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Majority of Healthcare Organizations disappointed by ICD-10 Delay

The recent decision on delay of the ICD-10 deadline, a large number of healthcare organizations being reported unhappy and very disappointed. Right after the news which ICD-10 will likely be delayed, many healthcare organizations seems to be unhappy. This is surprising to some, because lot of the previous polls found providers were not prepared for the transition. Not more than 10% providers were ready as per the MGMA report in February.

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An opinion poll conducted by the Deloitte Center for the Health Solutions, inquiring providers about the way they considered the latest ICD-10 delay. Only 11% stated that they are happy, 21% stated they are not concerned with the delay but the majority over 50% (58%) stated to be unhappy with the delay. Further it inquired about the right time for the implementation, 49% stated October 2015, 30% needed the 2014 date to be reinstated, and simply 6% stated they will prefer the date to get moved ahead of October 2015. According to the Healthcare Informatics, 59% of providers say that they assume a lack of momentum because of the delay and 58% believe that there will be a great impact on their resources and funding. Whereas, 14% said that the delay will provide them time to compensate on testing for the latest coding system. What exactly the providers are planning to do since ICD-10 isn’t due till 2015 the following year? 30% say that they will stick to their initial strategy and keep going with their testing schedule. According to 26%, the delay will provide a chance to stop and allow them to reevaluate their plans. While 20% will make use of the extra time to slow down and choose their time while moving towards the implementation.

In the meantime, the Coalition for ICD-10 has sent a letter to HHS encouraging the department to reconsider the decision about the October 2015 deadline. Lynne Thomas Gordon, CEO at AHIMA and a Coalition member said in a statement that, as the transition to ICD-10 continues to be unavoidable, it is extremely challenging for organizations to make appropriate preparations and investments with no knowledge of the execution date and the announcement for the new implementation date would give the industry the understanding required to prepare within the mos economical, wise and also strategically.

A senior Vice President and CIO of children’s Medical Center Dallas, Pamela Arora stated that the delays of ICD-10 are concerning. She also said, ultimately both the delays might cost over $1 million to the hospital. With the use of this money, for an instance, they could manage to buy approximately 170 physiological monitoring devices and could have provided more tools into the hands of their physicians, she stated. Further, she said a majority of these kinds purchases will now be postpone if the funds are restricted. Overrun of 2 years of cost and missed deadlines will be called an effective project within the private industry concerned with profits, she added. Ralph Johnson, CIO at Franklin Community Health Network based in Maine and President at New England HIMSS, stated that he is certainly disappointed with the delay on the whole and also disappointed particularly the way it had been passed from the House and Senate. Further he said, nobody could glow light regarding the delay during the debates and was buried in the large legislation.

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HL7 Introduces New Immunization User Group

Health Level Seven International (HL7) and the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) have announced the new user group. Wherein members can look for help in regular monthly meetings to overcome with issues that may or might hinder development on immunization-related healthcare interoperability projects. A new HL7 Immunization User Group would provide members accessibility to industry experts and also peers for assistance with solving challenges associated with implementing HL7 immunization standards. It is announced that on 2nd Thursday of every month, the group will meet through web conference at 2pm EDT. The first online meeting was said to be on 10th April. The meeting was open for all, irrespective of membership status.

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According to Nathan Bunker, co-chair of the HL7 Immunization User Group, on a release, they think the group comprises a great resource for anybody assigned with implementing User Group. He further said, having a national forum for the concerns will need a huge resource load off IT managers who’re presently the only source of information about the complexities of this area, and also will help standardize these projects throughout the nation. Charles Jaffe, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HL7 stated that the new unit “reflects the growth of HL7” in regards to allowing members to more efficiently implementing interoperability standards. It definitely is within our interest to generate a new group of members. We presume that their interest comes from their concern regarding usability, workflow, and also domain content. An easy example is that of a pediatrician, requiring an electronic health record which more precisely reflects the particular requirements for taking care of children. So would the allergist and immunologist, since there are lists of issues that glibly are called allergy, that really get into the group of ‘I think I don’t like this medicine.’ The allergy community is dismayed they own so little to express in the growth of this significant component in the EHR. He said that they believe this particular program will push extremely valuable venture and trigger more efficient and streamlined registry project implementation. He further said that they expect continued organic development of User Groups with growing demand from other stakeholder communities.

HL7 was formed in the year 1987 and was recognized by the American National Standards Institute in the year 1994. It’s an international authority for the health care information interoperability and it has now established in more than thirty countries. Health Level 7 International (HL7) is an organization dedicated in developing standards for exchange of electronic health information. It’s aim is to enhance the interoperability of software applications utilized by medical care industry. The “7” in the organization’s name means Layer 7 in the OSI reference model. Layer 7 stands out as the final layer.

AIRA (American Immunization Registry Association) is the membership organization which promotes the growth and the execution of immunization information systems (IIS) as a significant tool in preventing and managing vaccine preventable diseases. The organization offers a forum by that IIS programs and also keen organizations, individuals also communities join efforts, share knowledge, and promote tasks to progress IIS and immunization programs. An excellent, specific voice for standards, policy and financing, AIRA is a resource for the data exchange standards development, information sharing, knowledge and training. AIRA members consist of IIS and Immunization Program professionals such as state, local, registry vendors, electronic health record (EHR) vendors along with other interested individuals and organizations. AIRA has been working over the past fifteen years in promoting knowledge sharing as well as peer-to-peer learning which advantage IIS at all the stages of development.

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