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What to take care of while choosing a mobile development company?

It is high time that all businesses tap into the wonderful potential displayed by the mobile application genre. For that a good mobile development company is needed so that the application developed has great impact on the image of your company and business. An experienced company will make sure that the resultant apps are attractive, eye-catching, engaging as well as memorable. However, this very selection is extremely crucial as the wrong decision will hamper your business in unimaginable ways. So, a few things have to be kept in mind while selecting a mobile development company for your business.

Cross platform application development- One of the most important considerations while launching mobile apps is the launching platform- it is very hard to choose only one. So if you have the option then there is no need to opt for a single one. Developers thus should be able to create applications that are cross platform; all consumers will be able to use a single app on various kinds of mobile devices as well as operating systems. Your business will be able to attract customers from each of the stores or marketplaces.

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Looking at a portfolio of apps- It is best to have a good look at some of their work as that will give you a clear idea of their quality of work. Another thing to notice is the number of downloads; most of the applications should at least have a minimum of 50 downloads. This will ensure that the work done by the company is not just spam.

Reliability along with experience- Experience is one thing that has no substitutes. The best company to choose is one which has lots of experience along with a solid list of satisfied clients. The company can be asked for this list. If you have queries then it is best to ask lots of questions to satiate your curiosity. Just ensure the competency level of the company so that the app created suits your needs perfectly. There should be a look of sophistication to it which can be achieved by experienced professionals only.

Researching the marketplace- To find out the best professionals, the most frequently adopted method is to carry on lots of research. Chalk a list of questions and see if the companies can match up to your criteria or not. To make a short list you can look for recommendations from sources within your network. After making a short list you will be able to clarify the questions.

Budget- This is a very important factor to consider as you will get what you will pay for. Quotes from various companies should be taken so that you can decide which is most suited according to the stipulated budget. However, care must be taken here so that the quality is not compromised for the price.

Optimization- When a company sets out to develop something they have to understand the needs of the business well. Thus the creator should optimally know how this need can be communicated well to the customers of the business. It is an added benefit if the developing company can optimize the product so that all finer points can be highlighted and the business can be promoted well.

Communication- It is an essential part of any business dealing. A thoroughly professional company ensures that the client is always kept updated about the work done as well as the remaining work. This helps in gaining the customer’s confidence. The mobile development team thus should inform you frequently about their processing.

All the research and considerations to be taken may seem to be nothing but hassles. But it will eventually pay in the long run if you can make sure that the investment is a good one. So it is best to choose the company which gives total dedication to the project at hand.

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Mobile website vs Mobile App: Which should you use?

The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has compelled enterprise to promote their businesses by targeting mobile platforms. Each organization has several options to target the mobile device users. Some companies launch mobile business apps to attract their existing customers and prospects. At the same time, many organizations optimize the look and feel of their websites for mobile web browsers. However, both mobile website and mobile apps have their own pros and cons. So each enterprise must compare and evaluate these two options to target more relevant users.

Evaluating Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

User Access
mobile app developmentA business mobile app needs to be downloaded by the users. Once the user downloads and install the application on his mobile device, he can avail its features simply with a single click. On the other hand, a mobile website can be accessed by users immediately on their mobile web browsers. Further, the mobile version of your business website can also be accessed by using mobile version of various online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The mobile applications are more effective in keeping users engaged by offering efficient and high quality functionality. Your business can always impress users by allowing them to perform complex tasks like getting information about products, placing order and tracking payment without any hassle. But the mobile website does not allow users to carry out any such transactions directly. But you can use the mobile website as a medium to get more inquiries and website visits.

A number of reports have highlighted how a mobile app runs at a much faster pace than the mobile websites. So the mobile applications will help you in keeping users engaged by delivering rich user experience. The mobile websites also require users to be connected to the internet to access the mobile websites. But many mobile applications can be accessed by users without having any internet connection.

Technological Requirements
Most organizations, nowadays, launch different versions of the same enterprise app by targeting different mobile platforms. So each version of the app must be developed using technologies and programming language according to the requirements of the mobile operating system. So businesses have to hire mobile app developers to implement their ideas. On the other hand, the mobile version of your website can be developed without putting any extra time and effort. Your website designer can use some simple tricks to create and optimize the mobile website.

Development Cost
As your existing website can be easily optimized for the mobile web browsers, you are not required to incur any heavy expenses. But cost of the mobile application development project will vary according to the features and functionalities of the app. Further, you have to promote the app on various platforms to enhance its popularity. So the overall cost of developing, launching and marketing a mobile application may be huge. It is always a good idea to keep in mind your budget, while evaluating these two options.

An organization has option to launch the free as well as paid version of the app. When a user loves the features and functionality offered by the free version of the application, he will not hesitate to download the paid version. Further, an organization can implement a comprehensive promotional strategy to make its paid apps popular. The free apps can also be used as a medium to generate revenue by including in-app purchases and in-app advertisement. So it is always easier to monetize a mobile application in comparison to a mobile website.

Each organization also needs to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to launch a popular business mobile application. But it can optimize the mobile version of the website without putting any extra time and effort. So an enterprise must evaluate cost and ROI benefits before taking a decision in favor of any one. You can hire mobile application programmer from top mobile app development companies who can guide you in detail about the benefits of both approaches.

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Why Are Mobile App Developers Avoiding Windows Phone 8

Many experts considers Windows Phone 8 as a solid mobile operating system that possesses all the features, functionalities and qualities required to compete with the popular mobile platforms launched by Apple and Google. But many reports have highlighted how the popularity of the Microsoft mobile operating system is being affected due to lack of adequate apps. There are also a number of reasons because of why mobile application developers are avoiding the new mobile platform. It is time for Microsoft to identify these reasons to encourage more developers to build mobile apps by targeting Windows Phone 8.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Application Developers Avoid Windows Phone 8

top mobile app development companies1. Popularity and Market Share of the Mobile Operating System
Each enterprise wants to get the maximum ROI by launching apps by targeting the right mobile platform. Mobile application always developers choose a mobile platform according to its recent popularity and market share. Despite a steady increase in the Nokia Lumia line of smartphones, the market share of Windows Phone 8 has increased by less than 2%. So the Microsoft mobile operating system will take some time to challenge popular mobile platforms like IOS and Android. The lower market share also discourages developers to build apps by targeting Windows Phone 8.

2. Lack of Powerful Development Tools
Most developers use customized tools and frameworks to rapidly build robust applications. The popularity of Android and IOS has encouraged many third-party companies to launch and update mobile application development tools. But the Windows Phone 8 developers have options to choose from a limited number of development tools. Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2013 with a set of smart features and tools to help developers. So the developers now have options to use features like performance diagnostics and power usage monitoring to build apps rapidly. However, the developers still look for more innovative tools and frameworks.

3. Flaws in OS Design
Many reports have also highlighted a number of flaws in the design of Windows Phone 8. For instance, the mobile version of Internet Explorer lacks a forward navigation button. Further, the user does not have any option to set Google as his default search engine. The inefficient GPS navigation option provided by the operating system also makes it complicated and time-consuming for the users to find a place. The mobile OS also does not send effective notification about mails and other message. As most apps use the inbuilt features of the smartphone to optimize user experience, the minor flaws often discourage them to develop apps for Windows Phone 8.

4. Additional Security Considerations
Most mobile applications use third-party apps and interfaces to deliver improved user experience. Similar to other mobile operating systems, Windows Phone 8 also comes with large collection of security controls. But the programmers have to exercise additional care and caution to ensure that the third-party apps remain fully secure and inaccessible. There are always chances that the third-party apps will be exposed to higher risk due to minor mistakes and lapses. As the Microsoft mobile platform is comparatively new, developers do not have option to access a large collection of documentation and resources. So they have to put some additional time and effort to ensure the security of the third-party applications.

5. No Support for Widely Used Technologies
A constant increase is noted in the enterprises launching several versions of the same app by targeting different mobile platforms. Most developers explore options to develop the apps rapidly by using some of the most popular and widely used technologies. They can develop apps for Windows Phone 8 by using either native languages like WinRT or C++, or managed languages like C#. But currently developers do not have any option to develop mobile apps for this platform by using widely used technologies like JavaScript and HTML5. So developer must learn how to build feature-rich applications for Windows Phone 8 using platform APIs. They also need to access the large developer documentation to understand and use the APIs correctly.

Despite many app developers avoiding Windows Phone 8, nobody can deny the fact that the mobile operating system is still capable of challenging iOS and Android. There are also chances that developers will start developing apps for this platform after a substantial increase in its share in the smartphone market.

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What Analytics Can Do for Your Mobile App?

Enterprises often explore innovative ways to keep its consumers engaged. With more and more companies investing in mobile application development, the apps can, nowadays, be used as a medium to evaluate and deliver user experience. Similar to websites, the performance and usage of the mobile apps also needs to be constantly monitored to deliver the experience expected by consumer. Each business also has option to track the performance of its business app using several mobile app analytic tools.

Along with free tools like Google’s Mobile App Analytics, and paid tools like Adobe Analytics Suite, an enterprise also has option to opt for specially designed analytic tools like Playtomic, Localytics and Flurry. However, it is also important for a company to evaluate the pros and cons of different analytic tools, and choose the one that complements its application’s requirements and usage. If you are planning to monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of your mobile application using these analytic tools, it is time to understand how the tools can contribute towards making your business application popular.

What Analytics Can Do for Your Mobile App?

Check the Actual Usage of Your Mobile App
expert mobile app developersMost enterprises evaluate the popularity of their apps based on number of downloads. But it is also important to a business to understand if the apps are actually being used by customers. The analytic tools will help you in understanding if the app is actually being used, along with the nature of the usage and the number of customers uninstalling it. As the usage of the app is essential for retaining customers, you can use the analytic data to engage users, and convince them to download the updated version of the application.

Optimize the Mobile App Marketing Strategy
Each enterprise chooses the feature and functionality of the app according to the latest trends in user demand. But there are always chances that some of the features need improvement to deliver better user experience. The mobile app analytics will help you in identifying the features that must be improved to make your app more popular. Further, the information will help you promoting your application properly by identifying the bottlenecks that prevent a user from downloading it. You can even modify your mobile app marketing strategy, and eliminate the ineffective promotional techniques.

Identify the Features that Keep the Users Engaged
An enterprise also needs to learn what feature or aspects of its app are having a huge impact on users. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its app, a business can easily explore options to deliver improved user experience. Along with the features that need improvement, the mobile application analytics will further help you in identifying the features or aspects of the app that get more response from users. The understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your app will help you in releasing its updated version.

Keep Track of Your Competitors
Some mobile app analytic tools are designed with specific features to offer market data. However, an enterprise has to incur some additional expenses to avail these analytics providers. The market data provided by the analytics tool will make it simpler for the user to understand performance of similar applications in the app store in terms of number of downloads and price. An enterprise can further evaluate the market data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ marketing strategies. It can even consider offering discounts to make the app more popular by beating competition.

Calculate Return on Your Investment
Each business has to invest some amount of time, effort and fund to build and promote a mobile application. So each enterprise needs to track the ROI, along with exploring options to get higher returns. The mobile app analytic tools help users in taking informed decisions based on a wider view of the mobile application’s performance. In addition to measuring the performance of your mobile app, the analytic data can also be used to manage the application efficiently. The timely availability of the detailed and significant information will further help you in implementing the right strategy to get higher ROI.

The mobile app analytic tools are also effective in tracking and evaluating the performance of your application across different mobile platforms. So it becomes easier to build a popular brand by delivering consistent user experience across multiple mobile operating systems.

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