Few Facts about PHP that Every Developer Should Know

As a dynamic server-side scripting language, PHP is used widely for developing websites and internet applications. The programmers can simply integrate the HTML and PHP code to attain the desired effects. PHP code can also be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of web development frameworks and templating engines. At the same time, the developers also have option to use PHP frameworks to build large and complex internet applications without putting any extra time and effort. But it is also important for each web programmer to become familiar with the most important features of hugely popular server-side scripting language.

PHP Development

Important Facts about PHP Each Web Developer Must Know

Cross Platforms
Unlike other programming language, PHP is platform independent. The server-side scripting language runs on most widely used operating systems. So PHP code can run seamlessly on major operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS.

Supports Major Web Servers
PHP supports a wide range of web servers. That is why; the websites and web applications written in PHP can be deployed without any hassle. At present, the programming language supports major web servers like Microsoft IIS, Netscape, Apache, iPlanet server, and personal webserver. Many website hosting service providers further provide ready-to-use setup to deploy PHP applications.

Supports Major Databases
Each enterprise has option to choose from several open source and commercial database applications. Unlike other scripting language, PHP supports a wide range of databases. At present, the server-side scripting language supports major databases like MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, IBM DB2, FrontBase, InterBase, dBase and PostgreSQL. So it becomes easier for users to pick the right database to effectuate the development of data-driven applications.

Easily Embeddable
PHP allows developers to accomplish several tasks without writing lengthy and complex code. The programmers can further accomplish the desired tasks and effects by embedding PHP code into HTML. So it becomes easier for them to creating web pages according to exact specifications, without focusing on the programming consistently. They can further make the static websites dynamic and interactive without putting any extra time and effort.

High Performing
PHP is hugely popular among enterprises due to its effectiveness in increasing the web application’s performance and scalability. It further allows developers to use several layers of security to protect the applications from malicious attacks. In comparison to other scripting language, PHP is offers more flexibility, speed and stability. That is why; the sever-side programming language is used widely for developing enterprise and mission-critical web applications.

Easy to Read and Edit
PHP code is easy to read, understand and edit. The programmers can simply scan a PHP document, and get it altered without altering multiple functions. Also, they have option to write personal PHP extensions and scripts to accomplish complex tasks. Likewise, the clean and organized nature of PHP code makes it easier for developers to add new features and functionality of the internet application by referring to various documents and style sheets.

LAMP Stack
PHP can also be used as a part of an open source web development platform called LAMP. In fact, LAMP is the acronym for a set of open source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It used Linux as the operating system, Apache as the web server, PHP as the programming language, and MySQL as the database. Despite being simple and easy to use, the LAMP platform is effective in driving a wide variety of websites and web applications. The combined features and benefits of these open source technologies help programmers in building and deploying complex enterprise applications.

Despite being an open source server-side scripting language, PHP is being updated frequently by the community. The recently leased version 6.0 of PHP comes with native Unicode support at the core language level. So the developers must understand and avail the new features and improved capabilities of the latest version of PHP to enhance the internet application’s performance and scalability.

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