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Why would Customers Prefer Java to Build Their CMS?

As an important part of web ecosystem, content management systems (CMS) are used widely by enterprises to manage the content of their websites. Each CMS is designed with two primary elements, i.e., content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The CMA is used by content managers to create, modify and remove content from the website.

The CDA, at the same time, uses and compiles the information to update the website. Based on its specific website content management needs, an organization has option to choose from a wide range of open source and commercial CMS. But many reports have highlighted that most enterprises, nowadays, opt for Java-based CMS. There are also a number of reasons why most customers prefer Java to build their CMS.

java website development

Why Most Enterprises Choose Java from Developing Their CMS?

Easy to Code
Unlike other programming languages, Java is not standalone. The bytecode written in this programming language needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run. But Java is much easier to learn and use in terms of programming. The programmers can write, compile and debug Java code in a fast and simple way. So it becomes easier for the business to develop the custom CMS within a shorter span of time.

Code Reusability
Like other programming languages, Java is object oriented. It allows programmers to write modular programs. So the developers can divide the CMS development project into several modules, and complete each module on schedule. At the same time, they can further reuse the Java code for different projects. The code reusability feature helps organizations in curtailing the overall development time.

While creating a CMS, the business has to ensure that it can be accessed on multiple devices and platforms. Therefore, most enterprises prefer developing CMS with a platform-independent programming language. As a platform-independent programming language, Java moves easily from one computer system to another. It enables developers to run the same program on multiple platforms and systems to enhance its compatibility.

When the CMS is written in a programming language with multithreading capability, it becomes easier for it to simultaneously perform several tasks within a single program. The capability makes it easier for the content managers to update the website content quickly by accomplishing several tasks at a time. Further, the content management system can avail the benefits of multithreading programming without relying on procedures specific to individual operating systems.

Supports Distributed Computing
Most organizations, nowadays, work in distributed environments. So there are always chances that the content manager may be required to create, edit and remove the website content from a remote location. As networking capabilities are integrated into Java design inherently, it supports distributed computing. So the developers can effectuate remote content management by writing network programs in Java.

Nowadays, the content managers have to frequently update content to increase the website’s search engine ranking. But while managing the website content, the content manager must explore ways to keep the website secure and inaccessible. As security is an integral part of Java design, the programming language is effective in protecting the CMS from various cyber crimes. Like the programming language, the Java runtime environment, compiler and interpreter are also designed with security in mind.

Along with developing customized CMS with Java, an enterprise also has option to choose from several Java-based content management systems. The small businesses and startups can further choose from a number of open-source Java-based CMS including Alfresco, Magnolia, Asbru, OpenCMS, Walrus, Pulse, MeshCMS and Liferay. Some of these content management systems come with a WYSIWYG editor that helps content managers in creating, editing and removing content from the website without putting any extra time and effort.

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