Symfony and Its Best Features that Help in Web Development

As an open source PHP framework, Symfony is being used widely for creating websites and web application. The framework is designed with the features to accelerate the development and maintenance of internet applications. Along with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, Symfony also comes with a set of decoupled and reusable components. So many enterprises avail the best features of Symfony to accelerate the development and maintenance of complex and enterprise-level web applications.

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Top Reasons to Use Symfony for Web Development

Enhanced Performance
The enterprises often look for PHP frameworks that can enhance the web application’s performance and speed. But most frameworks do not have performance optimization features. But Symfony2 is designed with a strong emphasis on performance. Symfony2 is considered to be three times faster than other PHP frameworks including Zend version 1.10 and Symfony version 1.4. Also, Symfony2 consumes up to 2 times lesser memory than other frameworks. Thus, an enterprise can always use Symfony2 for web development to accomplish increased performance and speed.

Flexible Architecture
The architecture of Symfony is more flexible than other web development framework. It comes with a wide range of code-generation tools to facilitate rapid development. So you can use symphony to create high-performing and long-lasting internet applications and web services without a stipulated time frame. At the same time, you can use the MVC components to keep the business logic separate from user interface. The MVC components further make it easier for businesses to develop large and complex websites in distributed environment.

Nowadays, most enterprises want customized web applications that meet their specific needs. So the programmers have to integrate several APIs and third-party interfaces to customize the applications. Symfony still supports some of the existing PHP standards like naming convention for classes, and the PHPUnit. At the same time, the users also have option to avail form management, translation management, dependency injector, and similar software building blocks provided by the framework. So Symfony makes it easier for them to increase the interoperability of the internet applications.

Full Control over Configuration
Unlike other frameworks, Symfony has low performance overheads. So it helps developers in creating robust and customized applications according to specific business needs. At the same time, the developers can easily customize the applications as they have full control over configuration. Along with a set of code-generation tools, Symfony also includes a unit testing framework and debugging tools. These tools make it easier for programmers to deliver customized applications that deliver flawless user experience.

Sustainability and Stability
The stability and sustainability of a PHP framework will have a direct impact on the web applications. So enterprises opt for frameworks with higher stability and sustainability. As each major version of Symfony is supported by the maker for three years, the enterprise is not required to handle security-related issues. Furthermore, the compatibility of the new version of Symfony with the minor versions also simplifies the web application updates and maintenance.

Fully Expandable
In Symfony2, both small and large components are presented as a bundle. Along with reusing it, and sharing it with the community, the programmers can also use the bundles to add new functionality to the PHP framework. At the same time, they have option to completely revamp all aspect of the bundle including its core. While creating robust enterprise application, the programmers can use bundles to focus on specific specification of the application, while reducing the development time.

While developing internet applications, programmers can save both time and effort by using the Symfony ecosystem that includes several popular PHP projects. The Symfony ecosystem currently includes a PHP templating engine called Twig, a PHP microframework called Silex, and an email delivery solution called Swiftmailer. These projects help programmers in enhancing the internet application’s performance without writing longer lines of code.

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