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Visual Studio 2015 – New Features

Microsoft is well known as a game changer in the IT industry from its inception with different breakthrough to the industry with time. We can’t ignore its terrific potential from the industry leading products like windows operating system, VB script and framework. It always modifies itself to accustom with the industry and users demand to sustain in the market with the same prestige as before. The latest and its spouse visual studio yet proved its standard and potential in the industry again. The visual studio 2015 has seen a tremendous change within itself to meet the high expectation of the .net developers and the industry as a whole. Let us discuss about few mind blowing features of this IDE that will definitely impact the productivity of the developer and the software farm in a parallel mode.

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Better code Editor: This time visual studio has come up with some attractive features and one such is its smarter code editor. In previous versions, it has the capability to provide all types of code assistance to the web developer while writing in different scripting languages like java script, HTML, CSS and VB script or C#. With the latest version it has improved to a large extent. Now the smart editor can test your application or codes thoroughly and provide necessary assistance to the web developer. There is an interactive bulb on the editor which will turn green or red depending on the status of the code. If there is an error in the code then it will turn into red colour and gives signal to the developer for modification. This is really a new and first in the industry for any framework and developer.

Timeline tool: Now everything is getting smarter and hence developers are more inclining towards developing smart phone apps for windows 8.1 platform. Well this is an encouraging activity but again the web developer must ensure to tune up his application so that it can run on limited constrains and resources. For the same the visual studio 2015 provides a performance measurement tool i.e., timeline tool. Through this timeline tool a .net developer can test the performance and efficiency of his application that is visible on a graphical manner. Web developers can also test the application load and page loading time to tune up their application.

Multiple device screen compatible development: After smart operating system we can’t ignore the importance of multiple screen size compatibility in the industry. There are many devices of different screen sizes that are needed for your application. So you must ensure that your application will exert the same look and feel in all these devices and that can be performed on the visual studio IDE. It can show you how your application will look in different size of screens and devices from within the IDE.

Debug Lambda expression: Yes this time Microsoft has listened your voice. Now you can debug lambda expressions in your application. We can also add a watch and perform various analyses on the break point in your code base. This is also supported for both VB script as well as C#.

From above we can say Microsoft has not left any stone unturned this time to move beyond all expectations of the industry and developer’s community to come up as a winner.

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