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Why to Choose Cross Platform Mobile Development?

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile apps encourages enterprises to invest in mobile application development. But the mobile app developers constantly struggle to make an application compatible with different mobile devices and operating systems. With new mobile devices and platforms being launched at regular intervals, it has become a daunting challenge for programmers to optimize the app’s look, feel and performance to impress end-users. That is why; many companies, nowadays, opt for cross platform mobile application development to target a huge audience regardless of their choice of mobile platform and device. A cross platform mobile app makes it easier to reach more users, and deliver highest quality engagement.

cross platform mobile app development

Top 5 Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps for Multiple Platforms

1) Target a Huge Audience

When an organization targets multiple mobile platforms, it becomes easier to reach more users. A constant increase is noted in the number of smartphones, tablets and phablets running on hugely popular mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The cross platform mobile development strategy can also target the mobile platforms based on their individual market share. So an organization can easily decide the mobile platforms it wants to target to tap into greater marketing potential.

2) Reduce Cost of Building and Updating Mobile Apps

Each enterprise explores ways to curtail the overall mobile development cost. It can always reduce the development cost by creating the app for different platforms. However, the developers must follow a set of best practices to deliver quality without incurring additional expenses. At the same time, they can further maintain the app and deploy changes easily, as the app runs on several operating systems. Once the app is updated, the updated version will get synced across different platforms and devices. Thus, cross platform mobile development can help in reducing the cost of creating and updating the application.

3) Maintain Uniform Look and Feel

Often developers have to write additional code to maintain the design and feel of the mobile app across different devices and operating systems. While developing a single app for multiple mobile platforms, a single code runs on the targeted platforms. Further, the organization is not required to deploy multiple teams to maintain the overall design and feel of the app across different platforms. The feature further helps the organization in not deploying professionals with specialized skills and expertise.

4) Option to Use Widely Used Technologies

Innovative technologies like HTML5 have made it easier for developers to create cross platform mobile apps rapidly. They can further use specialized tools like Appcelerator to write the code in HTML5, and convert the code for various mobile platforms. So they can use resources they are familiar with and covert the resources to deploy the app across different platforms. At the same time, the tools can be used by coders with experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, it becomes must easier for an organization to hire the right programmers for the cross platform mobile application development project.

5) Easy to Market the App

When an organization targets a huge audience, it becomes easier to market the mobile app. As the app does not cater to any specific set of people, no niche messages need to be created. The mobile app can be promoted simply by creating generalized messages to target users regardless of their choice of mobile platform and device. An organization also has option to choose from various media to promote the app according to its promotional strategy.

However, the developers must consider some important factors to effectuate cross platform mobile development. In addition to choosing the right cross platform mobile app development framework and tools, they also need to take advantage of the flexibility provided by each mobile platform.

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Cross-platform Mobile App Development – Selecting the Perfect Platform

An organization can always enhance the popularity of a mobile app by targeting multiple operating systems at a time. The rapidly growing popularity of mobile platforms further encourages many enterprises to invest in cross-platform mobile application development. A developer can simply write the code once, and deploy the same to multiple mobile platforms. Most organizations build cross-platform mobile apps by targeting hugely popular operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. But the developers often have to address the challenges related to hardware capabilities and software stack of individual mobile operating systems. The challenges can be easily addresses by picking the perfect cross-platform mobile application development platform. However, an organization has to consider several factors to choose the best platform.

How to Pick the Perfect Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Platform?

Define the User Experience

cross-platform mobile app developmentEach mobile app must target the right audience to become popular within a shorter span of time. So your choice of mobile app development platform will be impacted by the audience you want to target. Once you identify want your potential customers expect, it will be easier for you to choose the right tools and framework to achieve higher engagement rate by targeting multiple mobile operating systems. After defining the user experience, you can choose the right framework that optimizes the look, feel and performance of the application on each mobile platform.

Familiarity of the Platform

Most cross-platform application development platforms are built for scripting languages. So the developers familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS can easily user these frameworks. You can help your team in migrating from website and internet application development to mobile application development by choosing a platform that is more familiar to them.

Look for Powerful Plug-ins

Widely used cross-platform mobile development frameworks like Appcelerator’s Titanium and Adobe’s PhoneGap come with easy to use plug-ins. These plug-ins allow developers to use a variety of services or tools, along with accessing common links to similar APIs. The programmers can further use the plug-ins to communicate with the mobile device’s cameras, location sensors or accelerometers without writing lengthy lines of the code. So you must opt for a platform that provides customized plug-ins to developers.

Explore Future Prospects

A number of recent reports have highlighted the constantly growing number of dead apps in various app stores. So you must use the latest and futuristic technologies to extend the lifespan of the mobile application. It is always important to choose a platform that supports the latest technological advances in the industry. At the same time, the platform must enable developers to use futuristic technologies like HTML5 and XML. The feature will make it easier for them to include new features and functionalities without writing lengthy lines of code.

Option to Adopt Enterprise Cloud Services

Within a shorter span of time, Cloud services have become hugely popular among both individual and enterprise users. Often developers have to write lengthy and complex code to integrate the enterprise and Cloud services. But some innovative cross-platform mobile app development platforms make it easier for programmers to integrate Cloud services in a quick and hassle-free way. For instance, they can simply code an Exchange integration once to make the mobile app work on multiple mobile operating systems without requiring any additional security methods.

Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Each Platform

The cross-platform mobile application development frameworks help organization in enhancing deployment speed, while reducing the development cost. Further, an organizer has option to choose from several open source and commercial development tools and frameworks. Often these frameworks required developers to use prescribed tools and suites, which can make the coding and rendition slower. There are also chances that the developers have to learn new tools to build the mobile app. So you must not forget to evaluate the pros and cons of each platform according to the type of cross-platform mobile app you want to build.

Google, Microsoft and Apple frequently update their mobile operating systems by including innovative features and functionalities. So each organization must use the most recent version of the cross-platform mobile app development platform to deliver richer user experience.

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