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WatchKit SDK – Some features that developers should know

Apple managed to keep everything under wraps regarding it Apple Watch till it was introduced to the world alongside the iPhone in September. Now it has come out with the WatchKit SDK for developers so that apps for the wearable can be created. So what does the SDK include? It is a detailed software development kit that suggests several hints about the company’s first watch that includes resolutions, screen sizes and about the overall experience that is received while using the Watch. During the launch although there was a lot of fanfare but details about the gadget were not provided. With the introduction of the SDK everyone can have access to certain information about them. Continue reading WatchKit SDK – Some features that developers should know

Strong Reasons Why ROR should be Used for Web Development

Most developers, nowadays, use open source web application development frameworks to reduce both development time and efforts. Each web developers also have option to choose from several frameworks according to the nature and requirements of the project. But the smart web programmers opt for Ruby on Rails (ROR) as an open source and full stack internet application development framework that supports common software development architectures and patterns. Along with being an open source platform, ROR also comes with a set of features that help businesses in curtailing the overall project cost and time.

What Makes ROR a Powerful Web Application Development Framework?

Rails development servicesFull Stack Framework
Unlike other web development framework ROR is full stack. Any developer familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript can start using this framework to develop internet apps. ROR further comes with features required for developing both front-end and backend. So a single developer can complete the web development project without relying on other programmers. An enterprise can use ROR to create applications without deploying extra programmers.

To keep users engaged, a web application needs to be updated at regular intervals. The developers often look for a framework that allows them to completely revamp the web application within a stipulated timeframe. ROR supports some of the widely used software development architectures including model-view-controller (MVC). So it can be used to keep the application logic separate from presentation. While writing code, ROR further enables developers to maintain consistency in both structure and methodology. Thus, ROR makes it easier for enterprises to completely revamp the application’s look, feel and features by deploying several programmers.

Facilitates Rapid Development
ROR further helps developers in creating complex internet applications within a stipulated time frame. As ROR supports convention over configuration, the developers can use the framework to conceptualize, plan and developer the web applications quickly. The MVC support further makes it easier for enterprises to develop the application in a distributed environment. As the business logic and presentation can be kept separated, a business can reduce development time by dividing the large projects into smaller parts.

Allows Customization
Nowadays, most clients require developers to create web applications with customized features. The developers also have to customize the look, feel and features of the web application to make it deliver unique user experience. Unlike other popular web technologies, ROR allows developers to create their own building blocks. They also have option to add plug-and-play functionality to the web applications. ROR further allows programmers to reuse elements of current project for future programs. So the web programmers can use ROR to customize different aspects of the application simply by creating their own building blocks.

Supports Agile Methodology
Along with other widely used software development architectures, ROR also supports agile methodology. So the developers can use the agile methods to effectuate the web application development process. ROR allows them to avail several benefits of agile methodologies including focus on business values, transparency, predictable delivery, predictable cost, and option to incorporate changes. The agile methodology further makes it easier for businesses to adopt test driven development (TDD) and shorten development cycles.

Reduces Development Time and Cost
Like other open source web technologies, ROR also helps businesses in curtailing the overall project cost. The developers can use the open source framework to create a variety of internet apps without paying any licensing fees. They also have option to avoid writing additional code by availing the support of active ROR community. ROR further enables programmers to complete the coding within a shorter span of time. So it becomes easier for businesses to move rapidly from the planning to development stage without putting any extra time and cost.

Along with developing rich internet applications, Ruby on Rails can also be used to test the performance of the application in a given infrastructure. It further allows developers to tweak the application in a flexible, effective and efficient way to save both time and efforts.

You can hire developers from top Ruby on Rails development company in India who can help you build Ruby applications within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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Why is Android considered to be the future of Microsoft?

A number of experts are considering Android to be the future of Microsoft. It’s not that they are making news out of air or are just trying to make it to the headlines. There are solid and valid reasons behind their opinions. Let us discuss them.

Microsoft has already made significant profit from Android Continue reading Why is Android considered to be the future of Microsoft?

Mobile website vs Mobile App: Which should you use?

The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has compelled enterprise to promote their businesses by targeting mobile platforms. Each organization has several options to target the mobile device users. Some companies launch mobile business apps to attract their existing customers and prospects. At the same time, many organizations optimize the look and feel of their websites for mobile web browsers. However, both mobile website and mobile apps have their own pros and cons. So each enterprise must compare and evaluate these two options to target more relevant users.

Evaluating Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

User Access
mobile app developmentA business mobile app needs to be downloaded by the users. Once the user downloads and install the application on his mobile device, he can avail its features simply with a single click. On the other hand, a mobile website can be accessed by users immediately on their mobile web browsers. Further, the mobile version of your business website can also be accessed by using mobile version of various online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The mobile applications are more effective in keeping users engaged by offering efficient and high quality functionality. Your business can always impress users by allowing them to perform complex tasks like getting information about products, placing order and tracking payment without any hassle. But the mobile website does not allow users to carry out any such transactions directly. But you can use the mobile website as a medium to get more inquiries and website visits.

A number of reports have highlighted how a mobile app runs at a much faster pace than the mobile websites. So the mobile applications will help you in keeping users engaged by delivering rich user experience. The mobile websites also require users to be connected to the internet to access the mobile websites. But many mobile applications can be accessed by users without having any internet connection.

Technological Requirements
Most organizations, nowadays, launch different versions of the same enterprise app by targeting different mobile platforms. So each version of the app must be developed using technologies and programming language according to the requirements of the mobile operating system. So businesses have to hire mobile app developers to implement their ideas. On the other hand, the mobile version of your website can be developed without putting any extra time and effort. Your website designer can use some simple tricks to create and optimize the mobile website.

Development Cost
As your existing website can be easily optimized for the mobile web browsers, you are not required to incur any heavy expenses. But cost of the mobile application development project will vary according to the features and functionalities of the app. Further, you have to promote the app on various platforms to enhance its popularity. So the overall cost of developing, launching and marketing a mobile application may be huge. It is always a good idea to keep in mind your budget, while evaluating these two options.

An organization has option to launch the free as well as paid version of the app. When a user loves the features and functionality offered by the free version of the application, he will not hesitate to download the paid version. Further, an organization can implement a comprehensive promotional strategy to make its paid apps popular. The free apps can also be used as a medium to generate revenue by including in-app purchases and in-app advertisement. So it is always easier to monetize a mobile application in comparison to a mobile website.

Each organization also needs to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to launch a popular business mobile application. But it can optimize the mobile version of the website without putting any extra time and effort. So an enterprise must evaluate cost and ROI benefits before taking a decision in favor of any one. You can hire mobile application programmer from top mobile app development companies who can guide you in detail about the benefits of both approaches.

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DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint – 8 Solid Reasons Why Favor SharePoint?

SharePoint and DotNetNuke are in high demand these days as they are the most preferred and popular web application development platform and content management system respectively. Now, SharePoint is favored more due to certain reasons. Here is a brief overview of the grounds on which SharePoint can be regarded as being more beneficial than DotNetNuke or the similar other platforms.

SharePoint developers

1. Documentation
SharePoint facilitates very easy as well as comprehensive documentation while an average kind of documentation is offered by DotNetNuke. Document collaboration in this platform is absolutely hassle- free. Compared to the traditional and conventional method of document sharing, documentation in this platform allows emailing of files back and forth. Additionally, versioning as well as check in/out alerts add to the advantages of documentation in this platform.

2. Product Development
Microsoft SharePoint comes with a brand new product development application that helps the product development teams to work with the help of a collaboration tool. As such, product development is executed faster in this medium compared to that of DotNetNuke.

3. Creation of Blog Site
This web application development platform comes with a built-in blog site template, including all the facilities to enhance the level of collaboration, share knowledge as well as publish news and updates. Hence, creation and maintenance of blog site is rather easy in SharePoint. The same activity in DotNetNuke, on the other hand, involves extra costs.

4. Chat Options
Chat can easily be implemented in SharePoint, where it comes as a Free Add-on. The feature is totally unavailable in DotNetNuke.

5. Photo Gallery Feature
The platform has an in-built photo gallery feature. As such, profile pictures are used to make the pages appear more inviting and interesting. The platform allows profile pictures of three different thumbnails to be used in varying contexts. This photo gallery feature comes as an ‘add on’ in DotNetNuke and involves extra costs.

6. Survey
The survey feature of SharePoint makes it stay one more step ahead of DotNetNuke. The Survey feature can be easily enabled using the settings. For the DotNetNuke, on the other hand, this survey feature comes as a free add on.

7. Subscriptions
SharePoint has in-built subscription feature, something that is totally absent when it comes to DotNetNuke. The former offers support for site subscriptions, which can be considered as a collection of sites, subscribing to a set of settings, service partitions as well as individual features. These site subscriptions are also termed as tenants and they can be managed by means of a new administration site template. Creation of a site subscription object in this web application development platform necessitates the administrator to create a SPSiteSubscription object and add a SPSite object to the SPSiteSubscription.

8. Link Management
Managing a set of links in this much preferred platform is quite hassle- free, as the same has this feature incorporated into it. Link management helps in keeping track of the essential website URLs. These links are available to anyone who logs in. Link management feature is a free add on in DNN but not in-built as it is in SharePoint.

Owing to the above- mentioned advantages and many more, SharePoint has indeed turned out to be an inseparable part of the daily business operations. It works with commendable ease and efficiency when it comes to collaborating designs as well as carrying out technical documentation. Whether it is with regards to document management or issue tracking, the platform gives utmost advantage to the SharePoint application development team while also enabling them to come up with the best- possible outcomes.

DotNetNuke is a favorite content management system too, but when it comes to comparing it with SharePoint, the latter is obviously more beneficial, which becomes explicit from a glance at the prominent points that help make the difference.

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How Outsourcing PHP Developers Will Save Time and Value?

PHP web developmentConsidering all the different categories of marketing techniques, internet technology is taking the population towards a magnanimous growth which has not been realized by any other form of marketing. Leveraging online resources for establishment of businesses proves immensely beneficial to owners as well as users. For instance, there are a number of websites which have been developed to render an exceptional shopping experience with a user friendly viewpoint. Present day business websites need to get revamped as well as republished to keep in line with the latest internet trends and technologies. With respect to this, an informative, appealing web design which is done across PHP or HTML platforms is appropriate for profit generation through a strong online presence.


PHP is among the most sought after scripting languages which a majority of website developers prefer to adopt. With the help of this programming language, the navigation and layout part of the sites can be quite effectively augmented. If you are looking for a web page layout that is dynamic, then PHP remains a very good choice. For the creation of custom web design solutions, almost every programmer prefers to make use of this scripting language. This language consists of user friendly applications, techniques as well as formats; it is convenient for programmers to leverage the applications in an effortless manner.


In order to go for efficient web design, PHP, Java and ASP.NET are regarded as appropriate and important programming languages. With regards to the use of PHP, there are some specific benefits such as the following:

  • Usability: With the help of this programming language, the programmer is able to experience exceptional usability as well as come up with professional web design solutions.
  • Quick data processing: When a programmer is working with PHP, it enables him or her to process data in a rapid manner.
  • Appropriately matched: This language is very good at getting along with well-accepted operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, and so on.
  • Compatible: One of the striking advantages of making use of PHP programming language is the adaptability towards the HTML version.
  • Cost: PHP development services are quite affordable and can be conveniently availed.

The growth of PHP

So far as PHP programmers are concerned, the demand is always experiencing a rise. The convenience and adaptability of this programming language enables the programmers to come up with custom web designs for the website requirements of their clients. Owing to this, expert programmers are largely acclaimed across the globe. So, a number of companies look forward to outsource developers from other countries. India is one of the most recognized countries in the domain of software as well as programming languages. The educational system and infrastructure of this country has been laying considerable focus on the significance of computer education. The scope for expansion in the field of knowledge enhancement in computer programming languages and software is growing at an equal rate. As a consequence of this, it has indeed become very convenient to outsource developers from this country. In addition to this, PHP services come at a very cost-effective rate in India. Considering these factors, outsourcing developers with lead to unique results and would also bring down the cost of formation of a development infrastructure comprising expert professionals.

Along with the other benefits, outsourcing PHP application development services go a long way in saving considerable amount of time with respect to the development of the website. Hence, more focus can be directed towards the different other marketing areas of the services. A team of professional developers can be hired from India in order to render the website development process convenient and swift.

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