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Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

Mobile web access is rising at a fast pace; according to latest findings, the revenue generated from mobile apps may exceed $70 billion by 2017. Such potential has prompted companies to give more emphasis towards the development of mobile apps. With this urgency, many software and tools have come to the rescue of the developers. However, since the experience that these developers have is limited, many myths as well as misconceptions have crept up in the development community. Continue reading Myths and misconceptions among mobile developer community

Developing Mobile Apps – Some Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile apps or application development is the mechanism that is followed to develop application software for various handheld devices like personal as well as enterprise digital assistance devices or mobile phones.

After the induction of iPhones and Smart Phones, tablets and other high tech hand held devices, people are slowly shifting their focus from the conventional ‘bigger’ devices like laptops and desktops to the relatively smaller handheld devices. This understandably has increased the popularity as well as the need of mobile app development by many folds. The process, however, is not that easy. Developers often end up committing several mistakes. These mistakes at times play the role of deterrent in providing enough mobility to an application, which in turn results in marketing disaster.

mobile app development

Improper Planning
This is one of the major loopholes or fallacies that often plague the practice of mobile app development. Without a proper planning nothing works and application development is no different. If and when an app is designed without any substantial planning of the end result, it is likely that the end product will be a worthless one and will hardly be able to serve the very purpose that it is intended for. Hence, before you actually start the development, it is imperative that you plan the entire ‘thing’ in a transparent way so that you do not lose the way midway. Moreover, the product should be such that it will show the users the right way and will fulfill the purpose properly.

Ignoring the apparently trivial thing(s)
Ignoring things that are apparently trivial is another mistake that developers tend to end up committing. Things like login details, interference of graphic as well as animations with the basic website usability are often ignored at the first instance. These apparently trivial issues subsequently snowball into disasters, thereby hindering the very functionality of the apps to a considerable extent. Hence, each and every aspect of the app should be taken into account seriously in order to ensure a flawless development along with ultimate execution. The very purpose of the development should be to ensure that the app that is developed is user-friendly, appealing, as well as adored by the users of every age group and that also for a substantial amount of time.

Refrain from creating a scrolling design
Too much of scrolling will surely deter the users. They do not like scrolling too much nowadays. Hence, you need to make sure than the app does not have much of scrolling designs. The idea behind designing the app should be such that the user is never forced to do anything. They should be able to see things without much of an effort, seamlessly.

Ignoring the Sharing Option
People generally tend to share apps they are using with their friends, colleagues, family members along with other individuals they know. Hence, the apps developers will have to have a substantial amount of sharing option so that things can be shared with others easily. Then again, the option needs to be absolutely user friendly.

Building apps for multiple platforms separately
This is another very common mistake that the developers commit. They tend to build one platform first and then follow it up with other platforms. This doubles the engineering costs and the time taken. Hence, it is better to finalize an application on Android and then have a few iterations and then port to iOS or the other way round. This will also get the MVP or Minimum Viable Product out to the stands at the earliest, besides cutting the costs to almost half.

Not taking the issue of Monetization into account
If someone assumes that as soon as a site is developed clients will just come and start paying, that is a great mistake. There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded free of cost. Hence, one should think how to monetize the app right from the scratch. Some of the common myths regarding monetization that need to be avoided include:

1. Advertisements will support the app
2. A company will acquire the app as soon as it is developed
3. Users will start paying for the app
4. First of all scalability needs to be emphasized – monetization can be taken into account much later.

There are a number of other mistakes that app developers can commit. However, there needs to be a specific planning in order to avoid these blunders.

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Building Highly Addictive & Viral Mobile Apps

Thanks to the huge popularity which is growing with every passing day, the future of mobile apps market looks extremely bright, especially when it comes to making a considerable revenue earning. However, this also gives rise to the necessity of expanding different strategies of digital marketing. Naturally, a sizeable amount of time along with effort are been nowadays spent, with the view to develop various types of mobile apps that are worth downloading.

The designs need to be exceptional

expert mobile app developersThe apps need to be designed from “inside out”. That means, the designs need to be such that they will embrace all the potentials along with the limitations. The concept of designing or developing mobile apps is absolutely different from designing and developing apps meant for traditional desktop computers or laptops.

The design needs to be drawn on real life

The applications need to be designed in an intuitive way so that they fit in the real life requirements. However, when it comes to fulfilling the requirements, the best mobile apps not only fulfil the physical requirements of the modern day to day life but also satisfy the psychological needs as well, so that the customers get a psychologically gratifying experience.

The designs need to be created at first by clearly defining the concept that they are going to focus on, and then follow it up by coding or making the illustration. The key to success in creating addictive as well as compelling apps is the context that is created. The concept of the context must be drawn from the comparable objects of real life along with the day to day interactions of various kinds. The idea is to engage as many things as possible that are familiar to the users or audience.

Keep things simple and straight

It is imperative to keep things as simple and straight as possible while designing. According to the experts, this will help to avoid designing something that is not needed at all. Great apps are those which stay focused on things or ideas that are absolute necessary.

Focus on one thing to excel

Addictive and viral apps are those which are single-purpose in nature and come up with certain functional features that help the users in their daily activities without any complications whatsoever. There are a number of funny as well as quirky apps available in the market but the credit lies in creating an app that would solve the common daily problems. That’s what makes an app addictive as well as viral! Hence, the key to success is thinking about the idea behind designing the app instead of the app itself.

Offer incentives to the users

The apps need to provide some kind of value added service to the users. That means in order to go viral, they need to go beyond being mere mobile websites. They need to offer better as well as quicker services, in such a way that users can get whatever information they need at their finger tips right when they need. It is this which makes an app popular. It should help people to interact with the others, provide notifications about users’ actions and so on. Rewarding users for their actions or behaviours proves to be highly addictive. Popularizing those rewards to the social media can help an app to go viral.

Being Unconventional

This is another way of making an app addictive. Thinking differently, making an app that is quite different from the others are the best ways to make an app highly popular so much so that it goes viral.

There are a number of other ways in which an app can be made popular. The entire thing depends upon the designer, the developer and their imaginations or innovations. They can incorporate newer as well as unique ways to make an app adorable. The bottom line is that the app in question needs to have unparalleled quality, visibility, usability along with stability that make all the difference.

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Does Your Business need a Mobile App?

A number of recent reports have highlighted how mobile apps will reshape the future of businesses in the upcoming years. The steady increase in the sale of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices also indicate the necessity of mobile applications for enterprises. However, a business has to consider many factors before developing a mobile application. Also, it has option to consider several alternatives including mobile websites. Therefore, it has become essential for each enterprise to decide if it is time to invest in mobile app development.

5 Reasons Why Each Business Requires a Mobile App

1) Reach and Engage Most Relevant Customers
certified mobile app developersYou may be finding it a daunting challenge to promote your products or services by targeting the most relevant audience. The mobile apps make it easier for you to reach the most relevant customer in real time. At the same time, the application will also enable you to keep the customers engaged by accessing their location and detailed profile information. Along with promoting your business, you can further encourage the app users to purchase your products by offering coupons, interactive deals and similar incentives. With most users downloading business applications, it becomes easier for you to attract and engage the most relevant customers and prospects.

2) Serve Mobile Ads
Many reports have highlighted how mobile ads are more effective that other conventional and digital advertising techniques. Often businesses have to incur additional expenses to server mobile ads through publishers and marketing companies. The enterprise mobile app will make it easier for you to serve mobile ads by targeting the most relevant users, while avoiding additional expenses. Along with giving coupons and discounts, you can also easily send location-based push notifications. The innovative advertising methods will further keep your customers interested and engaged.

3) Add Value to Your Customer Service
Often the quality of customer service and support helps a business to retain customers. The business mobile app will make it easier for you to deliver prompt customer service, while adding value to your existing customer care services. Many customers, nowadays, gather information about a product or service directly using their smartphones and tablets. Similarly, many people even buy goods using their mobile devices to save both time and effort. So you can always build a base of happy customers by providing smart and quick customer service through the application.

4) Allow Customers to Shop on the Go
Each customer wants to buy the best product at his own pace and convenience. Along with gather information about a specific product or service, many people, nowadays, prefer shopping through mobile apps. So you can always use your enterprise application as a mobile store that enables users to browse through the products and shop on the go. Many reports have highlighted the growing popularity of mobile shopping options among customers residing in different regions. So you can beat competition through the application by providing smart and flexible shopping options to customers.

5) Avoid Losing Customers
Despite the growing popularity of digital and mobile shopping, many people still prefer shopping at local stores. As the customers will not gather address and contact numbers by visiting your business website, it is important to allow them to access the information in an instant. The application enables you to let customers access your contact information without initiating a web search. Further, the app can use the GPS tracking feature of their mobile devices, and enable customers to find your business without any hassle. The combination of mobile advertisement and option to target all types of customers will help you in building a base of regular customers.

Each business can further choose from a number of mobile application development options. In addition to developing the enterprise app by deploying its in-house team of developers, it can also consider hiring a freelance mobile app developer or outsourcing the project. Many enterprises prefer outsourcing the project to a reliable company to develop, launch and promote their mobile applications without investing any extra time and effort.

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How are 2nd hand markets turning apps into money makers

Most app makers are always on the lookout for ideas on which they build their apps and these ideas should be personal to the makers and they should be confident as well as comfortable enough to work with it, so that the ultimate result is mind-boggling. But nowadays the concept of flipping or selling through second hand or flea markets have become very popular. Most people can relate to this concept while trying to sell some of their used things. The idea in case of mobile applications works almost on the same principle. The creators of some app who do have the inclination or time to monetize or service the apps sell them at fixed amount of money. The applications are then tweaked if needed and monetized or resold to some other party.

Hire mobile app programmerThis concept has found much popularity due to the fact that it is not only easy to buy or sell apps but also for the fact that this concept makes quite a bit of money. Suppose the developer has spent some amount of money for the development but its popularity is not as much as he had hoped to be and he could find no apparent reason for that. The best solution for him is not to drag the weight and sell it off instead and make a neat profit. For the buyer also, this means a profit as he did not have to spend time and energy for the development. The buyer had plenty of time to gather info and input from outside, the users and he utilizes that to revamp the application at an extra cost that is not too much. If he is successful in fixing the glitches then it turns to be a money-maker for him.

Many a times, being too close to the project, the actual developers cannot really find the flaws, but the buyer can. In fact, there are many times when after the revamping the buyer again sells the app to its original creator for a neat profit. In a way both the parties are gainers.

This secondary market of mobile apps is a thriving one with many people opting for it and why should not they, given the win-win situation and simple as well as easy way of doing this. You do not need to resort to fancy sites for the bidding or selling; a blog or even a Facebook page is suffice. In fact, many prefer Facebook as its social aspect helps the fast build-up of the business. Besides this there are other sources as well like Apptopia, which allows you to leverage work done by someone else through license or purchase of source code. Apptopia allows you to get the app to store immediately, even before beginning the revamping or re-skinning procedure. Any other marketplace for source code does not allow you that liberty; the game has to be re-skinned before being launched, which adds up time.

While opting for such apps by purchasing the source code, it is better to buy code engines which have many number of levels or is “endless” in other words. The reasons for opting for this are:

  • More opportunities for advertising which is the most important
  • the user can be made happy
  • few In app purchases can be sold
  • re-skinning of multiple versions becomes a whole lot easier.

However, while on the re-skinning process it is best to note that the content should be left alone. The only thing that you should be re-skinning is the graphics. Also the theme that you choose for the app is very important; so opt for popular trends and flashy designs that can attract users.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Mobile App

With the population across the globe getting increasingly mobile savvy, organizations are rapidly realizing the fact that developing a mobile app is more of a necessity than a luxury. However, a large gap exists between wishing to have an app and designing or building one. Even brands or companies having a powerful online presence find it a challenging task to optimize their mobile applications.

Mobile app development

It is to be understood that an ideal app is a delicate blend between prudent engineering and skillful design, offering a great user-experience that ultimately leads to widespread adoption. Taking care of the beauty aspect is one of the crucial elements to consider while building a mobile application. Let us discuss 5 important things that a designer should consider while designing an app.

  • User Interface: It should be remembered that people prefer intuitive, simple as well as beautiful interfaces. A great idea backed by a poor design is sure to make a negative impact among the target audience. To come up with great designs, companies should hire the best UI/UX designers. It is also advisable to download some effective apps from the AppStore. By studying these, one can get well-versed with the best tactics and become capable of providing significant guidance to the developer. Moreover, it should be taken into account that mobile apps have tailor-made UI conventions. Going for the consistent methods always helps to catch the attention of the end-users.
  • Consider the touch aspect: In a majority of cases, mobile apps would be used by holding them in hand. Therefore, it would be good to consider the ergonomics and touch parameters. Just think of how the cellular device would be held in the hand and especially how the thumb would be positioned. That is the reason why a number of applications come with selectors and main menus at the bottom of the screen with content close to the screen’s top. It is a great idea to make use of visual cues to reveal that a particular item is touchable or has been subject to touch.
  • Keep in mind the various screen sizes: First of all it should be remembered that mobile interfaces are much smaller when compared to their desktop counterparts. So, while developing a mobile app, avoid interfaces that are suitable for bigger monitor screens and also keep away from loading great amount of information on a single screen. Given the same mobile platform, resolutions and screen sizes may also differ according to the device type. As a result, to develop an application that offer a consistent look and feel so far as the targeted devices are concerned, graphics as well as other user-interface elements should be scalable.
  • Leave some thought for the battery: It is a proven fact that users avoid apps which take a toll on their phone battery. To ensure optimal use of battery, it is advisable to keep away from unnecessary animations and background tasks, as well as minimize the use of location services. Make sure that you are using location services that leverage GPS. Moreover, do not include background tasks until and unless they are an absolute necessity, because apps running in background usually consume large amounts of battery power.
  • Customization for the end-user: It is crucial for a mobile app designer to keep the user in mind. Take into account the context within which the end-user will interact with the app. To reach effective customization, consider getting the creation tested by the least tech-savvy person you know. It is good to consider things like whether the font operates across manifold languages, if there are loads of white text against a dark background leading to poor readability, and so on.

A well-designed mobile app always makes a mark in the minds of the audience. Following the above-mentioned guidelines will definitely help organizations as well as developers come up with successful and attractive apps.

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