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What to take care of while choosing a mobile development company?

It is high time that all businesses tap into the wonderful potential displayed by the mobile application genre. For that a good mobile development company is needed so that the application developed has great impact on the image of your company and business. An experienced company will make sure that the resultant apps are attractive, eye-catching, engaging as well as memorable. However, this very selection is extremely crucial as the wrong decision will hamper your business in unimaginable ways. So, a few things have to be kept in mind while selecting a mobile development company for your business.

Cross platform application development- One of the most important considerations while launching mobile apps is the launching platform- it is very hard to choose only one. So if you have the option then there is no need to opt for a single one. Developers thus should be able to create applications that are cross platform; all consumers will be able to use a single app on various kinds of mobile devices as well as operating systems. Your business will be able to attract customers from each of the stores or marketplaces.

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Looking at a portfolio of apps- It is best to have a good look at some of their work as that will give you a clear idea of their quality of work. Another thing to notice is the number of downloads; most of the applications should at least have a minimum of 50 downloads. This will ensure that the work done by the company is not just spam.

Reliability along with experience- Experience is one thing that has no substitutes. The best company to choose is one which has lots of experience along with a solid list of satisfied clients. The company can be asked for this list. If you have queries then it is best to ask lots of questions to satiate your curiosity. Just ensure the competency level of the company so that the app created suits your needs perfectly. There should be a look of sophistication to it which can be achieved by experienced professionals only.

Researching the marketplace- To find out the best professionals, the most frequently adopted method is to carry on lots of research. Chalk a list of questions and see if the companies can match up to your criteria or not. To make a short list you can look for recommendations from sources within your network. After making a short list you will be able to clarify the questions.

Budget- This is a very important factor to consider as you will get what you will pay for. Quotes from various companies should be taken so that you can decide which is most suited according to the stipulated budget. However, care must be taken here so that the quality is not compromised for the price.

Optimization- When a company sets out to develop something they have to understand the needs of the business well. Thus the creator should optimally know how this need can be communicated well to the customers of the business. It is an added benefit if the developing company can optimize the product so that all finer points can be highlighted and the business can be promoted well.

Communication- It is an essential part of any business dealing. A thoroughly professional company ensures that the client is always kept updated about the work done as well as the remaining work. This helps in gaining the customer’s confidence. The mobile development team thus should inform you frequently about their processing.

All the research and considerations to be taken may seem to be nothing but hassles. But it will eventually pay in the long run if you can make sure that the investment is a good one. So it is best to choose the company which gives total dedication to the project at hand.

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Developing Mobile Apps – Some Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile apps or application development is the mechanism that is followed to develop application software for various handheld devices like personal as well as enterprise digital assistance devices or mobile phones.

After the induction of iPhones and Smart Phones, tablets and other high tech hand held devices, people are slowly shifting their focus from the conventional ‘bigger’ devices like laptops and desktops to the relatively smaller handheld devices. This understandably has increased the popularity as well as the need of mobile app development by many folds. The process, however, is not that easy. Developers often end up committing several mistakes. These mistakes at times play the role of deterrent in providing enough mobility to an application, which in turn results in marketing disaster.

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Improper Planning
This is one of the major loopholes or fallacies that often plague the practice of mobile app development. Without a proper planning nothing works and application development is no different. If and when an app is designed without any substantial planning of the end result, it is likely that the end product will be a worthless one and will hardly be able to serve the very purpose that it is intended for. Hence, before you actually start the development, it is imperative that you plan the entire ‘thing’ in a transparent way so that you do not lose the way midway. Moreover, the product should be such that it will show the users the right way and will fulfill the purpose properly.

Ignoring the apparently trivial thing(s)
Ignoring things that are apparently trivial is another mistake that developers tend to end up committing. Things like login details, interference of graphic as well as animations with the basic website usability are often ignored at the first instance. These apparently trivial issues subsequently snowball into disasters, thereby hindering the very functionality of the apps to a considerable extent. Hence, each and every aspect of the app should be taken into account seriously in order to ensure a flawless development along with ultimate execution. The very purpose of the development should be to ensure that the app that is developed is user-friendly, appealing, as well as adored by the users of every age group and that also for a substantial amount of time.

Refrain from creating a scrolling design
Too much of scrolling will surely deter the users. They do not like scrolling too much nowadays. Hence, you need to make sure than the app does not have much of scrolling designs. The idea behind designing the app should be such that the user is never forced to do anything. They should be able to see things without much of an effort, seamlessly.

Ignoring the Sharing Option
People generally tend to share apps they are using with their friends, colleagues, family members along with other individuals they know. Hence, the apps developers will have to have a substantial amount of sharing option so that things can be shared with others easily. Then again, the option needs to be absolutely user friendly.

Building apps for multiple platforms separately
This is another very common mistake that the developers commit. They tend to build one platform first and then follow it up with other platforms. This doubles the engineering costs and the time taken. Hence, it is better to finalize an application on Android and then have a few iterations and then port to iOS or the other way round. This will also get the MVP or Minimum Viable Product out to the stands at the earliest, besides cutting the costs to almost half.

Not taking the issue of Monetization into account
If someone assumes that as soon as a site is developed clients will just come and start paying, that is a great mistake. There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded free of cost. Hence, one should think how to monetize the app right from the scratch. Some of the common myths regarding monetization that need to be avoided include:

1. Advertisements will support the app
2. A company will acquire the app as soon as it is developed
3. Users will start paying for the app
4. First of all scalability needs to be emphasized – monetization can be taken into account much later.

There are a number of other mistakes that app developers can commit. However, there needs to be a specific planning in order to avoid these blunders.

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Why Mobile Apps are significant for sustaining Business Growth and Development?

Most start-ups aren’t too bothered about having an app to boost their ventures, either online or otherwise. This is why most don’t understand the market or its needs, and vanish without a trace. Whether it is the case of start-ups or long established businesses, apps offer a great way to boost the business. Let us now understand why mobile applications are significant for business growth and development.

The trend
mobile app developmentIn this day and age, with the shrinkage of almost everything to accommodate success, chip designs of the tiniest denominations and with processors that work at lightning speeds are being introduced into the world of smartphones. The chips are fast, sleek as well as crystal clear with their aims or ambitions, which means as a user, one gets speedier processes along with fast memory.

It all depends on the kind of OS a smartphone would use, which would then decide on how much power the hardware would end up giving. Most esteemed tablets as well as smart handheld devices run on iOS, Windows or Android, and ever since 2010 when the word “Mobile App” was termed, the trend has only been growing, helping the business community to a large extent. There was a lot of skepticism in the first place, but isn’t that what every success story has always faced?

What are mobile apps?
Mobile applications in layman terms are programs that run on platforms such as iOS, Windows as well as Android. They have various aims and objectives to help the millions who download and use them. For example, they offer the following features:

1. Social networking
2. News
3. Entertainment
4. Business
5. Communication
6. Messaging
7. Sharing and file transfer
8. Education
9. Health
10. Lifestyle and more

The app market has outstanding applications, some of which are absolutely free for business owners to download or use. One can find them on ITunes, Google Play or even the esteemed Windows Phone App Store too. Sources say, there are more who deal with daily businesses using applications, than those who use the internet. The applications have taken over in such a tremendous force, which has only made app manufacturers realize they’d better provide the best business apps or perish while someone else takes over.

In the business world
Customization of apps for companies big or small is the latest trend to follow. Apps are customized for the following domains;

1. Industries
2. Shopping portals
3. Banking as well as investment
4. Retail
5. Health care, etc.

Business owners have realized the importance of business apps, and know that around seventy five percent of the clients or customers, look for products or services using their smart hand held devices these days. This is because apps have a broader reach, making it easier for clients from any part of the globe to access what the business has to offer. Large business sharks too have apps that decide their point of sales, help with communication as well as conducting ecommerce.

Keeping all of this in mind and looking at the demands thereby, companies are now investing in business apps like never before. While the sun shines everyone wants to make hay. That’s why they are outsourcing their needs to developing nations for apps manufacturing, and they know that the returns on such an investment would make them go laughing to the banks in times to come.

More reasons
Apps help connect with the client or customer on a one on one basis. Most high profiled CEOs across the world, communicate with the masses on a daily basis using business apps. This strengthens the bond while enhancing the relationship further between the two, say experts.

For an organization to be successful, it has to put the client or customer first. This means all hurdles faced by the potential buyer needs to be shunned as well as cleared, and for that, constant communication is a must. Thanks to the advancement of technology, all of this is possible. Staying trendy with the growing demands of the market is also a manageable task. In other words business apps keep the company shining, helping it continuously to boost its bottomline.

Customers are demanding, and your venture should not suffer by not being able to provide what they want. So its good to go for mobile application that give a real thrust to your business.

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7 Beautiful Mobile UI’s for Your Prototyping Needs

The rapid advancement in communication technologies has made mobile devices an inseparable part of modern lifestyle. But the rapid technological developments and frequently changing user choices have made it a daunting challenge for enterprises to launch applications that will become popular within a very short span of time. Along with exploring fresh and innovative mobile application development ideas, it has also become essential for a business to evaluate its prototyping needs.

Before investing in a project, the developers must create mockups to check and optimize the interaction between end users and their designs. A proper mobile prototyping strategy can further contribute towards both time and resources. The developers also have options to pick from a large collection of Mobile user interfaces (UIs) based on specific mobile operating systems and their prototyping needs. Some of these UIs further make it easier for programmers to avail the advantages of the latest technologies like HTML5 and Cloud computing.

7 Widely Used Mobile Devices Prototyping Uis

1) Prototyping on Paper (POP)
Many developers still prefer UI sketches on paper. The simple yet powerful application for iOS enables such programmers to capture the UI sketches using their iPhone cameras, and add touch links to the captured sketches in an instant. Further, the sketched prototype can be published within the app, while receiving feedback from others. The free app also makes it easier for designers to avoid complexities by adopting a lean UI process.


2) Solidify
You can use Solidify to create clickable prototypes from your wireframe, sketches or mockup. The tool further enables you to carry out user tests in person to validate user flows on specific mobile devices. Also, you have options to carry out the test remotely, and receive the required feedback from testers. Along with conducting a variety of user tests, the tool further complements your prototyping needs by validating interactions and providing unbiased results.


3) InVision
The prototyping and collaboration application is designed to meet the prototyping needs of a distributed team. InVision comes with a set of tools required to share a single mockup in an instant, or to demonstrate a complex mobile app. The tools further make it easier for you to connect your digital wireframes, UX sketches and high-fidelity designs, in addition to sharing the details with you team. At the same time, you can use these features to create and make presentations.


4) Proto
It is one of the most advanced prototyping tools that support animation. So you can use the tool to optimize your designs, mockups or wireframes by incorporating touch events, animations and rich media. At the same time, the prototype can also be tested thoroughly by simulating exact user behaviors by rotating, tapping or swiping the app. Also, you have option to share the prototype easily with other members of your team, and receive their feedback.


5) AppCooker
The paid tool can be used by developers to create mockups, while making their applications ready for Apple App Store. Along with integrating with Box.net and DropBox, you can further import icons and user interface assets directly into the prototyping tool. Further, the tool enables you to access the complete collection of default Apple UI controls. However, the tool is currently available only for iPad. You have to use its companion app called AppTaster that is designed for iPhone and iPod touch.


6) FluidUI
Despite being designed as a multi-platform web app, FluidUI is still simple and easy-to-use. You can use the prototyping tool to rapidly design, develop, test and share mobile user interfaces. It also comes with the tools and elements required to develop applications for popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phones. Also, you have option to use the Google Chrome version of the tool to avail these features offline.


7) MakeAppIcon
Many reports have highlighted how the popularity of an app can be impacted by its icon. Along with designing a high resolution icon, you also need to ensure that it complements the specific requirements of the mobile device. As a web script, MakeAppIcon enables you to optimize an icon with the maximum resolution of 1024×1024 according to Apple’s guidelines related to retina and similar features of the devices. Despite being simple and easy-to-use, MakeAppIcon is still effective in saving the amount of time required to resize the icon manually according to Apple’s specific requirements.


In addition to the mobile UIs, the developers also have option to use a wide variety of templates and tools. They can further explore options to use a single mobile user interface technology that works seamlessly across multiple mobile platforms and devices.

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How are 2nd hand markets turning apps into money makers

Most app makers are always on the lookout for ideas on which they build their apps and these ideas should be personal to the makers and they should be confident as well as comfortable enough to work with it, so that the ultimate result is mind-boggling. But nowadays the concept of flipping or selling through second hand or flea markets have become very popular. Most people can relate to this concept while trying to sell some of their used things. The idea in case of mobile applications works almost on the same principle. The creators of some app who do have the inclination or time to monetize or service the apps sell them at fixed amount of money. The applications are then tweaked if needed and monetized or resold to some other party.

Hire mobile app programmerThis concept has found much popularity due to the fact that it is not only easy to buy or sell apps but also for the fact that this concept makes quite a bit of money. Suppose the developer has spent some amount of money for the development but its popularity is not as much as he had hoped to be and he could find no apparent reason for that. The best solution for him is not to drag the weight and sell it off instead and make a neat profit. For the buyer also, this means a profit as he did not have to spend time and energy for the development. The buyer had plenty of time to gather info and input from outside, the users and he utilizes that to revamp the application at an extra cost that is not too much. If he is successful in fixing the glitches then it turns to be a money-maker for him.

Many a times, being too close to the project, the actual developers cannot really find the flaws, but the buyer can. In fact, there are many times when after the revamping the buyer again sells the app to its original creator for a neat profit. In a way both the parties are gainers.

This secondary market of mobile apps is a thriving one with many people opting for it and why should not they, given the win-win situation and simple as well as easy way of doing this. You do not need to resort to fancy sites for the bidding or selling; a blog or even a Facebook page is suffice. In fact, many prefer Facebook as its social aspect helps the fast build-up of the business. Besides this there are other sources as well like Apptopia, which allows you to leverage work done by someone else through license or purchase of source code. Apptopia allows you to get the app to store immediately, even before beginning the revamping or re-skinning procedure. Any other marketplace for source code does not allow you that liberty; the game has to be re-skinned before being launched, which adds up time.

While opting for such apps by purchasing the source code, it is better to buy code engines which have many number of levels or is “endless” in other words. The reasons for opting for this are:

  • More opportunities for advertising which is the most important
  • the user can be made happy
  • few In app purchases can be sold
  • re-skinning of multiple versions becomes a whole lot easier.

However, while on the re-skinning process it is best to note that the content should be left alone. The only thing that you should be re-skinning is the graphics. Also the theme that you choose for the app is very important; so opt for popular trends and flashy designs that can attract users.

You can hire mobile app programmers from top mobile app development companies in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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How Much Does a Mobile App Cost? It Depends on What You Need

Mobile applications have been growing increasingly popular and these are being used for numerous purposes today. Be it with respect to business, fun or entertainment, businesses are increasingly realizing the need to develop the mobile apps and use them essentially for marketing or promotional purposes. However, while developing a mobile app is a necessity, the cost involved in designing the same is a major point of concern. Now, the cost of developing an app is dependent on a lot of factors that most importantly include the individual choices and necessities. So, the cost that you will have to incur will be determined by the kind of application you are looking for. Here is a detailed overview:

The Type

Hire mobile app programmersThe type of the app is the predominant factor determining the development cost. Now, those with the simple and basic functionalities are less expensive while the complex ones are costlier. If you feel that your business needs one of those dynamic applications, you must have a higher budget range. The gaming based apps, incorporating 3D effects and so on, are naturally the most expensive of all.

The Design

The designing as well as the coding of apps require quite a lot of efforts to be put into the same. Now, web and graphic designers work on the design once the programming along with the functionality part is done. The overall design, which often determines the success or failure of the app, includes splash screens, tab icons and several other assets that automatically involve considerable costs.

Functionalities of the App

The kind of functionalities that the application will include, the category under which it will come and many other factors are taken into consideration. As such, the desired set of functionalities that you want your app to include will determine the price of the same to a significant extent.

The Engagement of a Developer

A qualified or skilled developer is must when it comes to developing a mobile application. Hiring a developer involves costs that the company has to bear. Again, the cost varies depending upon whether an in-house developer or someone on an hourly basis is hired.

Allowing the App to Go Live

After the app is built in the xCode, the developer can help get the same in the store. Now, if the store is iTunes for example, an iTunesConnect account needs to be set up and all the necessary information needs to provided. These are technical tasks that not only need to be handled by the experts but also require a great deal of financial resources.

With the application ready in the store, all the analytics can be monitored on the back side by means of the iTune Connect. Entrepreneurs try out several ways of deriving revenue from the applications such as that of advertising inside the app and so on. The PPC or SEO campaigns can be facilitated as well and this would involve costs in the initial stages to lead to the desired revenues in the long run.

Submitting the Applications

Submission of the applications is yet another essential factor determining the cost of developing an app. The popular application stores have to be targeted to get the highest- possible revenues from the applications. If professionals are being hired for submitting the applications, the cost will definitely go up to a certain extent.

With the above-mentioned factors playing crucial roles in determining the prices of the applications, it is always wise to devise a budget well beforehand. However, with the mobile applications turning out to be a dire necessity, it is obvious for entrepreneurs to be ready to spend some extra bucks to get much more in return.

You can hire mobile app programmers from top mobile app development companies in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

We provide mobile app development services. If you would like to speak to one of our expert mobile app developers, please reach out to us at Mindfire Solutions.