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Why to Choose Cross Platform Mobile Development?

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile apps encourages enterprises to invest in mobile application development. But the mobile app developers constantly struggle to make an application compatible with different mobile devices and operating systems. With new mobile devices and platforms being launched at regular intervals, it has become a daunting challenge for programmers to optimize the app’s look, feel and performance to impress end-users. That is why; many companies, nowadays, opt for cross platform mobile application development to target a huge audience regardless of their choice of mobile platform and device. A cross platform mobile app makes it easier to reach more users, and deliver highest quality engagement.

cross platform mobile app development

Top 5 Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps for Multiple Platforms

1) Target a Huge Audience

When an organization targets multiple mobile platforms, it becomes easier to reach more users. A constant increase is noted in the number of smartphones, tablets and phablets running on hugely popular mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The cross platform mobile development strategy can also target the mobile platforms based on their individual market share. So an organization can easily decide the mobile platforms it wants to target to tap into greater marketing potential.

2) Reduce Cost of Building and Updating Mobile Apps

Each enterprise explores ways to curtail the overall mobile development cost. It can always reduce the development cost by creating the app for different platforms. However, the developers must follow a set of best practices to deliver quality without incurring additional expenses. At the same time, they can further maintain the app and deploy changes easily, as the app runs on several operating systems. Once the app is updated, the updated version will get synced across different platforms and devices. Thus, cross platform mobile development can help in reducing the cost of creating and updating the application.

3) Maintain Uniform Look and Feel

Often developers have to write additional code to maintain the design and feel of the mobile app across different devices and operating systems. While developing a single app for multiple mobile platforms, a single code runs on the targeted platforms. Further, the organization is not required to deploy multiple teams to maintain the overall design and feel of the app across different platforms. The feature further helps the organization in not deploying professionals with specialized skills and expertise.

4) Option to Use Widely Used Technologies

Innovative technologies like HTML5 have made it easier for developers to create cross platform mobile apps rapidly. They can further use specialized tools like Appcelerator to write the code in HTML5, and convert the code for various mobile platforms. So they can use resources they are familiar with and covert the resources to deploy the app across different platforms. At the same time, the tools can be used by coders with experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Therefore, it becomes must easier for an organization to hire the right programmers for the cross platform mobile application development project.

5) Easy to Market the App

When an organization targets a huge audience, it becomes easier to market the mobile app. As the app does not cater to any specific set of people, no niche messages need to be created. The mobile app can be promoted simply by creating generalized messages to target users regardless of their choice of mobile platform and device. An organization also has option to choose from various media to promote the app according to its promotional strategy.

However, the developers must consider some important factors to effectuate cross platform mobile development. In addition to choosing the right cross platform mobile app development framework and tools, they also need to take advantage of the flexibility provided by each mobile platform.

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13 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

Constant changes in technologies and user choices have made it essential for enterprises to develop and launch new mobile apps as early as possible. So developers often wants to develop apps that can run one multiple mobile operating systems without learning any new technology. As a multiple phone web-based application framework, Appcelerator Titanium Mobile enables programmers to build native apps for both iPhone and Android by applying their existing skills.

Titanium mobile app development

In addition to creating a variety of mobile apps, the framework further enables programmers to build desktop application to target major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. However, each developer has to understand the Titanium API in detail to start developing the applications without acquiring any new skills. The programmer can further use several Titanium mobile applications to improve user experience without putting any extra time and effort.

13 Powerful Titanium Mobile Applications for Developers

1. Swipe-able: The Photo Gallery iOS template is developed using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. Along with swiping the photo galleried, Swipe-able further allows used to add their own photos, graphics and functionality.

2. Titanium Music Player: Mobile app developers frequently explore options to build musical applications rapidly. The Titanium Music Player comes with several features that make it easier for developers to build musical mobile apps without putting any extra time. The features also allow users to playback their music files without any hassle.

3. Simple iPhone: As the name indicates, Simple iPhone is an iOS template that is built using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. The app comes with a set of features and functionality to complement the requirements of designer portfolios, and mobile or web application development projects.

4. Track Sports: The title of the Titanium mobile application clearly indicates its users. Track Sports is designed for the users who use their mobile devices to keep track of their favorite sports events. The app makes it easier for users to check the latest status of the game in a flexible way, when they are away from computers and TV sets.

5. Simple iPad App: Similar to Simple iPhone, the Simple iPad App is also designed using the using the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. As an iOS template, the Titanium app makes it easier for users to create a variety of mobile and web applications, along with designer portfolios.

6. University: The app is developed on Appcelerator Titanium platform. It also comes with a set of innovative and extended features that make it more than an iOS template. However, the app is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of various educational institutions and universities. It also offers several modules to build apps for educational institutions at a rapid pace.

7. Universal: Most programmers often look for innovative ways to make an app compatible with both iPad and iPhone. The Titanium template makes it easier for programmers to build universal applications within a short time span. They can further create an application that runs seamlessly on both iPhone and iPad.

8. To-Do App: Despite being simple and easy-to-use, To-Do app offers several features to easily develop simple task list solutions. The mobile application is also developed based on SQLite, and help users in organizing their pending tasks.

9. Glass Photo Gallery: The Titanium mobile app is designed as a refined photo gallery. In addition to the local and remote images, it also allows user to access and sort the retina images.

10. Nice Slider Menu: The app enables users to easily create a variety of menus. The menus can also be customized according to each user’s choice. It also comes with features like script customizable, PSD with image examples, and create menu with or without tab.

11. Youtube App: The growing popularity of mobile video apps has encouraged many programmers to build such apps. The Youtube app is designed with features to make help developers in creating cross platform Youtube API for several mobile video apps. Also, it allows users to access Youtube standard feed and main categories.

12. Titanium: The Titanium mobile app is designed as an easy-to-configure template. A user can set up the template by using an array of images, and writing only 5 lines of code. The user also gets the setup guide while buying the template.

13. Local Places: The app is developed as a Local places iOS template using the Appcelerator Titanium platform. It can be comes with the standard styling required for elements other than icons. Also, the user has option to add own functionality and graphic.

Titanium mobile app development will become increasingly convenient as programmers start using it to build more and more apps without writing longer lines of code. And it is always advisable to search for APIs to already established apps while working on Titanium projects. Who knows it would just save you valuable time when you realize what you were trying to create is already out there!

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