Save time and boost productivity by following these WordPress tips

Lately, WordPress has evolved to be a powerful platform lending itself to infinite possibilities; the only limit being one’s own creativity. Thousands of new sites of WordPress are created every day; a significant percentage of the internet runs on WordPress with the monthly views of pages rising considerably. Statistics indicate that the numbers of views as well as percentage of internet running on WordPress sites will further continue to grow as many people have chosen it as their preferred content management system.

This content management system is surprisingly a great user-friendly platform that offers numerous ways to be productive while using the same with the help of certain tools built into WordPress.

Save time and boost productivity by ollowing these WordPress tips

Plugins & Widgets
Plugins and Widgets are probably the best drivers of productivity with respect to WordPress as well as are the most popular of the tools that are used for customization of a website. Widgets render the user to gain more control on the structure as well as the design of the chosen theme.

One can also make use of the plugins that will help caching to moderating of the comments along with all those that comes in between these actions.

Carrying out automation of all these time consuming activities, the plugins help the user in saving time along with increasing the productivity, boosting it up to nearly twice the amount of work done without using them. Both can be employed for better customization of websites.

Planning & Development
One needs to carry out evaluations and consider certain aspects like the abilities as well as strengths of the team, potential problems along with experiences of past projects. Failing to carry out these estimations and calculations, may lead to scope creep or result in loss of time in the future as well as one tries to rectify the mistakes.

Following certain time-saving steps in the planning stages of a project will lead to higher productivity post launch:

  • Defining the requirements

Determining exactly what the WordPress site requires to do is the very first step irrespective of whether one is handling a client’s project or working in his/her own project. This includes determination of feasibility and unrealistic aspects with particular reference to the project. Dividing the requirements to absolute necessities, good features and negative options along with focusing on the categories accordingly can help in better utilization of time.

  • Organizing the workflow and maintaining tracking reports

Once the scope as well as the requirements of the project is known, one can then begin to break them further to manageable pieces. Then, carry out sorting the broken pieces to larger and related phases of development. This provides the user in determining the overall progress along with the time spent by tracking down the completion of the smaller pieces.

  • Taking advantage of project management tools available to the user

Breaking down the entire project into smaller yet reasonable chunks, lets the user make good use of the tools of project management and software. This allows the user to mark his/her progress as well as the time consumed in their completion. One can also make further amendments like creating notes or additions, if necessary along with assigning tasks to other team members with the help of certain tools. Planning and strategizing in the primary stages will result in rendering the user in being more productive as well as will lead the project to run smoothly than before.

The decision of choosing the hosting solution in one’s WordPress site has the potential to create a large impact on the future outcome of the same. It is also potent enough of affecting the productivity of the user in future. The user has to decide first on whether to host the website for free as on or opt for the Self-hosted option available on

Several providers of WordPress hosting services have now enabled 1-Click Installs that has resulted in making the option of self-hosting easier as compared to what it was before. The self-hosted option actually allows the user to have complete freedom and control over the WordPress site with the use of increased number of plugins as well as total command with respect to the look and design of the site. It has given the user the option of monetizing the site.

Thus, with time becoming such a vital resource in the contemporary world, it is highly significant to leverage each tool along with the strategy available in order to increase and ensure efficiency.

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