php development

Top web development tools in PHP to know

PHP a true web domain specific language: PHP was brought to the industry in early 21st century with an high ambition in mind to fight against all time market giants i.e., JSP and ASP. Though it was not successful in the early stage of its life, but it got tremendous support from around the globe due to its continuous improvement and enhancement according to the demand of the industry. The best part was it is an open source technology and hence needs fewer investments. As a result, many start up farms decided to choose PHP as their development platform for all types of web applications. Gradually it became extremely popular in the industry and gained a prestigious position in the industry as a web domain specific language. Today we will discuss about few important tools that a PHP developer must learn before he kick starts his career as a web developer for the industry.

php development

Tools for IDE: IDE has the most important role for any software developer since it provides an awesome platform or environment to write his code over. The IDE facilitates the web developer to debug his code as well. Moreover it provides many add on features that enable the PHP developer to write better and testable code for his application. There are two popular IDE for PHP developers like Komodo and Notepad+. These IDE are having many useful features like auto fill, suggestions, autocorrect etc.

Tools to debug PHP code: Debugging process is the most frustrating stage for any software developer during the development process. To avoid this there are many tools available in the industry to help the PHP developers for quick and efficient debugging process. You can take the help of xDebug or zend _ debug for the same. Well zend _ debug is appropriate for zend framework of PHP.

Tool to test: Though testing is a different stage of software development life cycle still you need to learn this to deal with many simple situations. It is always better for the web developer if he knows testing methodologies, most importantly unit testing for his project. This will definitely help him in saving not only time but also effort. Tools like SimpleTest and PHPUnit can help you best.

Framework for quick web development (Laravel, Zend or cakePHP etc.): As a smart PHP developer, you must learn few frameworks that can help you in quick web development process. Framework always works like a charm. It is power packed with various features that enable the web developer in developing quick and efficient web applications for the enterprise. Moreover, we can integrate various open source plugins and modules to make the web application enriched with modern features and power.

A Versioning is must: Well, Versioning is the most important requirement for any software development process. It helps the web developer or PHP developer to keep track of his codes during the development phase. Imagine when you made a change in your code at 3AM night, you probably done something wrong. So, in that situation, you can revert your code to the earlier stage using a Versioning tool like SVN or Git etc.

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