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Pitfalls to Avoid as Jscript and CSS is Indexed by Google

Each business optimizes its website to get more visitors through popular online search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Many entrepreneurs even deploy developers to frequently optimize the look, feel and performance of their websites to deliver richer user experience. Most developers use JavaScript and CSS heavily to make the websites more dynamic and engaging. Google recently announced that the search engine ranking of a website can be affected negatively by the JavaScript used in the web pages. Google announced that it has modified its page indexing and page rendering systems to meet the growing usage of JavaScript code and CSS style sheets.

According to GoogleWebMasterCentral.blogspot.com, “We have been gradually improving how we do this for some time. In the past few months, our indexing system has been rendering a substantial number of web pages more like an average user’s browser with JavaScript turned on. Sometimes things don’t go perfectly during rendering, which may negatively impact search results for your site.” However, Google warned website developers about a number of potential issues that must be addresses to get their JavaScript and CSS indexed smoothly.

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Pitfalls to Avoid for Getting JavaScript and CSS Indexed by Google

Blocking JavaScript and CSS Files
Most developers use external CSS style sheets and JavaScript code to increase page loading speed. But the Google crawler cannot retrieve the code, if the JavaScript or CSS in separate files are blocked. Unlike a normal user, the Google indexing system cannot see the website properly. So the programmer must allow the Googlebot to index the content properly by retrieving the JavaScript and CSS. When the Googlebot can retrieve and index the external resources properly, it becomes easier the algorithms to decide if the web pages are optimized for mobile devices.

Capacity of the Web Server
The ability of the web server to handle higher volume of crawl requests will also have an impact on the website’s search engine ranking. When the server fails to handle a higher volume of crawl requests for resources, the Googlebot fails to render and index the pages properly. So the performance and capability of the web server must be optimized to make it effective in handling crawl requests for resources more efficiently.

Make JavaScript Optional
Despite being widely used for website and web application development, JavaScript is still not supported by several web browsers. The user experience is always affected negatively when a user access the website on web browsers that do not support JavaScript. So the developers must allow users to degrade their websites gracefully to access the content on browsers not compatible with JavaScript. The degradation of websites will further make the search engine crawler index the websites while ignoring the JavaScript code.

Avoid Complex JavaScript Code
Often developers try to optimize the performance of a website through complex JavaScript code. When the JavaScript code is too complex, it becomes difficult for Googlebot to execute the code. So the search engine crawler fails to render the web page in a complete and accurate way. The improper rendition of web pages further makes it tough for Googlebot to index the website. Likewise, developers also use JavaScript code to remove or hide content from a page. The feature makes the web pages more interactive and dynamic. But it prevents the Googlebot from indexing the web pages properly.

The website developers must remember that the search engine ranking of a website is also affected by its page loading speed. So they must organize the JavaScript and CSS code properly to optimize the website’s page loading speed. It is also a great idea to reduce page loading time by using external CSS style sheets and JavaScript code.

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