WatchKit SDK – Some features that developers should know

Apple managed to keep everything under wraps regarding it Apple Watch till it was introduced to the world alongside the iPhone in September. Now it has come out with the WatchKit SDK for developers so that apps for the wearable can be created. So what does the SDK include? It is a detailed software development kit that suggests several hints about the company’s first watch that includes resolutions, screen sizes and about the overall experience that is received while using the Watch. During the launch although there was a lot of fanfare but details about the gadget were not provided. With the introduction of the SDK everyone can have access to certain information about them.

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Why is this opportunity exciting?
The WatchKit SDK provides an exciting opportunity of reaching out to an expanding and creative marketplace. Such a scope multiplies the possibilities of hitting a jackpot. There are features like touch sensitive screen and digital crown that can lead to several possibilities. This is the reason why the developers should be pretty excited about the launch of this new software kit. There are several features in this SDK that should be useful. Let’s find out what are these features as well as how can they prove helpful for the developers.

There are actionable notifications that act by reflecting the app notifications from the iPhone app and into the Apple Watch. There are added functionalities that enhance this app. There is the option of sending the action back to the iPhone app.

This is another feature that will enable the developers to update as well as send formatted data to the wearable. In a way they act like widgets that can be accessed when required from the watch. This differentiates them from the notifications. As far as the level of interaction is concerned it can be minimal with its focus on the automatic updation of the displayed information through the iPhone apps. What is interesting to watch out is whether the WatchKit will allow the embedding of the codes within the glances so that the information can be updated and processed without any help from the phone app.

The Glance screens are exactly what they appear. They offer information that is easy to understand and briefly stated. The data can be comprehended and read in one glance.

The API provided by SDK is meant for your iPhone apps that allow sending the notifications to the Apple Watch. It is also able to deal with the responses from the users. This feature is already present in other smartwatches. Even when the notifications are controlled or formatted, WatchKit will benefit from such a feature that is integrated into the iOS framework as well.

The developers can also have access to the iOS 8.2 code that enables connections and notifications to cross over to the watch from the phone and vice versa. The brand is offering developers suggestions about the placement and layout of the elements.

These are some of the features that have already been rolled out by the brand. But more features are expected to be rolled out in phase two. Whilst the present features of WatchKit SDK enable the developers to comprehend clearly about how the Apple Watch works, it is speculated that the features in phase two will actually allow them to develop the wearable apps completely. If there are any features that Apple is not ready proceed with it is mainly due to the fact that it will drain the battery. Over the years Apple has successfully been able to fight with the battery issues. It is also expected that as time flies by issues with background processes and listeners will mitigate as well.

Finally, the developers should also be aware of the fact that the brand is planning to include Watchkit as well as Apple Watch development in the iOS development program. Finally, this opportunity will not only enable the developers to develop better functionality for the iPhones but it is also going to open up varied possibilities as far as software development is concerned.

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