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Load Testing – An Effective Measure To Avoid Bugs In Your Website

First of all, let us know what actually Load Testing is. It is the process that is followed to put demands on a particular system or device, and measure its response. This type of software evaluation is performed for determination of the behavior of a definite system under normal circumstances as well as during anticipated conditions of optimal load. The process also helps in identification of the operating capacity of any application along with bottlenecks and technical glitches (if any) that are responsible for any degradation or hindrance of normal activity whatsoever.

Let us discuss some of the load testing measures that you need to take in order to avoid the presence of bugs in your websites.

load testing

Early Start
The planning of the load evaluation needs to be started pretty early – during the designing phase. This is to ensure that you are not caught off guard during the development owing to any uncalled for incidence. The thumb rule is that you need to carry out your work with a notion that there will be issues and problems to encounter.

Do not make underestimations as this may prove extremely costly. The two most common underestimations that people generally tend to make are on the number of mistakes that are to be taken care of and the nature of the mistakes that will have to be rectified.

Defining the Environment
This is another step that needs to be taken to keep bugs at bay. You need to define the testing environment and for that you need to assess the kind of effort that is required. It is also imperative that a separate environment for the evaluation, suitable for production is created. It is to be seen that the configuration of the machine, its speed, as well as the set up are same as otherwise; extrapolation of performance becomes virtually impossible. One of the most important tasks is reducing the uncertainty and answering certain questions with some conclusive evidences. But for any comparable hardware, you can at the best make some wild guesses, which most of the times, are far from accurate.

Load evaluation of an application generally ensures that the application is ready to perform once it is live. Generally, this type of testing answers the following questions in a proper and conclusive way:

  • Whether the application will crumble when subjected to stress and load
  • Can all the pre-defined targets of performance be met
  • How many users can handle the website in question one at a time

Performance related issues are quite common. These issues emanate from the following reasons:

  • Issues regarding software configuration
  • Poor quality of network configuration
  • Poorly optimized and improper software coding

A proper load evaluation process saves the companies from financial loss resulting from poor performance of the software and the interruption of service it causes. While testing, it is imperative to take into account the following points:

  • Potential loss of the customers, partners and clients
  • Reduction of employee productivity
  • Damage to the corporate or brand value
  • Unnecessary expense of acquiring hardware that are not needed
  • Extra cost for fixing issues in case of any emergency
  • Setting up inappropriate contingency plans that only increases the expenses

A typical load testing software would avoid all these issues. Besides, it has the following benefits:

  • Low licensing fees
  • An ergonomic graphical interface, that will reduce the man hours needed for manual testing
  • Substantial reduction of hardware costs, due it its cross platform capabilities that allow the loads or stresses to be generated on a variety of platforms or domains

Hence, from the technical point of view, load testing provides a lot of advantages the users when it comes to recording the business actions that are performed within a particular web application with a view to keep the bugs at bay.

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Software Stress Testing Protects Enterprise Apps

An organization has option to evaluate the quality of an enterprise application through both manual and automated software testing options. But the test strategy must consider evaluating both functional as well as non-functional aspects of the application. Along with the look, feel, features and functionalities of the software, it is also important to test beyond its normal operational capacity. Software stress testing is used to determine the stability and operational capacity of an application.

QA testing servicesThe key objective of the non-functional testing is to ensure that the enterprise apps do not crash in the live environment due to insufficient memory, disk space or other computational resources. Along with considering the correct behavior of the enterprise application under normal circumstances, the testing further aim to protect it in production environment by emphasizing on availability, robustness and error handing under a heavy load.

How to Protect Enterprise Apps in Live Environment through Stress Testing

Finds Critical Memory Problems
Often enterprise apps crash due to lack of adequate memory. But the flaws will not reflect in a single instance. So stress tests need to be carried out constantly to find the critical memory problems and concurrency bugs. A simple and straightforward stress test is further effective in identifying all flaws that makes the application crash. The QA engineers can simply keep on putting additional load on the server to decide the stress level required to make the software crash.

Automate Tests
The application needs to be tested repeatedly and beyond its normal operational capacity. Unlike load testing, stress testing aims to determine the load under which the application crashes, along with what causes the failure. So the testing must be carried out continuously to ensure that the app does not crash in live environment. As the test cases need to be executed repeatedly can be automated to get better results, stress testing can also be automated. An organization also has option to choose from several stress testing tools to save both time and effort.

Continuous Integration
Along with stress testing automation, an organization also needs to concentrate on continuous integration. As most enterprises do not automate the deployment process completely, the chances of human error increase substantially. Thus, continuous integration becomes essential to minimize these potential manual errors. However, an enterprise has to invest in custom hardware to facilitate continuous integration. But the tools and hardware procured for stress testing automation can be used to integrate additional tests at the enterprise level.

Deploy Developers
In addition to the hardware, continuous integration will further require the involvement of developers and operations. The automated tests must be developed and coded properly. Similarly, the hardware must be maintained on a regular basis. So each organization has to make and implement a continuous integration strategy by involving the app developers, QA engineers and operations. The seamless coordination between these distinct teams will make it easier to decide the load under which the application crashes.

Keep Adding Heavy Load
The stress testing can be further effectuated by putting heavy loads to make the enterprise app struggle. It is always important to keep in mind that the stress testing software applications are being executed with the sole aim of making the app struggle as the load increase. Along with increasing the level of load applied on the app constantly, the stress testing needs to be done again and again without allowing the app to recover even once. The performance of an application under heavy load can be determined accurately only by trying to break it.

However, stress testing must be integrated seamlessly with load, fail-over, reliability, baseline and targeted infrastructures to generate more accurate and reliable test results. The test results can also be used to take several important decisions related to the launch and promotion of the specific enterprise application.

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Top 4 Case Studies – Why missing out on Load Testing can be disastrous!

Each enterprise wants to beat its competitors by launching a powerful website. So it always explores options to optimize the look, feel, performance and scalability of the website. In addition to keeping the visitors engaged, the web application also needs to handle the constant fluctuations in the size of the website traffic. No enterprise can predict the exact number of users who will simultaneously access its website. Therefore, it must load test the website thoroughly to ensure that it is stable, scalable and high-performance. There are many instances when the website development projects failed only due to failure in load testing. These companies could have optimized the performance and scalability of the websites simply by conducting load testing.

load testing servicesCase Study I
Each person wants to participate in the famed New York City Marathon. The people who cannot participate in the hugely popular event keenly follow the runners’ progress during the race. So many websites try to attract users by allowing them to observe the runners’ progress live. A popular online sports portal tried to broadcast the race without implementing a proper load testing plan. The webmasters even ignored to check if the website and web server are effective in handling an enormous size of traffic at average page duration of one second. The absence of a comprehensive load testing strategy made them face one of the worst-case scenarios for the performance of their websites as well as the server load. The webmasters rectified their mistakes, and load tested the application immediately to optimize its performance during the next New York City Marathon.

Case Study II
The owner of a popular online gift card store underestimated the significance of load testing. The entrepreneur even did not realize whether the website and web server are optimized to handle heavy load during busy holiday season. The owner realized the problem only when the website failed to deliver maximum capacity during the peak holiday season. However, the webmaster realized the problem immediately, and hired renowned software testing service provider to identify the problem. After evaluating the system and environment thoroughly, the professionals found problem in a key section of the code that affects the scalability of the web store. The web store owner could have avoided the problem easily thorough load testing during the development and deployment of the website.

Case Study III
Some companies even do not realize the significance of load testing while migrating to a new and advanced system. The new system definitely offers loads on innovative features, functionalities and advantages to an enterprise. A large communication service company failed to avail the benefits of an advanced system as it failed to implement a detailed load testing plan. It invested a huge amount of funds in buying and installing the mission-critical systems. But the systems failed to support the company’s workflow along with a large number of users. The load testers hired by the enterprise identified problem with the hardware. The new system needs higher specification hardware to support a large number of users.

Case Study IV
A popular online action sports network updates its websites at regular intervals without conducting any load testing. New sections were being added to the website to complement promotion and sponsoring of various sports events. At the same time, the website also allows participants to register by submitting information. The participants also have option to create their sports profiles, monitor the activities of competitors, and communicate with promoters and sponsors. After some time, the sports network realized that the website is working at a much slower pace. It hired experienced load testers to determine the nature of the exact problem. The testers prepare a comprehensive load testing plan, and suggested the changes required to optimize the performance and scalability of the website.

In each of the above mentioned cases, websites owners concentrate more on the features and functionality of the website. The enterprises failed to determine if the website is effective in handling a large number of visitors at a time. Some websites like the marathon portal and gift card store need to handle heavy traffic only at certain times. But no webmaster can predict when the website will attract an increasing number of visitors. So most enterprises, nowadays, are integrating load testing as part of the website development strategy. The test-driven development strategy will further optimize the performance and scalability of a website in the long run. Also, the enterprise can avoid maintenances required to meet huge website traffic.

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