible in different versions and hence a web developer may opt for the one that best meets his requirement.

Easy deployment

For many developers, developing a web application becomes a tricky practice, especially when it is difficult to easily integrate the programming language with the database and server. With LAMP, there are no such problems as PHP is a standard Apache module. Therefore, deploying LAMP web applications becomes easier.

Delivers the best scripting language

LAMP development comes with several scripting languages including Pearl, Python and PHP. While creating a site, PHP is mostly preferred as it is an advanced scripting language. Furthermore, it is compatible even with the most complicated sites.

A dependable web server

LAMP renders users a stable as well as reliable web server in the form of Apache. According to many web developers, Apache is an excellent open source web server with easy usability. You can use it to connect any dynamic website with the web world. It also possesses a strong community which is meant to clarify problematic issues to users.

Offers flexibility and support

There are many reasons behind the popularity of LAMP development and these include easy customization and simple structure. People using this application are aware that it involves relatively simpler coding structure. Additionally, it offers powerful community support. In case a developer faces any difficulty, the large community is there to extend every support required. For all these reasons, people prefer using LAMP, instead of WAMP or MAMP.

Local Development

Another huge benefit of using LAMP stack lies in the fact that a developer can build an application locally and then deploy it onto the web.

LAMP is extremely popular, however it is not possible for all developers to optimize its use. Hence, you need to choose the right kind of developer who is well experienced and expert in using the LAMP stack. This development platform ascertains the efficiency of an application. Choosing a wrong platform means the resultant application will not entirely match the client’s specifications. In recent times, businesses are looking for the type of application that is able to fast track their business processes with desired growth. To make this happen, they need a software that can easily be integrated into their existing IT infrastructure and one that can be trusted to deliver high performance.

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