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Salesforce Chatter Platform – Is It A Worthy Social Network Product For Businesses?

Before we look into the efficacy of Salesforce Chatter Platform as a social network product, let us at first know what it is actually. Chatter can be defined as a popular enterprise social network, which enables teams to take appropriate actions and sync them in a proper way so as to make the operation seamless. It is designed on Salesform1 Platform and this enables users to create a string of customized actions and deploy the same instantaneously on every desktop as well as device. It also helps to access any app from a user-friendly as well as fast social feed.

Salesforce application development

Now let us see how the platform is indispensable as a social networking product. Salesforce has now become one of the best and the most talked about platforms which provide assistance to a sales person when it comes to seeing the sales leads, opportunities, cases and revenues earned on a day to day basis. In addition, it also helps them to create groups and assign tasks for themselves and subordinates in a group or team. Hence, it can well be said that Salesforce chatter integrates different aspects of work on a specific platform. This platform can be used by group leaders or supervisors in giving the team members rewards for a well completed job or closing a deal successfully.

Chatter is also optimized in such a way that the sales person can properly carry out their daily operations, and do things like maintain records in the form of notes, assign tasks and keeping records of the monetary issues involved in a sales move. Chatter, hence by the virtue of its efficacy has become absolutely indomitable and can well be considered as a crowning glory which increases the functionality of Salesforce in a great way. It is user-friendly as well as entirely menu-driven as well as self-explanatory so much so that a salesperson, even if the individual is using the platform for the first time, can do things without any hassle whatsoever. This is what makes the difference!

It strengthens the technology foundation of Salesforce through a seamless development of various core pieces that has been developed as well as adopted. In fact, with the help of Chatter platform, independent developers of software are able to access the ecosystem of Salesforce.

Chatter comes up with a string of collaboration features along with some unique capabilities that include updating option of real-time feeds, user profiles, along with certain feeds that will allow the users see additions or alterations that have been done to suit their functionality.

Again, from the developers’ point of view, this platform opens up avenues of unlimited possibilities of customization. Let us see the features of Chatter one by one.

First of all, let us look into the issue of User profile. The profile of Chatter user will allow the individual to share important information regarding themselves with others. Information that can be shared includes personal information, interests, professional or personal details, specialties, and a lot more. The profile can regularly be updated with a simple click on the “Profile” tab.

Then there is the option of Feed Tracking that provides real-time change notifications regarding a particular object. It also allows the system administrators to customize Feed Tracking on a particular object.

Chatter also comes up with a string of advanced features that support teamwork that in turn helps in seamless collaboration between multiple users. Chatter groups can be private as well as public. Anyone can create as well as join a public group. Chatter also help in identification of individuals, groups of users, records along other stuffs that are pertaining to jobs or interests.

In short, Chatter is an excellent tool or social networking product that makes conduction of business easier, making it more focused as well as streamlined.

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