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Choosing the Right Mobile Development Company – Few Measures

There are a lot of companies in the market that regularly come up with mobile apps on a regular basis. All of these companies will very naturally claim to be the best in the business. While on one hand, this may provide a lot of options to choose from, on the other, this may leave a you confused and you may end up choosing one that is either too much expensive for you or falls short of your requirements. However, when it comes to choosing one from amongst them, it is imperative to follow a certain process to make sure that the investment is justified and you have got exactly what is required, and that also at a reasonable price at the end of the day. Let us discuss the procedure of choosing the right mobile development company.

mobile developmentThe first and foremost thing that you need to look into is the development fee that the business will charge. In fact, cost is the basic parameter to eliminate businesses and narrow down the search. However, this does not imply that the business organizations, which will charge lesser price, will do a better job. The bottom line is that it is important to opt for a company that charges reasonable fees and get the job done by experienced developers.

It is important to ask for references from them. A handful of references will help in consulting with the past and present customers of the development house, to get an idea about the service they provide. It also provides an idea regarding the competence of the developers of the business organization in question.

The next thing that is required to be looked into is the venue where the company carries out its developmental work. There are a number of businesses that use overseas developers for reduction of development cost. This at times is associated with a substantial amount of risk as these foreign developers often run way behind the schedule. To add to the woes, there are communication issues due to time difference, language problem, and other reasons. Quality also at times takes a back seat in case developments are outsourced.

Find out the platforms that the company has specialized. There are few businesses, which are better while dealing with iPhones. Some others are more competent with Android.

Opt for the ones that help in deployment of apps. A company might be outstanding in developing the best app, but it will be of no use to you if you do not have access to it. Hence, looking for a developing company that helps in deployment of app is most crucial.

Bank on experience. Do not put your money on newcomers, especially when dealing with a huge project involving a huge amount. It is crucial to opt for a development house that has a substantial amount of experience in similar kind of projects. Access their portfolio to have an idea about the extent of experience they have, when it comes to development of similar kinds of apps.

Opt for a company you can build a sound relationship with. Development of mobile app is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Apps generally undergo multiple evolutions, evaluations, as well as cycles that constantly depend upon the feedback of clients. Hence, opt for developing companies that will be easily accessible and will stick with you all along the product life cycle and will not become inaccessible, once they are through with the development and hosting of the app.

Do not get lured too much by price. It is best not to opt for the ones who provide you cheap services. On the other hand, it’s not that those who that charge exorbitant fees need to be summarily avoided. It should be the quality of service and experience that should be the determining factors.

If you are not too much confident about your own judgment prowess, it is safer to consult a specialist, who will be able to guide through the entire process of selecting the right mobile developing company.

You can hire developer from top mobile app development India companies who can guide you in detail about the benefits of both approaches.

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Developing Mobile Apps – Some Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile apps or application development is the mechanism that is followed to develop application software for various handheld devices like personal as well as enterprise digital assistance devices or mobile phones.

After the induction of iPhones and Smart Phones, tablets and other high tech hand held devices, people are slowly shifting their focus from the conventional ‘bigger’ devices like laptops and desktops to the relatively smaller handheld devices. This understandably has increased the popularity as well as the need of mobile app development by many folds. The process, however, is not that easy. Developers often end up committing several mistakes. These mistakes at times play the role of deterrent in providing enough mobility to an application, which in turn results in marketing disaster.

mobile app development

Improper Planning
This is one of the major loopholes or fallacies that often plague the practice of mobile app development. Without a proper planning nothing works and application development is no different. If and when an app is designed without any substantial planning of the end result, it is likely that the end product will be a worthless one and will hardly be able to serve the very purpose that it is intended for. Hence, before you actually start the development, it is imperative that you plan the entire ‘thing’ in a transparent way so that you do not lose the way midway. Moreover, the product should be such that it will show the users the right way and will fulfill the purpose properly.

Ignoring the apparently trivial thing(s)
Ignoring things that are apparently trivial is another mistake that developers tend to end up committing. Things like login details, interference of graphic as well as animations with the basic website usability are often ignored at the first instance. These apparently trivial issues subsequently snowball into disasters, thereby hindering the very functionality of the apps to a considerable extent. Hence, each and every aspect of the app should be taken into account seriously in order to ensure a flawless development along with ultimate execution. The very purpose of the development should be to ensure that the app that is developed is user-friendly, appealing, as well as adored by the users of every age group and that also for a substantial amount of time.

Refrain from creating a scrolling design
Too much of scrolling will surely deter the users. They do not like scrolling too much nowadays. Hence, you need to make sure than the app does not have much of scrolling designs. The idea behind designing the app should be such that the user is never forced to do anything. They should be able to see things without much of an effort, seamlessly.

Ignoring the Sharing Option
People generally tend to share apps they are using with their friends, colleagues, family members along with other individuals they know. Hence, the apps developers will have to have a substantial amount of sharing option so that things can be shared with others easily. Then again, the option needs to be absolutely user friendly.

Building apps for multiple platforms separately
This is another very common mistake that the developers commit. They tend to build one platform first and then follow it up with other platforms. This doubles the engineering costs and the time taken. Hence, it is better to finalize an application on Android and then have a few iterations and then port to iOS or the other way round. This will also get the MVP or Minimum Viable Product out to the stands at the earliest, besides cutting the costs to almost half.

Not taking the issue of Monetization into account
If someone assumes that as soon as a site is developed clients will just come and start paying, that is a great mistake. There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded free of cost. Hence, one should think how to monetize the app right from the scratch. Some of the common myths regarding monetization that need to be avoided include:

1. Advertisements will support the app
2. A company will acquire the app as soon as it is developed
3. Users will start paying for the app
4. First of all scalability needs to be emphasized – monetization can be taken into account much later.

There are a number of other mistakes that app developers can commit. However, there needs to be a specific planning in order to avoid these blunders.

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Building Highly Addictive & Viral Mobile Apps

Thanks to the huge popularity which is growing with every passing day, the future of mobile apps market looks extremely bright, especially when it comes to making a considerable revenue earning. However, this also gives rise to the necessity of expanding different strategies of digital marketing. Naturally, a sizeable amount of time along with effort are been nowadays spent, with the view to develop various types of mobile apps that are worth downloading.

The designs need to be exceptional

expert mobile app developersThe apps need to be designed from “inside out”. That means, the designs need to be such that they will embrace all the potentials along with the limitations. The concept of designing or developing mobile apps is absolutely different from designing and developing apps meant for traditional desktop computers or laptops.

The design needs to be drawn on real life

The applications need to be designed in an intuitive way so that they fit in the real life requirements. However, when it comes to fulfilling the requirements, the best mobile apps not only fulfil the physical requirements of the modern day to day life but also satisfy the psychological needs as well, so that the customers get a psychologically gratifying experience.

The designs need to be created at first by clearly defining the concept that they are going to focus on, and then follow it up by coding or making the illustration. The key to success in creating addictive as well as compelling apps is the context that is created. The concept of the context must be drawn from the comparable objects of real life along with the day to day interactions of various kinds. The idea is to engage as many things as possible that are familiar to the users or audience.

Keep things simple and straight

It is imperative to keep things as simple and straight as possible while designing. According to the experts, this will help to avoid designing something that is not needed at all. Great apps are those which stay focused on things or ideas that are absolute necessary.

Focus on one thing to excel

Addictive and viral apps are those which are single-purpose in nature and come up with certain functional features that help the users in their daily activities without any complications whatsoever. There are a number of funny as well as quirky apps available in the market but the credit lies in creating an app that would solve the common daily problems. That’s what makes an app addictive as well as viral! Hence, the key to success is thinking about the idea behind designing the app instead of the app itself.

Offer incentives to the users

The apps need to provide some kind of value added service to the users. That means in order to go viral, they need to go beyond being mere mobile websites. They need to offer better as well as quicker services, in such a way that users can get whatever information they need at their finger tips right when they need. It is this which makes an app popular. It should help people to interact with the others, provide notifications about users’ actions and so on. Rewarding users for their actions or behaviours proves to be highly addictive. Popularizing those rewards to the social media can help an app to go viral.

Being Unconventional

This is another way of making an app addictive. Thinking differently, making an app that is quite different from the others are the best ways to make an app highly popular so much so that it goes viral.

There are a number of other ways in which an app can be made popular. The entire thing depends upon the designer, the developer and their imaginations or innovations. They can incorporate newer as well as unique ways to make an app adorable. The bottom line is that the app in question needs to have unparalleled quality, visibility, usability along with stability that make all the difference.

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Mobile website vs Mobile App: Which should you use?

The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has compelled enterprise to promote their businesses by targeting mobile platforms. Each organization has several options to target the mobile device users. Some companies launch mobile business apps to attract their existing customers and prospects. At the same time, many organizations optimize the look and feel of their websites for mobile web browsers. However, both mobile website and mobile apps have their own pros and cons. So each enterprise must compare and evaluate these two options to target more relevant users.

Evaluating Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

User Access
mobile app developmentA business mobile app needs to be downloaded by the users. Once the user downloads and install the application on his mobile device, he can avail its features simply with a single click. On the other hand, a mobile website can be accessed by users immediately on their mobile web browsers. Further, the mobile version of your business website can also be accessed by using mobile version of various online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The mobile applications are more effective in keeping users engaged by offering efficient and high quality functionality. Your business can always impress users by allowing them to perform complex tasks like getting information about products, placing order and tracking payment without any hassle. But the mobile website does not allow users to carry out any such transactions directly. But you can use the mobile website as a medium to get more inquiries and website visits.

A number of reports have highlighted how a mobile app runs at a much faster pace than the mobile websites. So the mobile applications will help you in keeping users engaged by delivering rich user experience. The mobile websites also require users to be connected to the internet to access the mobile websites. But many mobile applications can be accessed by users without having any internet connection.

Technological Requirements
Most organizations, nowadays, launch different versions of the same enterprise app by targeting different mobile platforms. So each version of the app must be developed using technologies and programming language according to the requirements of the mobile operating system. So businesses have to hire mobile app developers to implement their ideas. On the other hand, the mobile version of your website can be developed without putting any extra time and effort. Your website designer can use some simple tricks to create and optimize the mobile website.

Development Cost
As your existing website can be easily optimized for the mobile web browsers, you are not required to incur any heavy expenses. But cost of the mobile application development project will vary according to the features and functionalities of the app. Further, you have to promote the app on various platforms to enhance its popularity. So the overall cost of developing, launching and marketing a mobile application may be huge. It is always a good idea to keep in mind your budget, while evaluating these two options.

An organization has option to launch the free as well as paid version of the app. When a user loves the features and functionality offered by the free version of the application, he will not hesitate to download the paid version. Further, an organization can implement a comprehensive promotional strategy to make its paid apps popular. The free apps can also be used as a medium to generate revenue by including in-app purchases and in-app advertisement. So it is always easier to monetize a mobile application in comparison to a mobile website.

Each organization also needs to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to launch a popular business mobile application. But it can optimize the mobile version of the website without putting any extra time and effort. So an enterprise must evaluate cost and ROI benefits before taking a decision in favor of any one. You can hire mobile application programmer from top mobile app development companies who can guide you in detail about the benefits of both approaches.

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Are your users quitting your app?

You can always launch a popular mobile app by keeping in mind the current trends in technology and customer demand. But you must remember that each customer has options to choose from a large collection of apps offering similar features and functionalities. Therefore, it becomes essential to optimize the efficiency and performance of your mobile app to beat completion. Many reports have highlighted that over 50% of mobile app users will exit if a system doesn’t load within 5 seconds. So your development plan must consider some of the key measures make the mobile application work faster. You can even consider some of the most effective practices to make the app faster and popular.

4 Smart Ways to Make Your Mobile App Work Faster

1) Optimize the Images
hire mobile application programmerOften the loading speed of a mobile application is impacted by the quality of images. In comparison to the images displayed on desktops, the mobile app images need to be smaller. Further, the images must be scaled to the right size to avoid several issues related to performance and memory. At the same time, you can further reduce the load on server by scaling the images to the size exactly required by the mobile device. The correctly sized images will make your app load faster by reducing the workload on the device as well as server.

2) Use JSON Web Services
The mobile application developers have options to create web services using several technologies like SOAP and XML, and JSON. Many experts have highlighted how the XML responses are much larger than JSON responses. As the mobile app normally do not display all fields on a page to users, you must ensure that the server is returning only the data required by the client. The workload on the server can be reduced drastically by specifying which fields will be included in a request. As entity tags (ETags) are a part of HTTP, you can even consider using these to deliver the content that are not updated or modified frequently.

3) Prioritize Client Requests
Similar to websites, a mobile app also needs to handle several client requests at a time. So you must differentiate client requests to reduce the app loading time. It is also important to prioritize the requests by implementing an efficient request queue. The request queue will further cancel the requests that are no longer relevant, or block users to perform a new action. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the connections are reused to idle cycles are used to respond to the next request. In case the network is not reliable, you can even consider queuing up a batch of client requests till the internet connectivity is back.

4) Look for Smart Ways to Implement Caching
Each app can be designed with cache to memory as well as to the file system using ETags. You can always consider a caching option that does not go over the network. If you decide to cache to the file system, it is a good idea to restrict the number of concurrent file accesses, along with deleting the irrelevant data. Further, you have to predict the upcoming user requests, while caching the responses already sent to the user. When the next set of user requests are already cached before the user requests, the user can access content at once. The smart caching implementation will further help you in delivering optimized user experience.

The mobile application must be tested thoroughly under different conditions and emulating maximum use behavior. Along with the development strategy, your testing plan for the application also needs to identify the flaws that increase its loading time. Before you take a decision to hire mobile application programmer for your app idea, it is highly suggested to evaluate the vendor’s expertise in not only product/app development but also testing.

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Data-driven test automation is the best mobile application testing strategy

Using software for execution of tests as well as determining whether the predicted outcome and actual outcome are same or not on basis of those tests is known as test automation. Automation phases in software appears during the testing as well as implementation phase. Automated testing helps organizations accomplish the goal of adequately tested software as fast and thoroughly as possible. The coverage is also increased and the need for testing manually is reduced. Through this type of evaluation, minor defects which remain unexposed by manual testing are discovered. In fact, there are plenty of other advantages associated with this kind of evaluation, making it absolutely indispensable in the world of software. This is especially so for testing of mobile applications since it is a much more complicated process with the number of varying platforms along with operating systems of tablets, smartphones, etc.

software testing servicesAutomated tests need proper execution environment; in this case it is an automation or testing framework which is an overall system for the automation of tests. The framework or support or work platform for the evaluations constitutes a set of concepts, practices as well as assumptions. The framework is application independent and can be easily expanded, maintained and perpetuated. Testing frameworks are of different types- modular, keyword driven, hybrid and data driven.

For data driven testing, data files supply the test’s output and input values. Separate files store the expected output and input results. Although, the file is generally in tabular formats, it can be a CVS file, Excel file, DAO object, ODBC source, ADO object, etc. In such a framework variables are used for output verification values along with input values. All coded information related to navigating through evaluation status logs and application, reading of data files, etc are there in evaluation scripts. The test case remains encapsulated in information files and scripts remain a means for data delivery or a “driver”. Just the test information is contained in the data files of this type of evaluation.

Data-driven testing framework has a number of advantages like-

  • The scripts can be created even during the ongoing development of applications.
  • You can greatly reduce unnecessary duplication as well as redundancy of automated test scripts creation because records and files are used for verification of data along with input and also because of the modular type design.
  • When there arises changes in the functionality, all you need to do is revise the script of the specific “Business Function”.
  • Details as well as information like expected results, outputs or inputs are stored in form of text records which can be managed very conveniently.
  • Errors can be handled better which results in more robust testing scripts. This is mainly because during the calling of scripts the functions return with “FALSE” or “TRUE” values, the entire thing is not aborted. Just creating a nice “recovery” program results in the execution of test scripts without needing any attendance.

Data-driven frameworks have certain disadvantages as well. For the automation tool, you need to be an expert on the scripting language; for each test case, many data-files are needed. In fact, evaluation plan information has to be re-entered by test engineer in varying data-files and on top of that the test plan has to be properly managed as well. However, the advantages of data-driven test automation outnumbers the disadvantages. With this type of testing, new test cases can be easily added just by adding new entry into information source. Also different sets of information help cover many aspects of the features of applications, thus increasing the test coverage. One script can test application functionality which makes this automation framework the best mobile application testing strategy.

You can hire software testing companies who can help you create and execute the perfect mobile app testing strategy.

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