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Top 5 Load Testing Tools Available That Testers Should Consider

Load Testing is the mechanism or process of putting simulated demand or stress on a system or a device and evaluating along with measuring its extent or quality of response. Load testing can be performed for determining the behavior of a system under anticipated optimal stress conditions as well as under normal circumstances. This type of testing helps in the identification of the maximum operating capacity of a particular application along with any technical issue, bottleneck or element that may cause the application to disintegrate.

Now when it comes to tools that are used for stress testing, you will find a lot of them. However, let us discuss top 5 of them that are used the most and are considered the most effective.

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Apache JMeter

It is one of the most popular open source software packages for stress testing that is extensively used to analyze the performance of various web applications. The tool is so designed to be integrated or embedded with the test plan. However, due to further development along with incorporation of a few value added features, the testing scope of Apache JMeter has further widened. At present, the tool can be widely used to test various functional performance of the applications as well as systems. However, you will need to have Unix or Windows OS for the tool to work.


This load, as well as performance evaluation software is a JAVA application that is available in two different languages – English and French. It is primarily used to evaluate the performance of websites under trying conditions. The software actually increases the traffic to the website under question and thus evaluates as well as analyzes the performance under optimal load. However, for functioning the tool would need MS Windows, Solaris, Linux Operating Systems.


This is a software that is developed as well as designed by HP and is extensively used for determining the performance of a particular system at the time of heavy traffic load. The tool is capable of creating as well as handling over thousands of users simultaneously. It can also provide information in respect of performance that is based on infrastructure. This HP product is comprised of several tools that include VUG or Virtual User Generator, Analysis & Controller, Load Generator. It is compatible with MS Windows as well as Linux OS.


It is a cross platform tool that can be used to measure as well as gauge the performance of the web applications. The software would allow an application tester to create as well as configure the tests besides allowing the individual to update while testing an application. The tool is designed to automatically update whenever an application undergoes any modification or change. It comes up with a drag and drop feature, that offers a virtual assistance to the tester. The tool is open source and hence can be downloaded free of cost. It is widely accepted mainly because of its ability to provide comprehensive testing facilities pertaining to different kinds of web based services as well as applications along with different APIs like REST. It is not a static testing tool and hence the tests cannot be created, updated or configured during run time.


WebLOAD is another variety of cross platform tool (a tool that can be used across a wide variety of platforms) that is used for stress and load testing. The tool provides a wide range of information pertaining to the functionality along with the exact capability of a web application when it comes to withstanding and countering load or stress, especially over a long period of time. The software is specifically used when there is a high demand and requirement for stress or load testing. It is considered one of the most effective tools that is ideal for thoroughly testing various types of web applications subjected to heavy traffic load.

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