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How will HTML5 Transform Mobile BI and CRM?

As a core technology markup language for the web, HTML5 comes with the elements and attributes required for developing robust web and mobile applications. A number of reports have also highlighted the effectiveness of HTML5 in building mobile business intelligence (BI) and CRM applications compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices.

Unlike Flash, Java and Silverlight, HTML5 is supported by most browsers and devices. So it becomes easier for developers to create rich mobile BI and CRM apps by integrating mail, multimedia and similar content. HTML5 further enables programmers to write code using HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make increate the application’s portability and compatibility.

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HTML5 – Top Reasons for Programmers to Choose

HTML5, the 5th in the generation of the technology markup internet language is designed to improve the language with the latest multimedia support that keeps it readable as well as easy to comprehend for the human, hardware systems and devices like the web browsers, parsers, etc. This makes the markup language, one of the most popular, in the fraternity of computer programming.

Let us discuss in details, the top few reasons for the programmers to opt for this language.

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HTML5 and what it means for the mobile industry

HTML5 is hyper-text markup language’s latest version which can be used for building of websites as well as apps. However, it is finding most popularity amongst mobile developers since they are allowed to create a content that is more engaging as well as dynamic. Using the language is way simpler than the previous versions, which leads to a code that is cleaner. The websites created are efficient, more interactive as well as powerful. The features are optimized, specifically keeping mobile interfaces in mind which enables the pages to remain light and remain focused on functionality.

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By adopting the HTML5 trend, the mobile industry is and can benefit a lot. There are multiple advantages offered by this programming markup language; by embracing it the mobile industry can only look towards advancement as well as growth. Some of the features as well as advantages that can be reaped are explained here.

Browser environment but app-like experience- By virtue of this language an app-like, rich user experience may be created right there in mobile browser itself; the users do not need to seek out as well as download apps actively through marketplace or stores. This downloading behaviour is mostly exhibited by only brand loyalists. But with mobile web, a much bigger as well as larger audience can be reached easily. Also the look of the interfaces that are built with HTML5, resemble apps; on top of that it recognizes gestures which allow consumers to further manoeuvre the site like an app. Like native apps, local storage is included in the sites which helps site developers store data in browser memory. This helps in reduction of back-end server interactions which leads to a much faster loading of pages.

Cross browser compatibility- Another great advantage offered by this language is its cross-compatibility factor with all major web browsers that include Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. They may not be able to provide support to all newly introduced HTML elements but at least the doctype can be read by them.

Offline caching- Offline caching is also offered by it which essentially means than certain elements can be loaded by visitors on webpage without having an active net connection. However, in this case they must have accessed the site sometime in the past. Even during disruption in internet connection, the site’s core elements can be loaded by the user.

An experience that is location aware- A hugely important feature that it brings to the browser is location awareness. The mobile site can thus be prompted to recognize the location of the user when it is launched so that the closest stores can be identified as well as delivered to the user. This ultimately provides a great user experience. Furthermore it also enables apps to offer special offers to the user.

Better product images- While building mobile sites with HTML5, high resolution images are easily served. This effectively addresses a huge challenge associated with mobile shopping- the inability of viewing detailed images by the customers. Thus, brands can easily display high quality multiple product images in a format that resembles a gallery.

Clean code- In traditional HTML coding it is very difficult to make basic changes in a website which does not follow good coding conventions. The design of this version allows a clean code that makes it easy for developers to incorporate changes. It also assists in search engine readability by optimizing it. The search engine understands the website’s content easily which results in higher search rankings.

Thus it can be said that the future of mobile industry rests with HTML5. It allows mobile devices to handle interactive tasks that include audio and video playback. It offers the best of the features but with the least of problems. The number of features, tools as well as support helps make the entire process of site and app development easier; not only that, it also provides a better user experience which translates into more popularity for the ultimate product.

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Using HTML5 on Your Smartphone – Some Benefits

The number of people using Smartphone has increased remarkably over the last few years or so, to keep pace with the number of people using the internet on their mobile devices. Therefore, to keep pace with this ever changing digital world that is very much dominated by Smartphones and Tablets, software and mobile apps developing companies are facing a new challenge of satisfying the customers’ demands, when it comes to offering them state of the art mobile websites that are as comprehensive or user-friendly as the conventional desktop software systems as well as websites.

HTML5 web developmentFor accomplishing this, the most comprehensive tool that the developers have in their arsenal is HTML5, the latest as well as the most state of the art language that facilitates HTML coding. The language offers developers, the option of delivering richer as well as the most intuitive end user experience in the fraternity of mobile browsers. Besides, the language also comes up with a string of benefits that come to the aid of the Smartphone users.

It offers an experience similar to apps for the browser
HTML5 helps in creating a rich end user experience that is akin to the apps found in the mobile browsers. This indicates that the users do not have to look for a separate app and download it. The mobile interfaces that are designed with the help of HTML5 have striking similarities with the apps. Besides, the language also has the ability of recognizing gestures. Hence, the end users have the option of switching from one site to another with ease, just as it is possible in case of apps. These maneuvers include seamlessly browsing through the navigation, zooming in or out on selected areas, pinching etc.

Again, just like the apps, mobile sites designed with the help of HTML5 come up with the option of providing local storage facility that helps the developers to store data with the memory of the browser. This helps the sites to have the capacity of storing data that are commonly used, with the browser itself, along with reducing the number of interactions that take place with the server at the back end. This ultimately lends much faster page loading time.

Location Awareness
Another significant feature of HTML5 is its ability of incorporating location awareness to a browser. Companies that are running conventional brick and mortar businesses are immensely benefited from this as the end users are able to recognize the location of a store with the help of the ‘Find Near Me’ option that helps them to find out the stores that are closest to their address, much like the ‘store locator’ option.

Simplify and reorganize Shopping Cart
For those running online businesses, use of HTML5 is greatly advantageous, as it simplifies the shopping cart as well as the checkout mechanism, thus helping even those who are unfamiliar with technology to browse or shop online without any difficulty whatsoever.

Semantic Enrichment
One of the most significant advantages of Smartphones, developed with the help of HTML5 is the capacity of serving various high-resolution photo galleries. One of the major areas of concerns for the developers has been the problem faced by the users in viewing detailed images. This has instigated the developers to incorporate certain features into HTML5 that facilitate display of high quality, multiple images of products in the format of a gallery. Furthermore, it also helps the users in taking a much closer look at the product images, by double tapping to zoom them in, or view them in a much more detailed as well as specific way, than what was previously possible. This particularly comes in handy in case of Smartphone users, because of their much smaller size of screens.

Collapsible Menus along with Expandable Navigation Facilities
Another advantage the HTML5 poses is that it helps brands to target a specific sect of the market with relevant promos and specific products in a much easier and cost effective way. It is possible through its ‘scroll-through-the-banner’ feature that it comes up with. This feature provides the users the option of scrolling up and down the banners on the home page. It further streamlines the user experience by offering the unique option of integrating the collapsible and expandable menus with the pop-up windows on the browser homepage as well as the category pages.

A Rich Media
HTML5 also comes up with a native support for the video and the audio elements with the user not having to download plug ins for watching Youtube or for listening to any audio package. Again, when it is said that HTML5 has these video and audio files already embedded, the feature does not put any extra pressure on the battery, and this extends the battery backup of the Smartphones to a significant extent – a feature that has made the language immensely popular.

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What Has Bootstrap or HTML5 In Offer For Designers?

Before we start discussing the features of HTML 5 and Bootstrap, let us discuss what actually Bootstrap is, for a better understanding of the readers of this page. While HTML5 is an improved version of HTML, Bootstrap (BS) is an open source CSS or Cascading Style Sheets framework from Twitter that is extensively used for front-end prototyping as well as building various mobile friendly, robust websites that are compatible with a wide range of browsers. It is also used for developing web based interface by employing various mobile responsive designs. It utilizes JavaScript (that includes jQuery), CSS, as well as HTML. It also extends support for CSS3 along with HTML5.

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In other words, BS can be defined as a grid based responsive framework that is used to develop responsive, mobile centric projects. Bootstrap framework is extensively used by designers or developers due to its tremendous framework power, user-friendly approach along with the power to build high quality websites as well as applications that are based on HTML or HTML 5, Jscript extensions and CSS.

BS can be attributed the shortest definition to be a CSS3 as well as HTML5 authoring tool that helps in easing out the mechanism of development, thereby saving a lot of time as well as efforts of the developers and producing a wide range of astounding results. The platform comes up with a wide range of highly effective tools, pregnant with some amazing value added features that come in handy for the developers. Let us discuss some of the features that BS or HTML 5 has in offer for the designers or developers.

When we talk about BS design features, they can be categorized into four segments – scaffolding, components, base CSS, plugins for JavaScript. The scaffoldings or the global styles are based on responsive 12-column grids, components, layouts. On the other hand, the components are made up of fundamental styles for certain common user interface features. Again, the JavaScript plugins follow the components though they mainly use JavaScript. The base CSS is comprised of various styles of basic HTML elements, though it primarily includes a series of icons that are known as Glyphicons.

One of the most interesting options that is available to the developers while using Bootstrap is the ability to roll automatically and download the results. The “Customize Page” features provide the option of choosing components, jQuery along with plugins, besides specifying the variables. Developers also have the option of downloading the results in the form of a zip file that contains the standard directories of Bootstrap – css, js, img and so on with all the necessary files in each of them.

Another option that BS has to offer the developers is the option of purchasing or downloading a wide variety of website designs that are created by the third parties. Let us discuss some other features that Bootstrap has to offer.

It is an extremely effective web based tool that the developers or designers use for interface building of twitter bootstrap. It also helps in getting the websites up and running without much of a fuss and work.

Get kickstrap
It is another feature that combines BS with a wide range of top-tier web based technologies. The feature comes up with a number of highly advanced properties by the virtue of which it is capable of running authenticated and database-driven web based applications without any native backend. Kickstrap maintains a strong liaison with JSPM.io and this bondage extends a sound and robust front-end package dependency manager that is built on Require.js.

Bootply is a comprehensive HTML, CSS as well as Jscript bootstrap editor as well as building that is highly useful for the developers or designers.

Bootstrap Magic
This is another magic framework, which the developers can use for creating their own themes for twitter bootstrap.

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HTML5 – Growing in dominance in the mobile market

Various devices like PCs, Smartphones and tablets are used to access many kinds of mobile applications. HTML5 is at the center of attention these days, especially among those who want to create apps which will work on a variety of gadgets and all web browsers will support them. When applications are developed in HTML5, then codes are provided across a variety of platforms and you will not have to write the complete application right from the very beginning for each and every platform. This makes HTML the preferred choice for making the entire interface or at least most of it anyway.

Hire HTML5 DeveloperA combination of the technology along with CSS3 as well as JavaScript can yield some seriously incredible results. In fact, in case of mobile devices, any modern operating system requires a modern web browser that is HTML5 compliant. The main mobile platforms- Android as well as iOS follows this for their base.

Lightweight apps- For simple apps with simple functionality, this platform may be the best bet. Through this platform, building of apps that do not need any device interrogation, robust native application or performance can be done easily. In fact, this is used as a base for many newspaper apps.

Frequent updating- Often organizations that plan for deployment of apps that require frequent update cycles, become wary of the time that may be required for users to go through the upgrading process in their phones. In this area, HTML5 has a huge advantage as centralized deployment as well as instantly available updates are allowed by the platform.

Cross platform- If an application has to be delivered for a variety of mobile devices, but within a limited budget and time, then this platform is the best way to make it happen. Later on, if the such a need arises, then the web application may be replaced with a native application. In fact, according to surveys and reports, 64% of professionals involved in business technology rates this support very critical and important.

Prototype of Native apps- You may have plans of replacing apps-based native framework subsequently. This can be done with the use of web-based mobile apps as the base, since developing a native one from scratch will prove to be a costly affair. But the designing needs a considerable amount of planning, testing and reviewing, especially if functionality is to be brought to the mobile device by the app; more so, if the users are familiar with the large scale applications of the enterprise. On the other hand, developing a good app with the help of this framework before investing in native development is easier, as deployment and development become faster as well.

Mixing it up or hybrid apps- There is a lot of debate about which platform stands out to be the best for the development of an application- HTML5 or Native. However, recently, most developers have resorted to using the best advantages of both the software packages. People are finding that instead of building an app solely with a single technology, it is best to combine both for the best user interface. This helps the developer to use the best and appropriate tools for a particular feature. There may be downsides to this as the developer must be able to handle both. However, after the challenges are overcome, the application will be able to function across all kinds of web browsers as well as devices; according to predictions made by experts, the future of the mobile apps will depend upon this hybridization.

Whether functioning as framework or acting as a basis for mobile web apps, HTML5 is no doubt the future of mobile application development. It will continue to be a primary driving force by virtue of its functionality as well as cost and resource-saving nature. In fact, with further evolution of technology, it will not be surprising to find more and more HTML5-based elements in native applications as well in the days to come.

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