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7 Beautiful Mobile UI’s for Your Prototyping Needs

The rapid advancement in communication technologies has made mobile devices an inseparable part of modern lifestyle. But the rapid technological developments and frequently changing user choices have made it a daunting challenge for enterprises to launch applications that will become popular within a very short span of time. Along with exploring fresh and innovative mobile application development ideas, it has also become essential for a business to evaluate its prototyping needs.

Before investing in a project, the developers must create mockups to check and optimize the interaction between end users and their designs. A proper mobile prototyping strategy can further contribute towards both time and resources. The developers also have options to pick from a large collection of Mobile user interfaces (UIs) based on specific mobile operating systems and their prototyping needs. Some of these UIs further make it easier for programmers to avail the advantages of the latest technologies like HTML5 and Cloud computing.

7 Widely Used Mobile Devices Prototyping Uis

1) Prototyping on Paper (POP)
Many developers still prefer UI sketches on paper. The simple yet powerful application for iOS enables such programmers to capture the UI sketches using their iPhone cameras, and add touch links to the captured sketches in an instant. Further, the sketched prototype can be published within the app, while receiving feedback from others. The free app also makes it easier for designers to avoid complexities by adopting a lean UI process.


2) Solidify
You can use Solidify to create clickable prototypes from your wireframe, sketches or mockup. The tool further enables you to carry out user tests in person to validate user flows on specific mobile devices. Also, you have options to carry out the test remotely, and receive the required feedback from testers. Along with conducting a variety of user tests, the tool further complements your prototyping needs by validating interactions and providing unbiased results.


3) InVision
The prototyping and collaboration application is designed to meet the prototyping needs of a distributed team. InVision comes with a set of tools required to share a single mockup in an instant, or to demonstrate a complex mobile app. The tools further make it easier for you to connect your digital wireframes, UX sketches and high-fidelity designs, in addition to sharing the details with you team. At the same time, you can use these features to create and make presentations.


4) Proto
It is one of the most advanced prototyping tools that support animation. So you can use the tool to optimize your designs, mockups or wireframes by incorporating touch events, animations and rich media. At the same time, the prototype can also be tested thoroughly by simulating exact user behaviors by rotating, tapping or swiping the app. Also, you have option to share the prototype easily with other members of your team, and receive their feedback.


5) AppCooker
The paid tool can be used by developers to create mockups, while making their applications ready for Apple App Store. Along with integrating with Box.net and DropBox, you can further import icons and user interface assets directly into the prototyping tool. Further, the tool enables you to access the complete collection of default Apple UI controls. However, the tool is currently available only for iPad. You have to use its companion app called AppTaster that is designed for iPhone and iPod touch.


6) FluidUI
Despite being designed as a multi-platform web app, FluidUI is still simple and easy-to-use. You can use the prototyping tool to rapidly design, develop, test and share mobile user interfaces. It also comes with the tools and elements required to develop applications for popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phones. Also, you have option to use the Google Chrome version of the tool to avail these features offline.


7) MakeAppIcon
Many reports have highlighted how the popularity of an app can be impacted by its icon. Along with designing a high resolution icon, you also need to ensure that it complements the specific requirements of the mobile device. As a web script, MakeAppIcon enables you to optimize an icon with the maximum resolution of 1024×1024 according to Apple’s guidelines related to retina and similar features of the devices. Despite being simple and easy-to-use, MakeAppIcon is still effective in saving the amount of time required to resize the icon manually according to Apple’s specific requirements.


In addition to the mobile UIs, the developers also have option to use a wide variety of templates and tools. They can further explore options to use a single mobile user interface technology that works seamlessly across multiple mobile platforms and devices.

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How Much Does a Mobile App Cost? It Depends on What You Need

Mobile applications have been growing increasingly popular and these are being used for numerous purposes today. Be it with respect to business, fun or entertainment, businesses are increasingly realizing the need to develop the mobile apps and use them essentially for marketing or promotional purposes. However, while developing a mobile app is a necessity, the cost involved in designing the same is a major point of concern. Now, the cost of developing an app is dependent on a lot of factors that most importantly include the individual choices and necessities. So, the cost that you will have to incur will be determined by the kind of application you are looking for. Here is a detailed overview:

The Type

Hire mobile app programmersThe type of the app is the predominant factor determining the development cost. Now, those with the simple and basic functionalities are less expensive while the complex ones are costlier. If you feel that your business needs one of those dynamic applications, you must have a higher budget range. The gaming based apps, incorporating 3D effects and so on, are naturally the most expensive of all.

The Design

The designing as well as the coding of apps require quite a lot of efforts to be put into the same. Now, web and graphic designers work on the design once the programming along with the functionality part is done. The overall design, which often determines the success or failure of the app, includes splash screens, tab icons and several other assets that automatically involve considerable costs.

Functionalities of the App

The kind of functionalities that the application will include, the category under which it will come and many other factors are taken into consideration. As such, the desired set of functionalities that you want your app to include will determine the price of the same to a significant extent.

The Engagement of a Developer

A qualified or skilled developer is must when it comes to developing a mobile application. Hiring a developer involves costs that the company has to bear. Again, the cost varies depending upon whether an in-house developer or someone on an hourly basis is hired.

Allowing the App to Go Live

After the app is built in the xCode, the developer can help get the same in the store. Now, if the store is iTunes for example, an iTunesConnect account needs to be set up and all the necessary information needs to provided. These are technical tasks that not only need to be handled by the experts but also require a great deal of financial resources.

With the application ready in the store, all the analytics can be monitored on the back side by means of the iTune Connect. Entrepreneurs try out several ways of deriving revenue from the applications such as that of advertising inside the app and so on. The PPC or SEO campaigns can be facilitated as well and this would involve costs in the initial stages to lead to the desired revenues in the long run.

Submitting the Applications

Submission of the applications is yet another essential factor determining the cost of developing an app. The popular application stores have to be targeted to get the highest- possible revenues from the applications. If professionals are being hired for submitting the applications, the cost will definitely go up to a certain extent.

With the above-mentioned factors playing crucial roles in determining the prices of the applications, it is always wise to devise a budget well beforehand. However, with the mobile applications turning out to be a dire necessity, it is obvious for entrepreneurs to be ready to spend some extra bucks to get much more in return.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Mobile App

With the population across the globe getting increasingly mobile savvy, organizations are rapidly realizing the fact that developing a mobile app is more of a necessity than a luxury. However, a large gap exists between wishing to have an app and designing or building one. Even brands or companies having a powerful online presence find it a challenging task to optimize their mobile applications.

Mobile app development

It is to be understood that an ideal app is a delicate blend between prudent engineering and skillful design, offering a great user-experience that ultimately leads to widespread adoption. Taking care of the beauty aspect is one of the crucial elements to consider while building a mobile application. Let us discuss 5 important things that a designer should consider while designing an app.

  • User Interface: It should be remembered that people prefer intuitive, simple as well as beautiful interfaces. A great idea backed by a poor design is sure to make a negative impact among the target audience. To come up with great designs, companies should hire the best UI/UX designers. It is also advisable to download some effective apps from the AppStore. By studying these, one can get well-versed with the best tactics and become capable of providing significant guidance to the developer. Moreover, it should be taken into account that mobile apps have tailor-made UI conventions. Going for the consistent methods always helps to catch the attention of the end-users.
  • Consider the touch aspect: In a majority of cases, mobile apps would be used by holding them in hand. Therefore, it would be good to consider the ergonomics and touch parameters. Just think of how the cellular device would be held in the hand and especially how the thumb would be positioned. That is the reason why a number of applications come with selectors and main menus at the bottom of the screen with content close to the screen’s top. It is a great idea to make use of visual cues to reveal that a particular item is touchable or has been subject to touch.
  • Keep in mind the various screen sizes: First of all it should be remembered that mobile interfaces are much smaller when compared to their desktop counterparts. So, while developing a mobile app, avoid interfaces that are suitable for bigger monitor screens and also keep away from loading great amount of information on a single screen. Given the same mobile platform, resolutions and screen sizes may also differ according to the device type. As a result, to develop an application that offer a consistent look and feel so far as the targeted devices are concerned, graphics as well as other user-interface elements should be scalable.
  • Leave some thought for the battery: It is a proven fact that users avoid apps which take a toll on their phone battery. To ensure optimal use of battery, it is advisable to keep away from unnecessary animations and background tasks, as well as minimize the use of location services. Make sure that you are using location services that leverage GPS. Moreover, do not include background tasks until and unless they are an absolute necessity, because apps running in background usually consume large amounts of battery power.
  • Customization for the end-user: It is crucial for a mobile app designer to keep the user in mind. Take into account the context within which the end-user will interact with the app. To reach effective customization, consider getting the creation tested by the least tech-savvy person you know. It is good to consider things like whether the font operates across manifold languages, if there are loads of white text against a dark background leading to poor readability, and so on.

A well-designed mobile app always makes a mark in the minds of the audience. Following the above-mentioned guidelines will definitely help organizations as well as developers come up with successful and attractive apps.

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The Publisher Mobile Surge By The Numbers – A Report

The surge in the mobile devices and Smartphones is noticeable right from the year 2006, which was also held as the “the year of mobile”. However, for the prominent publishers, the present year 2013 is actually the mobile year with the numbers of non-desktop traffic showing a steady increase. As such, publishers realize the need to cater to the mobile traffic with greater intensity compared to what they did even a few years back.

Mobile app development services

A Comprehensive Report

Here is a comprehensive report on what the important publishers had to say regarding this particular surge along with the way this phenomenon influenced them.

  • To begin with, BuzzFeed, one of the most recognized publishers, confirmed that 50% of the total traffic to their properties comes from the mobile users. The percentage of overall traffic from non-desktop users, which was only 31% in April last year, has almost tripled. The rapid growth of the mobile audience is obvious.
  • Forbes, another important publisher, on the other hand, revealed that more than 35% of the visitors to the properties of Forbes came from the Smartphones along with other smart devices. The percentage was less than 25 even a year back, which again, recorded a significant surge.
  • The non-desktop web traffic to Huffington Post showed an immense growth of 20% between just two months, July to September of the present year, 2013.
  • Though not a publisher, the prominent video site, YouTube recorded about 41% of its total traffic coming from non-desktop users. The percentage, which was just 6 in 2011, effectively points out to the surge.
  • SheKnows revealed a significant figure of 42% page views coming from users of mobile instead of desktops only. A growth rate of 56% year-over-year could be deduced from what the publisher had to say. A major portion of the traffic from non-desktop users comprised of people using tablets as well as Smartphone devices too.
  • The Awl’ sites have more than 30% of the traffic coming from tablets and phones, recording a 39% increase when compared to the same period last year.
  • About 38% of the total page views of yet another publisher, Complex.com, came from mobile users. A 58% increase was noticeable when the statistics of the last year was considered.

Factors Contributing to this Immense Surge

While the above-mentioned reports point out sufficiently well to the surge in usage of mobile, let us look in details at the possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

Brands Like Apple are continuously on the lookout for introducing newer and more user-friendly technology. For instance, the version 7 of the iPhone operating system brought about a lot of changes and certainly increased opportunities for the device users as well as the publishers.

Mobile devices have significantly influenced the lives of business professionals and consumers. Today, it represents 15% of the total global internet traffic and needless to mention, the rate is consistently on the rise.

Apart from mobiles and Smartphones, tablets also play an important role in occupying the market. An increased use of tablets further leads to a growth of the non-desktop users and urge the publishers to devise strategies to serve the smart device users better.

Apps come up as yet another reason behind the growing usage of tablets and Smartphones. As such, the promotional efforts put by the publishers and the digital newsstands are also driving substantial growth in paid digital subscriptions. To top all these, advertisers are adapting to the shifting paradigm in consumption of content and driving funds from desktop to the mobile platforms. Consequently, by 2017, it is expected and estimated by the eMarketer that mobile will take up about 36% of the total digital ad spend.

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7 Important Traits of a Great Mobile Learning App

With the growing popularity and increased use of the mobile hand held devices, these are being used for a number of purposes. These days, the devices are being implemented for delivering corporate and academic training, performance based applications, simulations- based learning as well as game- based learning solutions. Now, to execute these tasks with care and effectiveness, one needs to develop some excellent mobile learning applications.

So, what should be a great mobile learning app like or what must be the essential features of such a learning application? Here is a list of the 7 most important ones:

Top mobile app development companies1. High Interactive Quotient

An ideal application should be such that interacts with the target audience in the best- possible manner. When it comes to a learning app, the content that it puts forward is of utmost importance and hence must incorporate the following features:

  • It should be synthesized well
  • It must be presented in an attractive and functional manner
  • The content must be accurate while also being without any possible flaw
  • It should be relevant to the extent of catering to the exact learning requirements as well as fulfilling the learning objectives.

High level of interactivity justifies the development of the app.

2. Easy and Hassle-Free to Modify and Personalize

Making the content interactive is not just enough. Modifying and adjusting it as per the needs of the learner is essential to ensure high level of engagement. The users should be able to personalize the app and this is particularly true for the gaming applications. Kids love apps that keep them engaged and help them acquire new knowledge. This new knowledge is often applied to real- life scenarios too.

3. Eligible of Prompting Positive Feedback

A learning app for a hand held device must have all those attributes that pave the way for positive feedback from the learners. Now, the app makers keep the essential areas of concern of the learners in mind while being in the design process of the application. An appropriate application is one that not only receives proper feedback but also makes the learners get rid of their doubts, if any.

4. Facilitates Skill Development

An ideal learning app should have features that allow the learners to develop their skills. Now, skill development, in this respect, means acquiring the tools as well as techniques that can be used to gather resources to solve particular problems. The apps must contain activities and elements that urge the users to engage in high- order thinking.

5. Inter-generational Aspects

This feature is incorporated by the gaming apps that are particularly meant for the children. These applications are made to include traits that involve scopes for the involvement of the parents too. This way, the apps are made to have a greater appeal on all.

6. Usability and Functionality

A mobile learning application should be functional more than anything else. Users must not only be able to use it properly but also perform the required tasks once they have gained enough expertise in using the app. In the design procedure of any kind of application, the memorability of the same, that is, how much the users remember it even though they are not using it for some time, is also taken into consideration.

7. Incorporation of Social Interactions

Apps, these days, facilitate social integration, as this allows learners to engage in social interaction. This is something they just love doing. An excellent application would definitely be one that keeps the users excited and motivated all the time, whether by enabling them to be a part of the community or by some other ways.

A mobile learning application, in short, must have a combination of all the above- mentioned features to lead to an overall satisfactory experience of the users cum learners.

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5 Reasons Every Retailer Should Have a Mobile App

Mobile devices have become an integral part of the lifestyle and habits of modern people. Along with gathering information on various topics, most users also use their mobile devices to carry out a variety of transactions on the go. The growing popularity of mobile devices is also affecting the way traditional way of promoting and marketing products and services. The results of several surveys have highlighted how an increasing number of users are buying products or services using their mobile devices. Along with promoting products by targeting the most relevant customers, the app will further made it easier for a retailer to enable customers purchase the products in a quick and hassle-free way. So a retailer can always consider investing in retail app development to avail several benefits.

Why Mobile Applications have become Essential for Each Retailer?

1) Meet the Latest Trends in Shopping
Mobile app development companyThe busy lifestyles of modern people do not allow them to visit several shops. So most people, nowadays, use their smartphones or tablets to gather information about a specific product, service or store. Similarly, people also love to purchase products or services by downloading the mobile apps launched by different retailers. According to Compete.com, “Almost half of people who own smartphones are becoming mobile shoppers. People don’t just shop on their phones because of the convenience of mobility; one of the survey results indicated that 74% of shoppers do mobile shopping at home. Around 30% of them do mobile shopping at work.” So a retailer can always meet the latest trends in user choice by launching a customized mobile app.

2) Promote Your Brand
Each retailer finds it a daunting challenge to make customers consistently aware of his brand. Some stores even spend extra funds to attract and engage customers. The retail mobile app enables a retailer to remind customers about his brand without putting any extra efforts and money. As the retail application will remain on their handheld devices, it will consistently remind users about the brand. Further, the app can be used as a medium to seduce customers by conveying additional product information. The app can further make it easier for the user to buy the product by displaying the retail outlet locations according to his address. At the same time, a retailer can use push notifications to remind customers about new products or services.

3) Share Information through Customers
Most people stay connected with their friends, family and coworkers through social media. It is also a common practice among modern customers to share information about their shopping. Along with sharing information about the products purchased by them, the users also share their shopping experience. So the mobile app can be used by the retailer as a medium to encourage customers to share his products. The customers can further post product reviews and ratings to make it easier for their friends to pick the right product and store. Also, the app can fetch information from popular review websites to help customers in making the right decision.

4) Carry out Digital Marketing Campaigns
Each store has to make and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to promote its products by targeting the most relevant customers. Many retailers even customize their online promotional campaigns to target specific segment of customers. The retail mobile app will contribute towards optimizing digital marketing results. Along with sending catalogues and flyer to customers, the app will further enable retailers to attract them by offering promotional deals and coupons. Also, the digital marketing campaign can be carried out at a rapid pace by targeting the relevant customers.

5) Easy to Make Retail Mobile Applications
With more and more programmers switching to mobile application development, it has become easier for a store to build and launch its own app. A number of frameworks have further made it easier to build retail mobile applications using technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Further, the apps can be again customized to work seamlessly on major mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. The apps can also be designed as a product catalog or shopping cart by integrating a set of simple features. Despite being simple and easy-to-use, a retail app can still impress users by conveying important information like products and prices.

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile shopping has encouraged many retailers to launch mobile applications. According to some reports, over 80% of the top retailers have already launched customized mobile apps. So a store can consider launching its own app to beat competition. At the same time, it can leave it competitors behind investing in retail mobile app development. Certified app developers from a top mobile app development company can help you build innovative apps for your retail business. Are you already thinking of an idea to implement via a mobile app? Look no further. Try us.

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