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Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

Mobile web access is rising at a fast pace; according to latest findings, the revenue generated from mobile apps may exceed $70 billion by 2017. Such potential has prompted companies to give more emphasis towards the development of mobile apps. With this urgency, many software and tools have come to the rescue of the developers. However, since the experience that these developers have is limited, many myths as well as misconceptions have crept up in the development community. Continue reading Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost? It Depends on What You Need

Mobile applications have been growing increasingly popular and these are being used for numerous purposes today. Be it with respect to business, fun or entertainment, businesses are increasingly realizing the need to develop the mobile apps and use them essentially for marketing or promotional purposes. However, while developing a mobile app is a necessity, the cost involved in designing the same is a major point of concern. Now, the cost of developing an app is dependent on a lot of factors that most importantly include the individual choices and necessities. So, the cost that you will have to incur will be determined by the kind of application you are looking for. Here is a detailed overview:

The Type

Hire mobile app programmersThe type of the app is the predominant factor determining the development cost. Now, those with the simple and basic functionalities are less expensive while the complex ones are costlier. If you feel that your business needs one of those dynamic applications, you must have a higher budget range. The gaming based apps, incorporating 3D effects and so on, are naturally the most expensive of all.

The Design

The designing as well as the coding of apps require quite a lot of efforts to be put into the same. Now, web and graphic designers work on the design once the programming along with the functionality part is done. The overall design, which often determines the success or failure of the app, includes splash screens, tab icons and several other assets that automatically involve considerable costs.

Functionalities of the App

The kind of functionalities that the application will include, the category under which it will come and many other factors are taken into consideration. As such, the desired set of functionalities that you want your app to include will determine the price of the same to a significant extent.

The Engagement of a Developer

A qualified or skilled developer is must when it comes to developing a mobile application. Hiring a developer involves costs that the company has to bear. Again, the cost varies depending upon whether an in-house developer or someone on an hourly basis is hired.

Allowing the App to Go Live

After the app is built in the xCode, the developer can help get the same in the store. Now, if the store is iTunes for example, an iTunesConnect account needs to be set up and all the necessary information needs to provided. These are technical tasks that not only need to be handled by the experts but also require a great deal of financial resources.

With the application ready in the store, all the analytics can be monitored on the back side by means of the iTune Connect. Entrepreneurs try out several ways of deriving revenue from the applications such as that of advertising inside the app and so on. The PPC or SEO campaigns can be facilitated as well and this would involve costs in the initial stages to lead to the desired revenues in the long run.

Submitting the Applications

Submission of the applications is yet another essential factor determining the cost of developing an app. The popular application stores have to be targeted to get the highest- possible revenues from the applications. If professionals are being hired for submitting the applications, the cost will definitely go up to a certain extent.

With the above-mentioned factors playing crucial roles in determining the prices of the applications, it is always wise to devise a budget well beforehand. However, with the mobile applications turning out to be a dire necessity, it is obvious for entrepreneurs to be ready to spend some extra bucks to get much more in return.

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10 Things You can Do to Let People Know about Your New Mobile App

If you have developed a new mobile application, it is obvious for you to expect numbers of downloads per day. Unfortunately, such is not the case always and a lack of marketing and promotion of the applications is one of the major reasons behind their unpopularity in the long run. Now, it is for this reason that marketing an application in the proper way is as necessary as creating it in the desirable manner. So, what are the ways that you can market an app and most essentially, create it in a way that automatically draws the attention of the users? Here is a list of them:

1. Go for App Store Listing and App Store Optimization

Mobile app development IndiaThe application stores work well in driving downloads of a variety of apps. Optimizing the application requires you to follow three steps. First, you need to understand the particular keywords as well as the amount of competition that each of them has. This should be followed by the creation of a professional logo, screen shots, effective descriptions along with keyword rich titles to enable the application grab the instant attention of the people. Lastly, allow it to be as engaging as possible. Getting good reviews for the same is also an essential part of app store optimization that ultimately leads to an effective marketing of the same.

2. Articulate a Story

The story behind any application or product is of particular interest for the people. Emphasize upon telling a story and this will help the prospective users to get involved in a greater way. For the gaming based ones, the background story is extremely important while for the non- gaming ones, delineating the reasons behind their creation can be an effective way of marketing the same.

3. Using the QR Codes

When you are creating mobile apps, it is obvious that your target audience would be the Smartphone generation. Consequently, the QR codes come up as one of the best as well as the most recognized means of advertising. The codes can be added to the websites, business cards, brochures, storefront window and so on.

4. Choose the Right Timing

The time of the launching of the app is very crucial. To let the application get the maximum exposure, you should launch it at a time when there is high possibility of a momentum getting started. Synchronizing the PR, banners and blog posts is important in this regard.

5. Social Sharing from the Application Itself

Any application will include features that the users would like to use as well as share with the people they know. Enable those features that allow the users to share content, play games and so on. Social sharing is bound to affect the number of downloads of the application.

6. Build a Website for the Apps

A website for the app is like a home for the same and the advantage is that you can explain so many things about it in the page without the necessity of getting restricted to the specified description or marketing page. While the website you create should be unique and with a desirable landing page, site promotion techniques like SEO, link exchanges and so on can be facilitated to lead to a higher exposure.

7. Go for Efficient Public Relations Management

Effective PR is necessary not just with respect to the marketing of the applications but in every field. Enlisting the assistance of a public relation professional can be of real help. A press release can be drafted and it should include all the essential information about the app. Also consider sending emails to the blog owners.

8. Go for Premium Apps

The reason why most applications in the app store is free is that these are easier enough to be promoted. Eventually, the paid apps are never found to have a good ranking in the app store. Making the application free to download allows it to be more competitive in search and attract higher number of downloads.

9. Consider Mobile Advertising

Mobile apps can be advertised by means of PPC campaigns too and for this, you need to put the ads on the mobile devices. Even Google allows target users to see mobile ads while they are searching from their mobile devices.

10. Hire the Assistance of the Mobile App Marketing Agencies

There are various recognized mobile app marketing agencies accessible out there to help you gain the desired exposure for your application. You can certainly consider hiring their services for the best results.

Following the above- mentioned tips for marketing the mobile applications goes a long way in promoting the app among the target market and beyond in the best- possible way while also justifying the efforts put into the creation of the same. While speaking to top mobile app development companies, it does not hurt to have a vendor who is aware of app-marketing as well.

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