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Why is Android considered to be the future of Microsoft?

A number of experts are considering Android to be the future of Microsoft. It’s not that they are making news out of air or are just trying to make it to the headlines. There are solid and valid reasons behind their opinions. Let us discuss them.

Microsoft has already made significant profit from Android Continue reading Why is Android considered to be the future of Microsoft?

Advantages Of Developing An Android Mobile App

Android can be described as an open source platform of development and is considered one of the most important as well as significant operating systems for mobile devices. Of late, there has been an epochal increase in the number of developers who have been working on Android apps. Now, developing android mobile apps has always been associated with a wide array of advantages. This frankly speaking, has prompted a number of young developers to work and develop the latest Android mobile apps. Let us discuss the advantages one by one.

A Low Barrier to Entry

android application development servicesAn Android app is associated with low barrier to entry. The interesting part is that none of these apps is associated with any expensive license fee or any kind of development tool(s). Besides, it is also possible to develop these applications in hardly any time. This significantly reduces the cost involved. However, the primary costs involved can be divided into three categories – development as well as testing expertise, test devices along with royalty fees (in case someone decides to distribute it by using any 3rd party store).

These Apps act as an ideal platform for the companies that are new to mobile

These applications are generally scripted in Java, which is made up of a rich array of libraries. Hence, any developer who has a considerable extent of knowledge regarding Java will be able to install these apps and have them up and running without any hiccup whatsoever. Software developers with considerable amount of knowledge on Java are frequently available. This makes development of android apps pretty easy.

A wide range of distribution mechanisms

Unlike the mobile platforms, these apps can easily be distributed in a number of ways. Besides having the option of using unlimited number of third party application stores, users can also create their very own channels of distribution – for the purpose of vertical market application as well as for developing new app stores.

The platform is open and at the same time free of cost

Another extremely significant advantage of Android mobile app development is that it is open source, and hence does not need any license or royalty, thereby considerably reducing the cost. Besides, as the inherent architecture that Android SDK comes up with is an open source one, the users can get familiar with the upcoming releases without any delay. Also, they can effortlessly leave their feedback for the Android designing and development team to stock of, if and when needed. It is this what makes this particular platform so robust as well as convincing, particularly for the manufacturers as well as wireless operators of handsets as it provides better chances to the developers, so far as monetizing is concerned. The platform is also a vertical market application or device that can be perfectly customized as well as optimally integrated. In fact, experts are of the opinion that it is the best option a user can have.

It is the best Inter-application integration mobile platform

As per the experts, it is the best and the most user-friendly mobile platform, when it comes to inter-application or inter-process architectures. It helps those who are looking to have a suit of applications or are looking forward to integrate and cross promote them. Android provides an indisputable edge over other platforms as most of the other platforms would allow various backward processes. However, it would provide a perfect platform that will foster trust as well as relationship between various applications to offer the users a superior experience that is well-knit and well organized.

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a perfect platform for an individual Android Code developer. The process of integration of the device-specific native SDK platform and a commercial development solution helps the users to attain optimal efficiency and yield the highest quality of results.

This SDK platform, which is available from Google free of cost, especially the Java APIs, provide the application developers a wide variety of highly useful materials that include extensive documentation, samples, tutorials, the best guidance for practice, an all-inclusive range of tools that come in handy for a wide variety of development purposes.

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