Discussing few of the best practices in JavaScript

With the span of time, the use of JavaScript has gained popularity. Majority of the websites today aim at utilizing JavaScript to a certain extent. Following are some of the best practices with respect to the use of JavaScript.

Avoid Global Variables
The first is to avoid Global Variables or at least minimize the use of the same. It is recommended to use local variables instead of the Global ones. These include all types of data, functions and objects. The Global variables can be overwritten by other scripts and is, thus, best to avoid or minimize their usage. The use of local variables and closures is advisable.

Discussing few of the best practices in JavaScript

Use of ‘var’
The use of ‘var’ is always recommended as variables in the JavaScript possess either a global scope or a functional scope. Usage of ‘var’ keyword is very important to keep it straight. Prefixing the declaration of a variable to be used with the ‘var’ keyword is ideal to declare whether the variable is at the global level or the functional one.

Strict Style of Coding
The action to Stick to a Strict Style of Coding constitutes another best feature. The lax style of coding will hurt the developer in case of shifting to another environment or handing over the same to another one as a valid code is a secure one.

Easily understandable and short name
Choosing an easily understandable and short name for variables and functions also helps in making efficient usage of JavaScript. It is advisable not to ever declare strings, numbers or Booleans as Objects. Otherwise it might result in slowing down the speed of execution and producing negative side effects.

Use Shortcut Notations
The usage of shortcut notations keeps the code easier to read once the developer receives it and snappy too.

Modularization of the code
The practice of modularizing the code and keeping the same specialized is a helpful one. Moreover, it is easier as well as exciting to write a function that carries out all functions.

Carry out enhancement in a Progressive manner
The action of enhancing the JavaScript progressively is helpful to the developers. It is thus advisable to avoid the creation of a lot JavaScript dependent code as the DOM generation is slow and expensive.

Avoid the use of eval()
The eval() function is not a mandatory one for most of the cases. It allows the developer to run the text as code. Using this function also poses a security problem as this function allows running of any arbitrary code.

Use of Parameter Defaults
Assigning default values to arguments is a good practice as undefined values have the potential to break the code of the developer. Undefined is generally referred to denote the value of a missing argument.

Placing of scripts at the bottom of the page
Placing the script at the bottom of the page helps in the fulfillment of the chief goal to make the loading of the page as fast and quickly as possible for the user. The browser will not be able to continue further unless the entire file is loaded making the user to wait for a relatively long time to notice a progress.

Utilization of JS Lint
The use of JS Lint is another good practice. It is a debugger. Pasting JS Lint in the script will result in scanning the script for any visible errors and issues in the code.

Avoiding the use of ‘with’, declaring al variables at the very outset, using decimals carefully, utilizing the usage of a Namespace and === to test the equality criteria are other good practices for effective working on JavaScript.

These are few of the best practices that lead the developer to efficiently run and work on a JavaScript. It is advisable to not confuse the language with C# or Java or Java-lite. Adhering to these practices or tips will ensure the use of JavaScript easier with respect to the navigation of the particular peculiarities. It will also help in avoiding the common mistakes associated with the use of the language as it lets the developer to modify the approach to certain problems.

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