Android developers are in great demand – Reasons

Smartphone market is getting hotter: It is next to impossible for any tech savvy person to ignore the importance of smart phones in recent trend. It is already predicted that the smart phone market is going to be 200% larger in next year. Already we have seen a stupendous growth of smart phone market in past few years. Moreover the market is getting even hotter due to the entry of world’s top IT giants into the smart phone market with their products like Google’s Android operating system, Microsoft windows 8.1 and Apple’s iOS. On the other hand, it is providing a great platform for the software developer and web developers to showcase their talent by developing enterprise standard smart phone apps which can be a native app or a web app or a hybrid one.

android app programming services

We can’t ignore Google: Though Google’s Android operating system was not the first smart phone operating system of the world but it has grown tremendously in a very short span of time with quick update and up-gradation of its versions with time. Google’s Android operating system has already crossed its 11 versions within past few years and with every new version it gives an unexpected charisma to the users as well as web developers or smart phone developers. Moreover we can blindly rely on Google’s operating system due to its undisputed track record since its inception. Hence as a web developer or smart phone developer we can never ignore the potential of Android operating system in the industry and hence android developers are in heavy demand in recent period.

For android developers, Google has the biggest platform: Though Google was a late entrant in the smart phone market but it has reached to a large section of smart phone users in a very short span of time. Google managed to reach at every section of the user in a magical way in less time. Because many small manufacturers developed low cost smart phones for cost sensitive markets like India and China and they took the help of Android operating system for the same. As a result Google reached at each and every class of users in the industry through different smart phones. Hence it has the largest size of eco-system and of course it results in a huge demand of android developers in the Smartphone industry.

You can reach at your target without much hassle: Since Google gives an opportunity to showcase your talent before the users; hence an android developer can develop his first app for Google play store. Moreover, due to large size of users, you can easily reach at your target audience for your android app. This brings an awesome platform for any web developer or android app developers to kick start their career in android industry. Business also needs to reach at maximum NUMBER of audience and android can help them in better way than others.

Bright future of android and hence it’s developers: Though before few years, the smart phone market was dominated by iOS but now it is replaced by android developers with time. Google has been taking all precautions while developing its upgrade versions for its users; as a result, android developers are getting a tremendous support from all around. Moreover, Google’s android operating system has a bright future ahead which in turn gives similar effect on the android developers.

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