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Exploring Benefits of ColdFusion Web Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

As a rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion enables programmers to create complex ecommerce applications within a stipulated timeframe. Adobe further updates the commercial internet development platform regularly to meet the latest trends in ecommerce development. Many businesses even opt for ColdFusion web hosting to design, develop and deploy internet applications rapidly. As the application server is built on a Java J2EE platform, it delivers enhanced speed and performance.

Further, the programmers can easily optimize the performance of their ecommerce portals by integrating other widely used technologies like Java and Flash. Thus, they can enhance the look and feel of the ecommerce application by including videos, animations and graphics. There are also several benefits that make ColdFusion web hosting the best option to create ecommerce applications.

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ColdFusion Web Hosting Features that Boost Ecommerce Websites

Dynamic Web Hosting Platform
In comparison to other websites, ecommerce portals are more complex, and need to support heavy traffic. Along with browsing through the products and services, the ecommerce site must allow customers to pick up, order and make payment without any hassle. So the ecommerce websites are designed with many features and services to deliver rich user experience. The ecommerce websites need to be hosted on highly dynamic hosting platform to run quickly and seamlessly. As a highly stable and dynamic web hosting platform, ColdFusion comes with features required to run a web store smoothly.

ColdFusion web hosting is further considered to be more versatile that other web hosting options. ColdFusion can also be used as a commercial web application development framework to build ecommerce websites with innovative features and integrating third-party services. Further, an entrepreneur can use the framework to collect the information, data and resources required to make and implement an effective business plan. The business reports and client email lists generated through ColdFusion can be used by the entrepreneur to generate more revenues.

Enhanced Performance
An entrepreneur has option to directly communicate with a business accounting software application through ColdFusion web hosting. Thus, it becomes easier for him to keep track of the sales and expenses simply by generating reports. Also, he can access the profiles of individual clients and vendors conveniently to communicate with them effortlessly. So the businessman can easily monitor the performance of his online store, and take the steps required to generate convert the inquiries into sales.

Supports for Many Payment Gateways
The owner of a web store cannot decide how the customer will pay for the products. So the ecommerce sits must support a wide range of payment gateways to deliver rich user experience. ColdFusion web hosting enables entrepreneurs to choose from several hugely popular payment gateways including PayPal Direct Payments, PayPal Express Checkout, Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Click2pay, Google Checkout, YourPay and PlugnPay. Further, it makes the credit card payments secure through AVS and CVV2 verification. Thus, the customers can make payment in a secure way, while choosing the payment gateway of their choice.

Option to Personalize the Stores
ColdFusion further makes it easier for web store owners to impress customers by personalize certain elements. The platform makes it easier to build ecommerce websites that encourages visitors to do repeat business. In addition to generating wish lists and verifying the status of their orders, the customers also have option to reorder the products, and recheck their order history. At the same time, the entrepreneurs can use the extremely flexible database to notify customers about new products and special offers.

Backed Support without Any Manual Effort
Often entrepreneurs have to deploy additional staff to take care of backend operations. Normally, additional employees are deployed to make order entry, generate sales reports and print shipping language. They also have to manage customers, website content and barcodes for new products. But ColdFusion enables entrepreneurs to carry out these activities without deploying extra staff. It comes with a back-end integration system that takes care of these activities without any manual effort.

The ColdFusion server is compatible with a variety of web servers running on different platforms. Despite running widely on the Windows Server, ColdFusion web hosting option is also available for both Sun and Linux servers. Thus, a business can host its ecommerce portal without switching to a new operating system.

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Features of ColdFusion 10 that Enhances Websites

The first version of ColdFusion was originally designed to with a set of simple features required to connect HTML pages to a database. But the commercial web application development platform is being updated by Adobe regularly to complement the most recent trends in web development. ColdFusion 10 also comes with several new features and enhanced capabilities.

The latest version of ColdFusion 10 enables developers to embrace futuristic technologies like HTML5, RESTful Web Services, and revamped Enterprise Web Services. At the same time, they can also avail the features to create and deploy enterprise-ready applications more quickly. On the whole, the innovative features of ColdFusion 10 will make it easier for developers to enhance websites without putting any extra effort.

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ColdFusion 10 Features to Enhance Your Websites and Internet Applications

HTML5 WebSockets: ColdFusion 10 comes with built-in support for the WebSocket protocol. So you can use the protocol to push data from the web server to the client more efficiently. The feature will further make it easier for you to boost the performance of real-time internet applications by providing updated and dynamic data. At the same time, you can also use the messaging infrastructure that is built on top of the raw WebSockets to easily subscribe or publish to multiple channels.

HTML5 Charting: The most recent version of ColdFusion supports interactive client-side charts. So you can enhance the performance of your website by integrating interactive client-side charts designed with Flash, SVG or Canvas. You can further incorporate these charts by using the ColdFusion CFCHART tag. Also, these charts can be customized by using the JSON objects.

HTML5 Video Player: You also have option to use the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to access the built-in HTML5 video player provide by ColdFusion 10. Also, the CFMEDIAPLAYER tag can be used to access a completely revamped Flash video player. Along with using the same JavaScript API, both HTML5 and Flash video players also sport the same look and feel. So your website can be accessed by the users regardless of their choice of web browsers and devices.

RESTful Web Services: The simple and easy-to-use features of RESTful Web Services have made them hugely popular among internet application developers. The Restful Web Services can be accessed over both HTTP and HTTPS. As ColdFusion 10 supports RESTful Web Services, it becomes easier for you to convert your ColdFusion Component (CFC) into web services. The conversion can be done simply by setting certain attributes in the CFC.

Tomcat integration: Unlike earlier releases of the commercial web development platform, ColdFusion 10 is integrated with Tomcat. However, you can smoothly migrate from JRun to Tomcat to avail additional benefits. The Tomcat integration will further help you in boosting the performance of your website by availing the benefits of Java Platform Enterprise Edition (JEE) technology.

Enhanced Caching: ColdFusion 10 allows developers to specify cache settings at an application level. You can avail the feature to easily create dynamic cache regions. The cache region can be used as a bucket to store the cached data. You can even use the modified cache functions to manage the cache regions. Also, you have option to run the cache server as a separate process outside the ColdFusion JVM.

Search Improvements: Instead of Verity, ColdFusion 10 comes with Apache Solr. Apache Solr supports Data Import Handler in ColdFusion 10. So you can index the database in a more efficient and simpler way. You also have option to make your search queries more flexible by passing dynamic custom fields.

A developer can further optimize the security of websites by using ColdFusion 10. The latest version of the rapid web development platform comes with built-in functions to protect the website against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Further, the developers have option to manipulate the session cookies to manage the client sessions more efficiently.

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Adobe ColdFusion Application Development Tips

ColdFusion 10 comes with a set of innovative features required to build a variety of interactive and dynamic web applications rapidly. Along with complementing the latest trends in web development, the updated version of ColdFusion further enables developers to embrace a set of futuristic technologies like HTML5 enhancements, HTML5 video player, HTML5 WebSockets and RESTful web services.

ColdFusion web developmentThe programmers can avail these features to build robust applications without writing longer lines of code. At the same time, they can optimize the performance and functionality of the app through features like database and security enhancements, enhanced caching and strong encryption. However, each ColdFusion developer also needs to keep in mind several tips and tricks to build the application without putting any extra time and effort.

Tips to Effectuate Adobe ColdFusion Application Development

Build Web Applications in Piece Parts
Often the configuration of a website needs to be changed to achieve a specific objective. For instance, web pages need to be reconfigured for email newsletters and other promotional purposes. You can use the visual interface provided by ColdFusion to build websites in piece parts. The piece parts can be stored in a database, and later reassembled for a specific use. The feature can be further used to make the application more interactive by accepting user input. The details submitted by a user will be in databases, and can be reassembled and formatted later to build a dynamic web page that will be displayed to the particular user.

Use ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)
You can always use CFML to avail the combined benefits of HTML and XML. The page markup language for ColdFusion further allows you to use a just in time (JIT) compiler to convert the CMFL into web pages that will be delivered to the users. At the same time, the application can access databases through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Microsoft’s OLE DB or any other drivers that access Oracle and Sybase databases. You can even use Microsoft’s Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) or Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) to make your application interact with other network application. ColdFusion 10 comes with enhanced scripting support and language enhancements that can be used to improve the quality and readability of your code.

Avail the Benefits of HTML5
Despite being a new standard, HTML5 has become popular enough to take over the internet. So you must avail the HTML5 integration to deliver rich and top class user experiences. ColdFusion 10 also comes with several features to make it easier for programmers to use websites using HTML5 WebSockets, charting and video player. Further, these features can be used to build a variety of applications without putting any extra effort. But the HTML integration will make it easier for you to build a multitude of applications including social networking, web-based gaming, ecommerce, online podcasts, online collaboration and enterprise dashboard while adopting futuristic technologies.

Manage Critical Security Settings
Normally, the security needs of individual applications vary according to their complexity and criticality. But each developer needs to ensure that the application is provided with adequate security. You must avail the security features provided by ColdFusion 10 to manage the critical security settings of the application effectively. You can simply create a Secure Profile using ColdFusion 10 to avail a number of default security benefits like complex passwords for the root admin user, disabling RDS service, limiting SQL operations from unknown or new data sources, and disabling directory browsing. However, you have to administer the Secure Profile, after installation, according to the criticality of the application to avail a set of additional security benefits.

If you are planning to migrate to ColdFusion 10 from conventional technologies, it becomes essential to make and implement a comprehensive plan. You can even consider several best practices to start developing ColdFusion applications without any hassle.

You can hire developers from top ColdFusion web development companies in India who can help you build your website within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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