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How has ColdFusion Development Changed the World of Developing Web Apps?

Developers often look for innovative frameworks that enable them create more interactive and dynamic web applications rapidly. Adobe regularly upgrades ColdFusion to make it easier for programmers to rapidly create a large and complex web applications. Along with allowing developers to create enterprise applications by using the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform, ColdFusion also provides built-in support for HTML5. At the same time, it makes helps developers in optimizing the security of their websites through latest authentication and encryption techniques. On the whole, ColdFusion has already revolutionized the world of web application development.

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ColdFusion Features that Effectuate Rapid Web Application Development

Built-in Support for HTML5
Within a shorter span of time, HTML5 has become an integral part of web development. The built-in support for HTML5 provided by ColdFusion makes it easier for programmers to create a variety of web applications including social networks, web-based games, enterprise dashboard, online podcasts and ecommerce portals. The developers can use HTML5 WebSockets to publish data to multiple clients without putting any extra effort. Further, they can use the CFCHART tag to implement interactive client-side HTML5 charts in a much simpler way.

REST Web Service
ColdFusion also offers built-in support for JSON, XML serialization and de-serialization, and all HTTP methods. So the developers can publish the existing ColdFusion components as Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Services. The feature further makes it easier for developers to create interface for mobile applications. Also, the can use WebSockets to optimize the application’s performance through smooth and powerful bidirectional communication.

HTML to PDF Conversion
ColdFusion also comes with an improved Adobe conversion engine that enables developers to create high quality PDF files from HTML pages. Along with capturing the text and images exactly, the engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the original look and feel of the HTML pages is maintained. At the same time, the integrity and authenticity of the PDF documents can be maintained through electronic signatures. The electronic signatures will require users to sign, certify and validate the files to access the information.

On-Device Debugging
Often developers have to identity and fix a variety of bugs while creating the mobile version of a website. The on-device debugging capabilities of ColdFusion enable them to identify and fix the flaws in browser-based mobile applications. They can simply connect a mobile device to ColdFusion Builder remotely, and identify the bugs by simulating its actual usage on the mobile device. Also, they can use the built-in Weinre server to check the look and feel of a web application across different devices.

Enterprise Infrastructure
ColdFusion further makes it easier for programmers to enhance the scalability of enterprise web applications through multiple server instances. The multiple server instances can also be created in a virtualized or clustered environment. The web application development framework can also be deployed as a WAR or EAR from the existing Java EE application servers. It also comes with a highly scalable email engine that allows enterprises to send and receive unlimited emails. The enterprises can further avail the Microsoft Office file interoperability provided by ColdFusion to manage their files more efficiently.

Protect Websites from XSS and CSRF
The recent versions of ColdFusion come with features to make servers more secure. These features are also effective in protecting websites from cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site requests forgery (CSRF). The programmers can use the optimized log-in mechanisms provided by ColdFusion to make the application authentications stronger. At the same time, they can use secure profile option to enable default setting across the server.

Adobe has further designed ColdFusion 11 as an all-in-one application server that enables programmers to build and deploy web applications on a single platform. The most recent version of the web application development framework also comes with innovative security features like default server lockdown, secure profile and options to sanitize user input.

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The ColdFusion 10 Features That Developers Would Like To Have

Before we discuss about the features of ColdFusion 10, let us see what ColdFusion is. It is a rapid web application development platform that was originally designed to make connecting HTML pages to a particular database easier. Since its inception in the year 2005, a number of versions have been published and currently, version 11 that was published this year in the month of April is in place. However, we will discuss some of the most important salient features of the earlier version 10 that was published earlier in January 2014 this year.

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With the introduction of every version, a string of new features is being added to the platform and version 10 is no exception. In case of the version 10, the entire set of features can be categorized into three main foundations or pillars.

  • Accept the state of the art futuristic technologies
  • Deployment of applications that are enterprise-ready
  • Building applications quickly

Let us now discuss some of the features:

Enhancement of Security
With every new version, the developers have incorporated new features that have made the platform more secured than the previous one and CF 10 is no exception. This version has come up with some value added features that make the app more secured.

CF applications that have been developed all throughout have always been safe and secured. However, thanks to the native support for the OWASP ESAPI functions, the apps will become even more secured and will be able to meet the new age security threats with more vigor.

Syntax Sugar
This feature, which helps in language enhancement, is one of the most important features that make a developer’s life a lot easier.

REST webservices
This is another feature that helps the CF 10 become such an indispensable platform. Native support meant for REST webservices from within a CFC or ColdFusion Component is baked on for POST, DELETE, GET, HEAD, PUT, OPTIONS, and POST request models of HTTP.

This is another feature that helps in easier and faster communication over TCP and helps the server as well as the browser to exchange messages between each other if and when needed. With the introduction of WebSockets, sending a particular request from the browser to the service becomes faster as well as easier by many folds.

CF 10 comes up with another feature called Tomcat, which is its new default J2EE container. Tomcat has replaced JRUN, the aging J2EE container of the earlier versions. Though one quarter of experts are of the opinion that this has hardly made any difference, this has certainly made deployment of CF to a wide array of cloud based systems far easier. This is true in case of both public as well as private systems.

HTML5 charting
This feature helps the CF 10 in supporting various interactive client-side charts that are based on Canvas, Flash, or SVG. The functionality of this feature is supported by the existing CFCHART tag of CF. Apart from this there is immense support for a wide range of various client-side charts. Also, it is also possible to customize the chart style by using JSON objects in the CF 10.

This is one of the most favorite JavaScript technique that has been incorporated it the CF 10.

Java First Class
With the help of this particular feature, it is now possible to build JavaLoader into the language, which in turn allows loading of the Java classes that are placed on the system. This is particularly great for the Java developers as they can access CFCs from within a Java class.

This is another extremely handy feature that helps in improved handling of Priorities, corn commands, application level tasks, chaining, errors, grouping, and so on.

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Exploring Benefits of ColdFusion Web Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion enables programmers to create complex ecommerce applications within a stipulated timeframe. Adobe further updates the commercial internet development platform regularly to meet the latest trends in ecommerce development. Many businesses even opt for ColdFusion web hosting to design, develop and deploy internet applications rapidly. As the application server is built on a Java J2EE platform, it delivers enhanced speed and performance.

Further, the programmers can easily optimize the performance of their ecommerce portals by integrating other widely used technologies like Java and Flash. Thus, they can enhance the look and feel of the ecommerce application by including videos, animations and graphics. There are also several benefits that make ColdFusion web hosting the best option to create ecommerce applications.

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ColdFusion Web Hosting Features that Boost Ecommerce Websites

Dynamic Web Hosting Platform
In comparison to other websites, ecommerce portals are more complex, and need to support heavy traffic. Along with browsing through the products and services, the ecommerce site must allow customers to pick up, order and make payment without any hassle. So the ecommerce websites are designed with many features and services to deliver rich user experience. The ecommerce websites need to be hosted on highly dynamic hosting platform to run quickly and seamlessly. As a highly stable and dynamic web hosting platform, ColdFusion comes with features required to run a web store smoothly.

ColdFusion web hosting is further considered to be more versatile that other web hosting options. ColdFusion can also be used as a commercial web application development framework to build ecommerce websites with innovative features and integrating third-party services. Further, an entrepreneur can use the framework to collect the information, data and resources required to make and implement an effective business plan. The business reports and client email lists generated through ColdFusion can be used by the entrepreneur to generate more revenues.

Enhanced Performance
An entrepreneur has option to directly communicate with a business accounting software application through ColdFusion web hosting. Thus, it becomes easier for him to keep track of the sales and expenses simply by generating reports. Also, he can access the profiles of individual clients and vendors conveniently to communicate with them effortlessly. So the businessman can easily monitor the performance of his online store, and take the steps required to generate convert the inquiries into sales.

Supports for Many Payment Gateways
The owner of a web store cannot decide how the customer will pay for the products. So the ecommerce sits must support a wide range of payment gateways to deliver rich user experience. ColdFusion web hosting enables entrepreneurs to choose from several hugely popular payment gateways including PayPal Direct Payments, PayPal Express Checkout, Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Click2pay, Google Checkout, YourPay and PlugnPay. Further, it makes the credit card payments secure through AVS and CVV2 verification. Thus, the customers can make payment in a secure way, while choosing the payment gateway of their choice.

Option to Personalize the Stores
ColdFusion further makes it easier for web store owners to impress customers by personalize certain elements. The platform makes it easier to build ecommerce websites that encourages visitors to do repeat business. In addition to generating wish lists and verifying the status of their orders, the customers also have option to reorder the products, and recheck their order history. At the same time, the entrepreneurs can use the extremely flexible database to notify customers about new products and special offers.

Backed Support without Any Manual Effort
Often entrepreneurs have to deploy additional staff to take care of backend operations. Normally, additional employees are deployed to make order entry, generate sales reports and print shipping language. They also have to manage customers, website content and barcodes for new products. But ColdFusion enables entrepreneurs to carry out these activities without deploying extra staff. It comes with a back-end integration system that takes care of these activities without any manual effort.

The ColdFusion server is compatible with a variety of web servers running on different platforms. Despite running widely on the Windows Server, ColdFusion web hosting option is also available for both Sun and Linux servers. Thus, a business can host its ecommerce portal without switching to a new operating system.

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Features of ColdFusion 10 that Enhances Websites

The first version of ColdFusion was originally designed to with a set of simple features required to connect HTML pages to a database. But the commercial web application development platform is being updated by Adobe regularly to complement the most recent trends in web development. ColdFusion 10 also comes with several new features and enhanced capabilities.

The latest version of ColdFusion 10 enables developers to embrace futuristic technologies like HTML5, RESTful Web Services, and revamped Enterprise Web Services. At the same time, they can also avail the features to create and deploy enterprise-ready applications more quickly. On the whole, the innovative features of ColdFusion 10 will make it easier for developers to enhance websites without putting any extra effort.

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ColdFusion 10 Features to Enhance Your Websites and Internet Applications

HTML5 WebSockets: ColdFusion 10 comes with built-in support for the WebSocket protocol. So you can use the protocol to push data from the web server to the client more efficiently. The feature will further make it easier for you to boost the performance of real-time internet applications by providing updated and dynamic data. At the same time, you can also use the messaging infrastructure that is built on top of the raw WebSockets to easily subscribe or publish to multiple channels.

HTML5 Charting: The most recent version of ColdFusion supports interactive client-side charts. So you can enhance the performance of your website by integrating interactive client-side charts designed with Flash, SVG or Canvas. You can further incorporate these charts by using the ColdFusion CFCHART tag. Also, these charts can be customized by using the JSON objects.

HTML5 Video Player: You also have option to use the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to access the built-in HTML5 video player provide by ColdFusion 10. Also, the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag can be used to access a completely revamped Flash video player. Along with using the same JavaScript API, both HTML5 and Flash video players also sport the same look and feel. So your website can be accessed by the users regardless of their choice of web browsers and devices.

RESTful Web Services: The simple and easy-to-use features of RESTful Web Services have made them hugely popular among internet application developers. The Restful Web Services can be accessed over both HTTP and HTTPS. As ColdFusion 10 supports RESTful Web Services, it becomes easier for you to convert your ColdFusion Component (CFC) into web services. The conversion can be done simply by setting certain attributes in the CFC.

Tomcat integration: Unlike earlier releases of the commercial web development platform, ColdFusion 10 is integrated with Tomcat. However, you can smoothly migrate from JRun to Tomcat to avail additional benefits. The Tomcat integration will further help you in boosting the performance of your website by availing the benefits of Java Platform Enterprise Edition (JEE) technology.

Enhanced Caching: ColdFusion 10 allows developers to specify cache settings at an application level. You can avail the feature to easily create dynamic cache regions. The cache region can be used as a bucket to store the cached data. You can even use the modified cache functions to manage the cache regions. Also, you have option to run the cache server as a separate process outside the ColdFusion JVM.

Search Improvements: Instead of Verity, ColdFusion 10 comes with Apache Solr. Apache Solr supports Data Import Handler in ColdFusion 10. So you can index the database in a more efficient and simpler way. You also have option to make your search queries more flexible by passing dynamic custom fields.

A developer can further optimize the security of websites by using ColdFusion 10. The latest version of the rapid web development platform comes with built-in functions to protect the website against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Further, the developers have option to manipulate the session cookies to manage the client sessions more efficiently.

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How Far Can Online Businesses Go With Coldfusion?

With online businesses taking over the conventional brick and mortar trade, the need of the hour is to come up with new tools that would help in promotion as well as development of various types of online businesses in a seamless and unabated way, much in tune with the changing dynamics of the market and trend of consumerism. When we speak of that, it is ColdFusion that clearly enjoys a significant edge over other tools that are creating a buzz in the domain of online business or e-businesses as they are called.

ColdFusion development servicesTruly as per the experts, ColdFusion has the ability to go a long way in developing online businesses. In other words, online businesses will be able to taste astounding success with the proper use of ColdFusion.

Firstly, the tool is not at all expensive, and this indicates that businesses can have a significant amount of savings with the successful implementation of this software. In fact, if we look at the monthly subscription amount that ColFusion shopping cart asks for, it is generally $100 a month or less even with all the value added features that are needed by an online store for successful operation. Now, that amount, frankly speaking is meagre, when compared to some of the other e-commerce software packages available in the market. This gives the ColdFusion a tremendous shot in its arm, so far as its acceptability in the realm of e-commerce is concerned.

The presence of a buying cart designed as well as developed in ColdFusion comes to the aide of the business merchants in a great way, especially when it comes to processing the orders in a seamless way. Online shopping carts that come up with multiple online payment methods are an added asset for these e-businesses, especially in reaching out to a wider spectrum of customers, who are looking forward to shop and make payments in a different way.

In the modern world of e-Commerce, a trustworthy, safe as well as secure online shopping wagons is the keyword to success as this goes a long way in creating the brand value of the product or service offered.

Let us look into some of the ColdFusion shopping cart solutions that help businesses in more than a way.


This particular cart from ColdFusion is extremely user-friendly as well as easy to integrate. Besides, it is search engine friendly. This is what makes the difference at the end of the day.


This online buying cart is powerful, safe as well as user-friendly. Extreme flexibility and robustness coupled with the presence of a number of value added features make this Adobe ColdFusion software highly adorable.


Cartweaver 4 is supposedly the principal buying cart developed with the help of PHP. This cart can be manned easily by experienced as well as the ones who are navigating for the first time. The cart uses CFBuilder, Eclipse, Adobe Dreamweaver along with some other code editors. The cart works with ColdFusion as well as PHP. From the functional point of view, this makes the tool, especially the 4.02 version a versatile platform for e-commerce.


This is an extremely effective open source platform for B2B as well as B2C enterprises that offer a wide range of e-commerce solutions, flexibility as well as enterprise level functionality. It also comes up with a user-friendly administrator interface that allows managing applications like promotions, product management, customer service, 3rd party integration and the likes. Besides, it also features up-selling along with cross-selling option for the products or services, messaging that are promotion-based, customer service, shipping calculations etc.


This is yet another entirely integrated web storefront which helps customization of template and creation of a customized store. The cart is available with some value added features like membership functions, option for processing batch orders, role based admin, delayed capture of CC and more.

If we think about the presence of shopping cart tools and their role in providing safe and secure e-commerce solutions, what we have discussed is just the introduction. ColdFusion comes up with a wide variety of solutions, that are specifically designed to serve online businesses of various niches. Hence, there is simply no doubt that with successful implementation and use of ColdFusion, online business will never be the same again.

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