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Has Robotium earned its place in automated testing

Robotium is mainly used to automate UI test cases and it also internally utilized for run-time binding for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) components. Robotium was introduced within the Apache License 2.0. Downloading of Robotium is completely free and that can easily be utilized by anyone and also by any enterprises and is developed on Java & JUnit 3. It would be very correct to consider Robotium as an extension from the Android Test Unit Framework. Robotium could even function with no application, in the test’s source-code. The test cases written with Robotium either can be implemented on the Android Emulator (Android Virtual Device (AVD)). Programmers could write function, system, & acceptance test situations throughout several tasks. It is considered as the world’s popular Automation Testing Framework, and several open source developers have been making contributions in bringing in many more amazing features in future releases.

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Have you just now completed coding on your very first app, now stop before you launch that to the wild, it’s essential to carry out extremely important action, that is testing. The majority of Java developers in the market are familiar with Selenium. It isn’t regarding the metalloid 34Se. It’s about the Java based automated application tester. Fortunately for the Android programmers, there is another similar tool known as Robotium. As stated in the Robotium project page, Robotium happens to be an Android test automation framework which has the total support for the native & hybrid applications. Robotium makes it simple to compose robust and powerful automatic black-box test cases. Due to the support from Robotium, test case programmers can easily write function, system and also recognition testing situations, spanning a number of Android tasks.

Fortunately, XDA Senior Member EatHeat has written an instructions manual that can help new developers to execute automated testing to their applications by using this tool. At the moment the manual addresses installation and the usage of Robotium to test out your applications, considering that there is a source code in your disposal. Then again, do not panic very much in case you do not have. EatHeat is also thinking about expanding his manual for including Robotium’s capability to test apps even if source is not available. Therefore now you just need to have the APK. You need to remember that you should now be able to test your application by yourself manually prior to releasing that to the wild. People who would like to do some added testing, Robotium could be exactly what you’re looking for.

To begin with, one should go with the Robotium project page in Google Code. When you have downloaded the necessary files, go into the original thread for the EatHeat’s manual. An open source automation testing framework, Robotium is needed to write a robust & powerful black box for the Android applications (the focus is mainly upon the black box test cases). This completely supports testing for the native & hybrid apps. Native applications have been live for the device, which is, designed for the particular platform and that can get installed through the Google Play Store, while Hybrid applications tend to be partially native and partially web applications. These could be also installed through the app store, then again need to have the HTML getting rendered on the browser.

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