Will Java 8 Adoption Rate Increase Amongst Developers?

Its design and programming features make Java one of the most popular computer programming languages. Despite being easy to learn and use, Java is platform independent, object oriented, multithreaded, robust and secure. Java also comes with networking capabilities to facilitate distributed computing. The developers can further write applications in Java SE 8 to avail a set of new features at the language as well as JVM level. Since its release in March 2014, the adoption rate of Java 8 is growing gradually among developers across the world. An increasing number of developers are switching to the most recent version of Java to avail several innovative features.

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New Features that will Increase Java 8 Adoption Rate amongst Developers

Lambda Expressions
As a new language feature, lambda expressions enable programmers to treat code as data or functionality as a method argument. The lambdas also have been integrated tightly into the core language libraries. So the developers can use lambda expressions to manipulate array and collection operations. Along with facilitating functional programming, the lambda expressions make Java 8 an effective alternative to Scala, Clojure and other functional JVM-based programming languages.

Parallel operations
Along with Lambda expressions, Java 8 also comes with a key concept into internal iteration language. The lambda expressions will require the collection iteration to be conducted by the core library or internal iteration. The internal iterators will work as an extension of iterators to facilitate sorting, filtering, mapping and other operations on long arrays. Further, these operations can be carried out by the framework in a parallel way. So the processing of lengthy collections at the sever level can be carried out in a faster and more efficient manner.

JVM JavaScript engine
Java 8 also comes with a new JVM JavaScript engine called Nashorn. The inclusion of Nashorn reduces the growing gap between Java and JavaScript. Now programmers can use the engine to execute JavaScript code at JVM-level speed. Further, they can integrate JavaScript into the backed without setting up a node.js instance. The JavaScript code can be directly executed by JVM. The optimized interoperability between Java and JavaScript does not require programmers to use different IPC/RPC methods.

New Date/Time API
Programmers often find conventional Java APIs to be complex and slow. Most Java programmers were using Joda time to increase the efficiency of conventional Date/Time API. But Joda time also has some design flaws. Java 8 comes with a completely fresh Date/Time API to overcome the design flaws of Joda. Despite being implemented by Java 8 from the scratch, the Date/Time API is simple and easy-to-use. So the developers can now use the Date/Time API to manipulate values in both machine time and human readable formats.

Concurrent Accumulators
The developers often find it daunting to update numeric counters that are being accessed by several threads. However, they have several options to update these numeric counters. Some developers used to update the counters with synchronized blocks, whereas others prefer using read/write locks or AtomicInteger. Java 8 comes with new concurrent accumulator classes to update the value of a numeric counter at the framework level. The classes further make the update more efficient and thread safe.

New Interface Declaration Concepts
Java 8 further comes with two new concepts to extend the interface declaration process. Now developers can declare interfaces using static and default methods. The default methods need implementation, whereas the static methods are not required to be implemented. The default methods make interface declaration look like straits. But the default methods enable programmers to add new methods to existing interfaces without impacting the code’s binary compatibility. So the code is not required to be rewritten to accommodate the new methods.

On the whole, Java SE 8 comes with several innovative features that will change the way developers used to write code. These new features will further enhance the popularity and productivity of the programming language by allowing programmers to create complex and large software applications rapidly.

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