List of PHP file uploader and downloader scripts

PHP is an open source scripting language that is widely used for web development. There are several tasks involved in creating a full-fledged website. Tools of various sorts are used to achieve this end. The PHP uploader and downloader scripts are such tools which are used to by the developers to upload videos, images, audios and a particular file format to the website that is being built with the PHP framework. This is a huge library with numerous such scripts.

However, here are some of the important scripts that are often used by this framework:

php application development

AJAX: Let’s begin with the AJAX image uploader. This script will enable the developers to upload images. Besides, this is also used for resizing the images, creating thumbnails, inserting filenames in the database, checking whether an image already exists or providing unique names to the mages. You can also use the AJAX multi upload in case there is a need to upload many items on the website.

Easy Gallery: This PHP script is known for its flexibility. It is used to upload images through the FTP or admin side in order to create several folders. This can also be utilized to resize the dimensions of the images. For this there is no need of any database.

Files 4 Client: It is another useful script that enables the developers in uploading files or folders in a browser. The Files 4 Client Pro – Easy File Transfer script can also generate automatically a list of documents required to be shared. This script is compatible with various OS including Firefox, IE (its different versions), Chrome, Safari Opera, etc. It is considered that this script beneficial to mostly the freelancers.

Tastydir: It is an AJAX file manager and directory listing script. With its help one can preview the images in a lightbox, copy or move files, upload as well as download them, create, erase files, folders and view these in the directory through breadcrumb navigation.

Small File Uploader: This PHP script can easily configure the file types and size. It can also help in limiting the queue size as well as line up several of these to be uploaded. It does not, however, use flash for uploading.

PHP Multiple File Uploader: It has a powerful admin panel to manage the accounts, custom file size and enable custom file extensions.

SQL Document Generator: It has error free classes which are employed to develop documents in varying formats, such as, PDF, XML, XLS, HTML, DOC, CSV.

Secure File Download Class: It can lock out leechers, set up the maximum download speed, disable or enable download speed, create one time download keys for expiring and hide real download urls.

Customer-friendly Download Login: It is a download script for designers as well as programmers that are used for distributing files to the concerned customers. Once you have logged in you will come across an admin interface that is powered by AJAX. This also has a drag and drop feature.

BitDrop: It provides a short url link once the file has been uploaded. Every file that is uploaded will expire automatically after a certain fixed time period resulting to its being inaccessible.

Royal Downloads: This PHP script is offers one of the finest ways to share files with the clients. A responsive layout for iPad and iPhones are also available here.

Image Wheel: Another uploader for multiple images that is powered by AJAX, PHP, MySql.

ImgShot Image Hosting Script: There are five dynamic thumbnail sizes, folder structure upload functions and download links to the images. The folders can be uploaded in various formats, like, zip, AJAX, cover, single, multi and cover.

The Uploader: As the name suggests it is a script to upload files in the website. The size and type can be adjusted automatically. Doc, Rar, PDF, GIF, JPEG, DOCX as well as other formats are supported.

HIPLOAD: is used for file hosting that is available for free. File hosting websites can be created with it, like, dropbox or mediafire. These will enable the users to share or upload any kind and size of folders with others.

Secure File Upload Class: This offers support to compress images and create thumbnails. The size can be limited so that the visitors can upload heavy files as well.

In addition to these, there is other PHP uploader or downloader scripts, like, eDownload, Tequila, uTransfer, ApPHP AJAX File Uploader, Export HTML Table, Remote .ZIP Uploader, etc.

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